A Blank Canvas

A few months ago, Mr. H made the suggestion that we send all our furniture ahead to our home 
in Sydney and start anew in Vietnam. I recall thinking he was losing his mind...
why on earth would I want to do that??

 Part of setting up home, is having familiar things around us so that
no matter where we live in the world, when our children return to visit, 
it will feel like home. 

On top of that, I wondered how we were going to merge the two households 
when we finally settled in one place. I seem to recall thinking that the heat was getting to him.

I am having a good long rethink on his earlier suggestion
 and am thinking he may have been right. Either that or the heat is getting to me as well. 
Alas, the opportunity has passed as our life is packed up and sailing the high seas
 on it's way into Ho Chi Minh City and should be with us in two weeks.

we do have room for a few things and when a friend mentioned 
we check out a few local shops....well...would you say no? 
I tell you, the prices were so fabulous I simply could not resist. 
When we turned the corner into a large warehouse filled to the brim, 
I nearly passed out..
it was more excitement than one girl could handle. 

I was equally excited to see this little truck chugging along, up our drive the other day. 
Our collection has officially begun. At the moment our house is a blank canvas 
( except for mango house colour). 

With the exception of a few pieces of rental furniture, it is empty.
 I have devoted one corner of our home to recent purchases which will sit 
until the rest of our belongings arrive. At that point the challenge will be upon me....
where to put it all?

I am not sure if I should be worried...
I have only been here three weeks and there is so much more to see and discover. 
Anyone interested in coming to Vietnam for a bit of shopping? 

This is all happening just in time. I am off tomorrow for a weeks
visit back to the USA to get Miss Claire settled into her freshman year of college.
We are both excited although I admit, I am sad to see another one fly the nest.

The street where we live...

Before we fly off...
I send best wishes to one and all for a wonderful week 
and offer a bit of music to get you started.  
Heather @ Lost in Arles has compiled a fantastic list...
if music sets your free...then listen to this.

With thanks to Heather for making my mango world rock!

Lianne La Havas... I love, love, love her voice. :)
Another Adele in the making?


  1. If that is an example of your shopping I could be tempted!!! Pity I need to get rid of rather than add to!! xx

  2. Yes! Shopping in Ho Chi Minh! I LOVE everything you have purchased. My parents brought back a carved wooden screen similar to that one from when we lived in Iran (as a baby). It is beautiful. You will have so much fun adding such wonderful items to what I imagine has become a very eclectic household. Good luck to you and Claire. Is she ready and chomping at the bit or will this be a difficult heart rendering separation? Is she wishing perhaps for a stint in Vietnam? She will definitely not be dealing with the humidity. Speaking of...I need to go roast myself while playing tennis this morning!!

  3. What great finds! I love how one day your home will be a collection of all your travels and you will be able to look back and remember. Best of luck to Ms. Claire. If she needs any assistance while stateside, feel free to give her my contact info. I'd be glad to do what I can.

  4. Dearest Jeanne, Your collection is fabulous. I am especially smitten with the screen, the chest, and the bench. Actually, I love it all. Enjoy your trip back to the States and be safe.

  5. Have a safe trip back to the States. And good-luck to your Miss Claire on her new beginning. How exciting. This week we're heading down to San Luis Obispo to get Patrick settled into his new digs. Five college guys in a house. Oh boy.
    These are amazing times.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  6. What a lovely collection you managed to find. I am sure you will find a place for everything. Enjoy your trip to the US. I am on a bit of a blogging break right now. It's so hot and I feel tired and lethargic all the time. Am longing for autumn ...

  7. Your new collection of Asian furniture is amazing!i love the screen, the drawer and the tables. Might as well make the most of the opportunity while living in Vietnam. I am sure you will be able to mix them with your soon to arrive belongings. Have a safe trip to the USA!

  8. Oh Wow - I just love the first photo - so exotic and there's something very 'Colonial' about it! Have a wonderful trip and be strong! F xx

  9. Jeanne,

    Love, love, love all of your finds! I cannot wait to see what you do with your beautiful new things.

    Have. Wonderful, safe trip with Claire!


  10. Oh Jeanne, I adore your take on life. You always make me smile. I am in awe of your ability to find your feet so quickly in such a foreign clime. J x

  11. did you just ask "Anyone interested in coming to Vietnam for a bit of shopping?" ??????
    if i am reading right....then it's MMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ME ME ME :)
    since you move and your blog posts about Vietnam...i am started thinking of going there for vacation...maybe i will get to see the famous Mango House...it is so fun :):):)

  12. What a puzzle awaits you...when you settle back in the good ol' USA!

  13. How I would love to be there when your furniture arrives! Helping you put everything in it's proper place would be absolute heaven!! Ah well. Have a fabulous time back here in the states. The weather, though still hot, is starting to turn a bit. There's a change in the light, a wonderful prelude to autumn! xoxo, p

  14. What treasures, yes shopping there would be fabulous.

  15. Hello Jeanne

    How exciting to be furnishing Chateau Mango (that rhymes). A shopping trip sounds so inviting but I have no room for anything more. I adore Heather's selection of music. Among her many talents I think she could also be a DJ. Have a blast in the USA and wish Miss Claire the best.

    Helen xx

  16. Don't let me anywhere near those shops Jeanne! I hope you are safe and sound and enjoy your week in the US... chat soon... xv

  17. Absolutely love the bench!

  18. I second Vicki's comment! Have a wonderful week with your daughter. It seems like only yesterday I was doing the same...she is now 29!


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