time traveller....


It is December, the clock is ticking and I am off again. This seems to be the way 
with the month of December in our family. Moving house, moving countries, graduations, 
celebrations...remembering loved ones. It is a momentous month..my biggest challenge.

Presents to family and friends, spread from sea to sea, are on their way. Teachers gifts,
baking, decorating and Christmas trees are all accounted for. I have a few more presents 
to go and I managed to sneak in one for me while writing this post...the necklace above. 
It is to mark the passing of time with my family, remembering that no matter where I am 
or what I am doing, there is nothing like the time spent with them.

Two weeks and counting until Christmas...just a few more things....
a trip to Australia, a celebration, a visit to a Christmas Market
in Germany and then....back to England for Christmas.... HOME (for now). :)
Just two more weeks....ready...set..go!

Before I go...
I want to send my sincerest thanks 
for the very kind comments left on my last post.
My boys and I are most appreciative. You are the best!

Best wishes...
Jeanne xx

A family of time travellers in Botswana.


  1. Bon voyage! What a whirlwind of a time for you. I love that locket....gave something quite similar to my daughter last year for Xmas!

  2. I can't imagine that you have all that to do in just two weeks! You are amazing!
    I love the necklace gift, it is so beautiful, as is your intention for having it.
    A few years back when my son left to go travelling he gave me a gift of a little clock on a stand, he said wherever he was I was to change the time to the country he was currently in, it was a lovely connection while he was away.
    Travel safe over the next weeks Jeanne. Happy Christmas.

  3. You are just so organised Jeanne but I guess you have to be, considering everything that you have to do.
    I'm off to Etsy to look at the necklace and what other delights are on offer.
    Happy and safe travels. XXXX

  4. You are so much more organised than me Jeanne... I am terribly behind... but decided to enjoy what I am doing rather than worry about what I haven't done... Happy Christmas to you and your family... xv

  5. I so admire you. Here I am stressed about all the things I have to get ready for Christmas and you are travelling the world at the same time you are doing all the same things. Puts my 'problems' in perspective:-)

    Enjoy the holidays and travels:-)

  6. Jeanne, your list of things to do is awe inspiring. Have safe travels and enjoy all your holiday preparations. I agree with Sarah about the locket, it is lovely!
    xx Sunday

  7. Have a great trip, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  8. Happy Travels, my friend!
    A German Christmas market! How fabulous!
    And well done you, that necklace is gorgeous.
    Happy Christmas!

  9. Jeanne,

    I love your beautiful gift to yourself! How beautiful and what a wonderful reminder of hpw precious time really is.

    I am so excited for your trip to your son's graduation and the ball! Make sure that you have someone take a photo of you in your wonderful ball gown! I am excited to see what you found!

    I am baking this week and then I am finished! Everything else is wrapped and mailed, now I can relax.

    Paris was wonderful! We had such a relaxing time even though we filled every waking moment with museums, friends, shopping, eating and walking( my favorite).

    Take care on your journey, ane enjoy every minute!


  10. Jeanne, I try to stay up with you, but it is hard. You do cover a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively. Take care and enjoy each and every one of your hectic days.

  11. Beautiful gift to yourself Jeanne. I don't know how you do it, I am exhausted just reading your post.

    Happy travelling, have a wonderful time in Australia. xx

  12. There you are, juggling everything and still managing everything so well. Proud of you, dear Jeanne. How do you manage? Maybe you should write a post of how to manage stuff effortlessly. We will be thrilled.

    Happy holidays.


    Joy always,

  13. I love how you embrace the change Jeanne - it should be a lesson to me! What an adventure...but happily one last Christmas in Surrey hey?! A nice place to be. Lou x

  14. Safe travels! I hope you enjoy every minute with your son. Enjoy the ball!

  15. Hello Jeanne

    A very Happy Christmas to you and your family. I am very impressed at your organization. You necklace is a beauty

    Helen xx


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