Farewells and Daffodils

I walked down our stairs yesterday to see my sons bags sitting, all packed and ready to go. My heart skipped a beat, had that time really come already? It seems like yesterday, that we were watching him in his ceremonial whites, as he graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon. I can tell you though, for all my maternal sadness, he was one young man who was ready to go. He was what Mr. H would say, 'a mighty happy chappy' because he had heard the magic words from Qantas....'You have been upgraded to Business Class'. I drove him to the airport and had him all to myself. We talked about his new home in Darwin and what he could expect. The conversation then moved onto more important matters...visits from me. I gave him a list of interests... art galleries, shopping, spas, tours of the Kimberley, Katherine Gorge, Arnham Land...just a few things.  I imagine now, he is flying somewhere over the Bay of Bengal on his way to Australia. I take heart as I think of our move to Vietnam in July and the distance it is to Darwin. Far closer than where we live in England...I think he is going to see me more often than he thinks... :)

 So..here I sit this fair morning...trying to make sense of it all. My desk has been in disarray for weeks...travelling has a way of doing that to you. I have woken these past few mornings feeling more like my usual self.  This morning my first thought.. 'she is back'. I just have to figure out what that means... :)

Perhaps it was the sound of birds outside my window. 
They have been having a right ole time of it these past few mornings..
right in tune with all the Christmas festivities. 

I then glanced out my kitchen window with coffee in hand to spy 
this little bit of sunshine...on December 28th...
has Spring arrived in England??

Lastly...thru my kitchen window, I can also see our sunroom
which is closed up for the winter. On my shelf, sits a few of my old paint brushes.
I haven't touched them in years. 

Maybe when we move to Vietnam, I will pick them up again...

Best wishes for a lovely day
from still sentimental in Surrey.

Jeanne xx

PS... I just realised my umbrella from India is sitting behind Patrick's bags.
My little way of staying with him. :)



  1. Hello Jeanne

    You presently live in such a beautiful place. Enjoy every minute of it. That daffodil is very promising and an omen of all the good that is ahead of you this coming year.
    It is lovely you will be nearer to Patrick when you move. I shall look forward as you continue to explore this planet.

    Helen xx

  2. How lovely.
    Imagine seeing a daffodil at this time of year...

    Those brushes are waiting for you Jeanne! You just need to be in the mood to pick them up.
    I look forward to visiting Vietnam through the lens of your camera and your evocative words.

    Take care,

  3. Oh no Jeanne, saying goodbye to a child sucks!!! My daugher moved out in the summer. She is only 4 miles away but the wrench I felt at the time was almost intolerable. That lasted about 3 days :-) She came back to stay over the Christmas period and quite honestly, I'm asking myself when can I get my own space back. There are dirty knickers, socks, plates, cups etc., etc., strewn all over my life. I love her with every fibre of my being but when they're gone, they're gone! I didn't realise you were moving to Vietnam - que?
    Have a great New Year.

  4. A mother wants her babies near doesn't she? May his travels be safe and happy, and may he enjoy every success as he embarks on this new phase of his life. A lovely post, jeanne. Let's pick up those paintbrushes together this year!!

  5. Does his hat really have a feather?
    So jealous here!

  6. Best wishes to your son! The time goes by so fast...especially at the holidays! Hope yours were wonderful, Jeanne!


  7. Such a touching little post from a mother's heart...they have a way of going on to their own lives, don't they?

  8. It will be so nice to be just that little bit closer when you move to Vietnam.

    That Daffodil!! No way, it feels like we haven't even had a beginning of a Summer here in New Zealand...

  9. Hello Jeanne - how lovely that you were able to spend Christmas together....that trip to the airport with your baby in the passenger seat and bags in the boot is so very hard...you must feel relieved that you are moving closer - just seeing that photo of the bags in your hall brought a lump to my throat...all good wishes x

  10. I felt exactly the same when I waved Son#3 off on Monday as he drove back to Melbourne. This year I really, really wanted him to stay a little longer. But like any Mum who has kids living a long way away, I'm just grateful for whatever time I can grab with them. Hope your gorgeous boy put his feet up in Business Class & enjoyed his trip back to Oz in comfort.
    Millie xx

  11. Hello Jeanne!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments today. It has been a little stressful and also sad around the house. My brother in law is having a hard time and we are all having a difficult time trying to offer some comfort and knowing what to say.

    I hope you are still having fun and enjoying an extended break with your children.

    Do you have big plans for new years?

    Take care and thank you again, xx Elizabeth

  12. I think I saw a tree flowering yesterday! I wouldn't mind a bit of spring among the darkness :)

    With your son leaving - I'm not to that stage yet, but I can only imagine how hard it is to let him go.

  13. Vietnam to Darwin...just a spit!
    Saying goodbye is always so hard no matter the distance. Jeanne have a wonderful New Year and I won't stay away so long next time xxx

  14. Just and absolutely beautiful sentimental journey, perfectly related. Many wonderful experiences in your New Year and blessings upon you and your family. xoxo

  15. Jeanne, your story about taking your son to the airport is one many of us can relate to. This kind of experience produces conflicting emotions, we are proud of them and their independence but we are also sad to see them go and know how much we will miss them.
    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year and I look forward to reading all your beautiful blog posts in the year to come!
    Sunday xo

  16. Oh, you brought tears to my eyes! He just got home. What I am thrilled to hear is how ready he is for the world. My fifteen year old seems such a baby to me. I'm afraid he's a 'mama's boy'. You will be so much closer...I didn't relate Vietnam to Australia. Yay!


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