Testing...1...2..3...Christchurch, NZ

Greetings to one and all from Christchurch, New Zealand. I am testing my handy dandy iPad to see if it can stand up to the tests of a bloggers travel demands.

Tis the deep dark hours of the night, not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. I sit in baited breath hoping that the earlier earthquake tremor this evening does not make a repeat performance tonight. There have been a few. A jolt here, a jolt there. As I look about, wide eyed as the owl outside my window, Canterburians casually suggest that they are minor and not worthy of attention. I can appreciate that statement after having driven along the many side streets outside of the city centre. Construction is in full swing with piles of rubble laying to the side. Many homes and fences are supported by beams in the hopes they will stand the test of time until they can be addressed. I imagine the list of people waiting for new construction is a long one. Your heart goes out to the people who live and love this city. It is a terrible feeling for them, now knowing if, when and where the next one will come. In light of that, they carry on, as you do.

Tremors aside, it is wonderful to be with my daughter again. We have been making every moment count. She found a charming B&B for me, perched on a hill ( could be a mountain, I am never sure about these things) over looking the city of Christchurch. This morning I woke to the fog lifting and glimpses of the city below.
Tonight ever inch of the land is covered in a glow of beautiful coloured lights. It is magical. Here are a few morning shots from the garden where I am staying...

I am very excited as I managed to snap up a few things that I think will be perfect for a giveaway.
A few memories from New Zealand coming soon. :)

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  1. Hi Jeanne, what beautiful pictures, thank you. I've always wanted to visit NZ, it just looks stunning. Stay safe, avoid the tremors, and enjoy being with Christine.
    Looks like the Ipad works well!

  2. Have fun Jeanne....enjoy your lovely time with your daughter....xv

  3. So glad that you have arrived safely and are enjoying your stay. Have a wonderful time there - the pictures are beautiful.

  4. The B&B looks and sounds delightful...Christine did a great job in finding it!

    We had a mild earthquake in Stowe about two years ago, so I remember the sense of wondering and then knowing what was happening. Such a small event when compared with what Christchurch is dealing with on a regular basis.

    Fingers and toes crossed that you all stay safe. I worry - it's what I do (another Virgo thing), but have been checking my NZ Herald link daily.

  5. Many thanks to you all..your words cheer me enormously :)

    Lisa..I get that Virgo thing, I have a feeling that you and I, in a panic situation, would be the most organised of the lot!

  6. Hi Jeanne! Glad you arrived safely and are enjoying Christchurch. Someday we hope to visit NZ.... Your iPad seems to be doing the job. I couldn't survive without mine! :-)

  7. New Zealand is such a beautiful country. Christchurch will entertain you.


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