Small Packages, the Great Divide and a Giveaway

You know that expression...
the best things come in small packages?

I took this photo at our Jubilee Street Party yesterday.
This was one of the many wonderful English desserts displayed for guests.
As I assembled my three tier tray of melting moments and strawberries
I glanced upon this scene and thought it would be one of my favourite memories
of the Jubilee weekend. It was amazing..rain or shine..I loved it all.

I will think of The Queen and Prince Philip as we fly off to Vietnam next month.
This photo will serve as our royal good bye...(oops, getting teary, must change subject)

So....the party is over and now the work begins.
I have moved into 'conquer and divide' mode
as I determine what will be moving to Vietnam with us 
and what will be shipped to Australia waiting for our return.
Frustration is mounting..but I won't bore you with the details.

I would rather think of you...who so kindly stopped by to read this post.
For last giveaway from England.
Three occasions where I bought one for you and one for me.

Because...the the best things often come in small packages. :)

on my windowsill....

Tea and Cake: Recipes for the Perfect Afternoon
Illustrations by the very talented Emma Block

Her Ladyship's Guide to Running One's Home

Her Majesty the Solar Queen

All you have to do... leave a comment
and just say hi on this page or over here.

If you do not have a blog, send me a note
and I will add you in,

I will draw three winners on Friday, June 15
and hope that you like small packages too.

Until then......
I will be back with more on the Chelsea Flower Show.

Can't wait to tell you about this one!



  1. Ah, those transitions are so hard. But you know how to say goodbye well ... going out with the Diamond Jubilee. I am glad you got that huge British celebration.

    Next comes the saying hello ... to being with your husband again, new adventures and delicious Vietnamese food.

    But in the middle ... which I call no man's land, is the hard part. Praying for you as you pack.

  2. I hope you enjoy Vietnam and thank you for thinking of others with this giveaway during this transition period!

  3. Jennifer Carlyle Shelton via Facebook

  4. Wow, your street party must have been fun! The Diamond Jubilee celebrations were fantastic and fun! I will miss you in England. But for sure we will learn alot from you about Vietnam as you settle in there. Have fun in the packing and moving. All the best.

  5. Lorie Lee Donoho Andrews via Facebook

  6. Bonnie Jones Carrillo via Facebook

  7. So very fun and thoughtful of you, Jeanne. I leave for Istanbul (thanks for the tips!) in two weeks and then on to England for a bit. Happy journey to you and your family!

  8. Jeanne - what magnificent memories you'll take with you to your next home. As the masses sang the national anthem on Monday night I looked over and my husband had tears rolling down his cheeks. It truly was a wonderful weekend and I have such respect for the royal family and for Great Britain. No one, throws a party like the U.K.!! So now your work begins, and the new chapter starts. I only wish I could have met you in London for a cuppa tea. One day perhaps Jeanne! x

  9. I can feel your pain--my time here as a expat is winding down, and I will miss this fair land when I leave. Best wishes in your new adventures.....

  10. How long will you live in Vietnam? Will you ever come back to England? Looking forward to your next chapter. Would
    love to be entered in the giveaway, that solar queen is an absolute hoot!

  11. From Nancy....

    Dear Jeanne,

    You give so much. I'm still living with your gift of the most wonderful SING. So beautiful and so moving!

    I am a Jubilee fan, taping and watching all the shows possible over here in the USA (on CNN).

    She's an amazing lady and I admire her for ever so many reasons -- would be absolutely thrilled (as everyone, I'm sure!) to receive one of those fantastic gifts. What a memory-keeper!

    I'm your age and lived in Great Britain for two years way back when (Ahem...1979)! '-*)

    All the best with your next Big Move.

    xo Nancy

  12. Wow Jeanne, what lovely gifts. The Tea and Cake book would be my favourite. I know that moving to a new country is always hard, until you settle down and fall in love with it. I watched some of the Jubilee celebrations on TV. I always enjoy anything to do with the Royal Family.

  13. Your photo today just jumped off the screen........such a fun shot (and looks delicious). I love the solar queen, I took one of my favorite paris shots in a vintage store window and it was a trio of the waving Queen. I should have bought them! I have missed all the Jubilee coverage so hoping it is repeated so I can catch up on all the excitement.Happy packing, such an adventure you are heading towards. XO

  14. Oh Jeanne I feel for you - but what a farewell party you've had! Not many of us leave a country on the back of days and days of patriotic celebrations.
    Lovely memories and fabulous photos - I love that the corgis are also part of the celebration. Hugs to you for your last month and remember to breathe! Francesca x

  15. Thinking of you as you sort the move ... light at the end of the tunnel - until you have to unpack :) for the first time in over three years we finally have all our stuff back in only two places - here is Brisbane and in Dunedin NZ - double YA! be safe le xox

  16. Jeanne,

    I have watched all of the celebrations and loved them all. I have great admiration for the queen!

    I have also enjoyed all of your coverage, from the museums, to the castle and your street.

    I hope you find time amongst your packing to relax and enjoy a little bit more of your expat life in England.

    As I know very little of Vietnam I am looking forward to your new and exciting adventures.

    Take care my friend, Elizabeth

  17. What great gifts, the figurine of the Queen is so cute. I don't envy you with the hard work and decisions you have to make, but I'm sure that you will get through it all.

    Great new adventures in store for you in Vietnam.

  18. Love that photo! I bought those cake toppers, too. I fell in love with them- even though I didn't bake anything for the Jubilee. I know I will find the right occasion to use them soon.
    Saying good-bye is so very hard. Looking forward to following along on your next adventure.

