Sisters, Mary Poppins and Gift Ideas #3

It is easy to shop with my sister...I don't have to go very far. Carole lives in South Carolina and I live outside of London...not very far at all. Like me, she moves around a bit and like me, she likes to stay active. It did not take her long to find her way into a business opportunity called Thirty One, selling signature purses, totes and storage solutions to help organise ones life. 

Coming from a family of six children, all close in age, my sister and I  know all about organisation. My mother made sure everything was in it's place...she was a talented interior designer and artist who was forever decorating our family home. Let's just say, over the years, we had a lot of  'stuff'. All these years later, we are our mother's daughters...with lots of our own 'stuff' and the need to organise it all. My sister found the perfect calling in Thirty One...and I am still dragging my 'stuff' around from country to country...adding as I go.

When my sister referred to her 'Mary Poppins' bag ( Cindy Tote), I was all ears. She then went on to describe Picnic Thermal Totes, Large Utility Totes and when she mentioned that she could put her crock pot in the large Market Tote and manage to keep it warm on the way to school...I was amazed. I am still trying to figure out how my crock pot works and she is whipping up meals for teachers luncheons! Wonder Woman and her Wonder Tote is more like it. :)

So....because she is my sister....and I love her dearly...I am writing to say, if you are still on the hunt for some fun Christmas gifts or if you need a little organisation in your own life, Carole is your woman...she will have the answers to any question you may throw her way. Stop in and say hello...tell  her that her big Sister...Jeanne, sent you. :)

My amazing sister...Carole.

A message from Carole.....

My name is Carole and I love Thirty-One! I love that it is a faith based company that encourages and inspires women to become their own boss. I love that the name is based on Proverbs 31 (each one is as inspiring as the next). I am a stay at home Mom who likes to get involved in my community and help others. Thirty-One offers me a chance to do what I love~shopping! and helping others to shop. Are you looking for the perfect gift? Are you looking to put more order in your life? Feel free to call or email me...just click on the link HERE.

A sample of what you will find...

There you have it....a few more gift ideas for the holidays.

More holiday gift ideas for home and garden HERE, for homemade ideas
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Happy Holiday Shopping!!


  1. Your close relationship with Carole is a treasure, a Christmas gift that brings smiles throughout the year. I'm off to check out your links. Thanks!

  2. Off to check the link. I'm am alsways searching for ways to put - just a little bit of - order in my life:-)

  3. As someone who covets organization, your sister offers some great stuff. Off to spend some more time on your site. Cheers!
    PS~Thanks for stopping by today. I really appreciate it.


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