Sing!...a special gift for The Queen

Something very special has happened. 
Gary Barlow, English songwriter, record producer, winner of five Ivor Novello awards
 with 45 million record sales to his name and head judge of The X Factor UK 
(just to name a few) was asked to compose a Diamond Jubilee track by the Prince of Wales. 
Big ask and I imagine a nerve wracking one but he did it and he did it so well.

Sounds from around the world...Gary Barlow with a children's choir in Kenya.
Photography: BBC/Mark Jones via

Prince Charles suggested to him "If you really want The Queen to like this, find people; 
go and travel and find people" and that he did.  His first quest was to enlist the the help 
of Andrew Lloyd Webber to write the music. The lyrics came as Gary travelled through the Commonwealth countries of Australia, Kenya, Jamaica and the Solomon Islands for inspiration. 
He found it and together they made magic.

Prince Charles and Gary Barlow in a creative moment.

The song is called 'Sing' and features over 200 singers and musicians with a guest
appearance from Prince Harry on the tambourines as well as the ever so
talented 'The Military Wives' choir led by the very charming, Gareth Malone

Prince Harry and Gary Barlow
Picture: Decca Records via

The Military Wives choir
Picture: Decca Records via

Gary Barlow, Lord Lloyd Webber and Gareth Malone

On Sunday evening, the BBC1 aired a programme,
Gary Barlow: On Her Majesty's Service,  
relating the story of his travels. It was mesmerising...the royal globetrotter 
would have been proud of his travels seeing that she has travelled in his footsteps before.

Gary Barlow and Andrew Loyd Webber went along to Windsor Castle last week
to play the track to HM the Queen. It seemed to me, from viewing the show that she was
very touched by the effors of so many. It is fun for to think that I was at meandering
around Windsor Castle during the same week. :)

It will be played on Monday evening for Her Majesty
via the BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace.
The nights entertainment will feature a host of talented artists from around the world.
Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, 
Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Robbie Williams to name but a few. The finishing touch 
will be the llighting of the National Beacon by HM the Queen. Perfect ending!

Party at the palace: An artist's impression of the concert

The programme will play in other countries tomorrow...
keep an eye out for it!

I am hoping that you all can see this video. 
It is so frustrating that we have all these International zones prohibiting 
us from viewing things...we are one world, don't they get that? (Oops..sorry, I digress.)

Sensational, heartfelt, touching..brings a tear to your eye 
(for the sentimental types like me).

Keep an eye out for the album too!

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  1. Thanks for posting Jeanne...this is wonderful!

  2. Oh my goodness--even with the warning that brought tears to my eyes! And gave me goosebumps. What a beautiful project--showing the diversity and beauty of our wonderful world--and the power of song to unite us all.

    Remind me sometime to tell you the story about singing on Tanna Island in Vanuatu!

    I have a feeling I am going to watch that video many times!


  3. Jeanne, Wow! How beautiful. I am already looking forward to the CD. Thanks! Bonnie

  4. What a wonderful [musical]adventure for Gary Barlow and the people who worked with him everywhere on this project. I am betting the Queen really enjoys it. Thank you for mentioning this song! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. I was holding it together until the bagpipes.
    Now I have to go and try to put on makeup for a lunch meeting!
    Lovely, lovely, lovely tribute.

    And can I just say, I have a massive crush on Prince Harry!

  6. Lovely. What an adventure. I'm sure the Queen will be pleased to see this!

  7. That's a wonderful song and a great project. It is an awesome tribute.

  8. Jeanne... I have just watched this wonderful song and it was absolutely awesome!!... strange that I happened to be reading your post at exactly the same time.. divine coincidence! xox Jenny

  9. Jeanne, thank you for sharing this poignant tribute. I had not heard of this project in honor of the Queen. All of this has been smashing. Love, love, love that Harry.

  10. The music video is a WOW! So fantastic! It is a beautiful song. I am fascinated by Prince Harry because is just enjoying himself and connects to people so naturally just like his mother,the Late Princess Diana.

  11. What a project...such effort would be a wonderful tribute to anyone! Recent days in England have certainly been filled with fanfare in honor of Her Majesty. There is something special about it all as England's is the last of the great monarchies.

  12. I agree Jeanne, Gary Barlow has excelled in this challenge...I loved the programme on the recording of the song...he is such a sincere man...and the song is just perfect....Sir Gary please stand ;-)

  13. Jean

    Thank you for sharing! That is absolutely fabulous! I cannot even imagine the effort that went into producing this! Thank you for giving us all an inside seat to all the festivities!

  14. Sensational. Simply sensational.

  15. Jeaznne, thank you!!! that video is so wonderful, WHAT a GREAT JOB to be given, and what talent to put it all together - I have just loved this jubilee celebration, thank you for your lovely post

    1. Thanks makes me want to pack my bags and hit the skies...wait, I am doing that!
      The silly season is upon me. I think I need to rest up at your place before I go...if only. :)
      Best wishes Sharon..


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