  19. I'm utterly captivated by the solar queen; do count me in, Jeanne! Having her waving cheerily at me would surely give me the impetus to run my house in a more ladylike way: a dainty morsel here and a speck of dust removed there with a merry flick of the wrist.

    Good luck with your packing: such an unavoidable trauma.

  20. Leaving a place is never easy, both for the effort it takes and what is being left behind. I can't help but think you will find great adventure in Viet Nam, and many of us will be right there with you. How long will you be there? And then it's back to Australia? You and your family have had quite the moving experience!

  21. Hi Jeanne
    I can't imagine moving again! We have been in the same house for over 20 years! Prior to that we moved a lot, It forces you to purge junk!

  22. Have just loved every bit of the Jubilee and sat up each night to see it live! Took some photos from the TV of the bits I liked the best...almost like being there when I look at them!!!!!!! Good luck making the decions about what to take and what to pack away! xx

  23. Oh, my thoughts are with you as you pack up. A monumental task, I'm sure, but I know you to be uber-organized so I'm sure you will handle it much better than I would. Wonderful gifts you've chosen for your readers. Please don't include me, however.... I already have a sweetly waving Queen!! And I love her!

  24. You are so generous! Count me in.

  25. Le Thirdontheright via Facebook...

  26. Dear Jeanne

    Love your blog on all things but miss the CJ side. We went to Vietnam about 18 months ago and simply loved it. The history from the people was a real eye opener and to hear about the “American War” from the locals was something else as our view from here at the time and even later is quite a whole lot different from the promoted side here.

    I loved the food and when in Hanoi would recommend you pay a visit to KOTO a hospitality restaurant training school set up by Jimmy Tham (an Aussie) as it serves wonderful food and supports local street kids. KOTO address. 59 Van Mieu, Cong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Enjoy your new venture. Best wishes.


  27. Hi Jeanne

    Even though I have not commented I have been reading and enjoying your blog. I will be traveling to London in September for the first time and have been taking some notes and simply just enjoying your photography. I am a lover of France but have not checked out that tab as I may never leave my computer...LOL You lead such an interesting life and now you are moving to Viet Nam I believe. There is truly such beauty in our world. Best wishes to you!


  28. Hello Jeanne,
    All the best wishes and safety to you and your family as you move to and live in Vietnam.With all your best resources and skills your stay will be truly memorable and enriching. It's a good fortune that you can live in many countries.
    I will wait for your stories and photos.
    Best regards,

  29. Jeanne,
    I don’t have a blog so please enter me in your give away. I have watched all of the jubilee festivities on BBC America and loved every minute! Thanks, Brenda

  30. I would love to be included in your giveaway!

    Much happiness to you and yours,


  31. Jeanne
    I have so enjoyed seeing the jubilee through your eyes and your words...thank you for packing me in your pocket, so to speak, for this wonderful, astonishingly glorious event. I would love for you to drop my name in the hat for the giveaway.

    Your words are always music to me!
    Kristin McNamara Freeman

  32. Hi Jeanne...another give away! You spoil your readers. Every time I see anything on Vietnam now I think of you. It's like you and that country will be linked forever! It will however be a shame not to think of you being just one county away. Lou x
    P.S. I need HELP running one's own home - mine is a MESS!!

  33. Hi Jeanne... I know how you feel... really I do.. but how fortunate that you have built up such a lovely following through your blogs who will be with you wherever you are! xoxoxo Jenny

  34. Hello Jeanne,

    I am just checking in to see how you ate surviving the packing/ organizing? I hope ou ate not overwhelmed, although as often as you have done it perhaps it feels like old hat as they say!

    How your your girls enjoying their trip around Europe! I am sure they at having lots of fun..

    I just read an article in the Telegraph, your summer will be starting in July? How bad is it there? My brother lived in London for almost 8 years and that was what he hated the most, the unpredictable weather.

  35. Hi Jeanne, I love your blog! Thanks for another opportunity for a giveaway. I adore your spirit! On my next trip I will definitely pick up a few things to giveaway... I just need your help with how do you pick a winner. Here's hoping I'm lucky : )

  36. what a grand adventure you have ahead!! I will look forward to reading your future posts.
    I thought the Queen looked amazing, was only sorry that Prince Phillip was unable to enjoy all the festivities :(

  37. Is this good in the USA? You certainly are adventuresome! I'd love to visit some of those place. Thanks for the giveaway, too.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    1. Carol Sue...yes, this is a world wide offer for my world wide readers. Many thanks for stopping by! :)

  38. via email from Linda...

    Jeanne, I am sending a note to be included in your English give-away. I do not tweet, text, facebook, etc. so I am glad you accept e-mail. I enjoy your Collage Of Life blog every much Jeanne. It is a relaxing part of my day.

    Linda B.

  39. Oh Jeanne, that first photo is such a classic! I love the irreverence. Thinking of you as the planning gets serious. J x

  40. love that shot of the giveaway thanks

  41. Hello Jeanne

    How special that you are in living in London during this exciting time in history. I think of you as you pack and wish you strength as you prepare for this change in lifestyle.
    Your gift offering is most generous.

    To a great week


  42. From Linda C...via email

    Jeanne –

    I would love to be included in your last giveaway from England. I have so enjoyed your blog, which I have followed for quite some time. For me, it has provided a wonderful, vicarious sense of your time in England, and has (at least temporarily) satisfied my dream of life abroad. Your photos and narrative combine perfectly to provide a true sense of the aesthetic charm of your surroundings.

    I know from your posts that you have mixed emotions about leaving, as you prepare for your next leg of your journey, but you should derive some comfort in knowing you will have memories that last a lifetime. It appears that you have the positive attitude, outlook, and curiosity to move forward with gusto, and to begin creating the new segment of memories.

    Best of luck to you and your family—



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