Just you and me in London...

A little whimsy today as I look back on a few photos I took in London yesterday.
My daughter, Claire and I set out for an afternoon to the Tate Modern gallery. 
Her first visit and I was only to happy to introduce her to it.
I wrote about our visit here

As to the photographs...if you were alongside me, we would have...

Looked out to a view, standing inside the Tate....

We would have then moved to the outside terrace and discussed the beauty 
of St Paul's Cathedral on the city skyline.

Exhausted by the collection at the Tate, we would have walked along the Thames, 
looking back to catch the skyline lighting up for the evening.

Along the way, we would have remarked on the beauty of the twinkling blue lights above and
the little fine feathered fellow walking towards us.

We would have stopped, just to stare at the magnificence of the London Eye
and Big Ben popping up to greet us.

Lastly, before crossing the street to the train station we would have smiled
at the genius of Annie's Cafe on wheels where the food is "Freshly made just for you".
We would have then wondered about Annie, who she is, how she came about
to owning a cafe on wheels and where her travels take her day to day.

From there we would have caught the train out to 
Surrey where a full house was waiting for us. :)

Well that was fun, I should take you along more often. 
Where would you like to go next??

If you are feeling in the mood for a little artistic expression...you can join me here.

Betty, 1988 by Gerhard Richter
image via Gerhard Richter
Best wishes for a very Happy New Year!!
May it be filled with peace, love and joy throughout the year!

Jeanne xx


  1. thanks for the beautiful images. would have loved to be there with you. wishing you the best in the new year.

  2. Happy New Year Jeanne - I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. 2012 sounds like it's going to be an amazing year for you full of new places and adventures. I'm very much looking forward to following along with you. Wishing you and your family lots of love and happiness for the coming year. Leigh XX

  3. Fantastic images. Have a happy New Year and lots of love.

    Helena xx

  4. I have lived in London for many years, moved away and now only visit occasionally, but your perspective is so refreshing, just like seeing it for the first time and wishing I was there. Thank you :-)

  5. Beautiful post Jeanne.. looks like you had a wonderful day with your girl..

    Wanted to say I hope you had a lovely xmas.. i'm a bit late with visiting everyone this season... and hope your new year and new life brings you much joy and happiness.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  6. Beautiful images Jeanne, I felt like I was walking with you, and I would have loved to have stopped off and enjoyed something to eat as Annie's.

    Happy New Year xx

  7. Oh, I know all those places...have visited London five times. However, I never get enough of it and you always wish to return to London to see a little more of this ever-enchanting city.

  8. What a lovely tour...your narrative was wonderful!

    Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!!


  9. Such beautiful photos! I always loved the Embankment in London, even in the moody light of winter. These pix make me sentimental for London all over again. Any more and I'll be looking on BestFlights.com tonight for an airfare!
    Re the secret walled garden I mentioned, it's near the Orangerie in Kensington Gardens - right near Kensington Palace. It's a tiny garden, but it's gorgeous in spring and summer when the flowers are out. (The Orangerie is lovely for afternoon tea too). There's also a fab public rooftop garden on Kensington High Street, just near the Tube station. I'm not sure of the address but just Google it.
    Wishing you all the best for 2012.Hope your NYE is full of lots of bubbly, laughter and love.
    Janelle McCulloch Library of Design xx

  10. lovely tour
    lovely story
    wonderful pictures
    happy new year!

  11. It looks like a beautiful day Jeanne! What gorgeous images you captured! hope 2012 brings you all the love your heart can hold, time with your beautiful family, good health, happiness and good fortune. And of course - safe and happy travels, my wandering friend! xoxo

  12. And, Jeanne, happy New Year to you, too. I have so enjoyed following you around and can't wait to see through your eyes during upcoming months.

  13. I loved this, following your journey through the day. I am planning on a trip into London with my daughter this week before school starts on Thursday so I was imagining our day while you were showing us yours!

  14. How wonderful to be able to visit London from my New York City apartment. I loved walking through with you. Your photographs are lovely.

  15. I'm behind in my visits and only saw yours just now.
    Your text and photo narrative would be an example of what Milan Kundera calls the "consciousness of continuity".
    I can feel the"aesthetic pleasure" in reading your piece complemented by the mysterious woman looking back.

  16. I love the first photo- very nostalgic for me as I lived for a time in the house with the little yellow door just to the right of where that photo was taken. That was my view from my bedroom window!


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