Into the abyss...Mekong Delta

I have travelled deep into the both body and mind.
This morning I wondered if I would ever escape.
I wondered if I would ever blog again.

A hesitant approach...

Since I last wrote...
I have travelled back from the USA to Ho Chi Minh City 
and then onwards to the Mekong Delta in the southern part of Vietnam.

It was fascinating.
There is so much to say...but words escape me.

A restaurant deep in the heart of the Mekong Delta.

The reason for my loss of words?

As we made our way along the Mekong River, 
I thought of what was waiting for me in our home.

We are all curious..

When I returned from the USA last week I discovered yet another
 surprise from Mr. H....a house full of boxes, our container arrived from England.
He did not want to worry me while I was travelling...
he knows how I get (control freak).
He was ambitious enough to do it all on his own, 
direct the entire contents of the container into our home.

Umm....bit of a hiccup with that one.
The living room boxes were in the guest room...
actually most of the contents of the living room was upstairs 
in the guest room and so on.

As we made our way down the Mekong River,
I knew I had to let go and have faith that it would sort itself out.

Being a Virgo..that is no easy task.
I wonder if I could ever just swing from a hammock and look at life with ease.
I usually last all of five minutes. 

Hammock hiatus alongside a water garden filled with flowering pink lotus plants.

And you? 
Could you take the 'manana' approach and think about it tomorrow?
Or are you like me...always taking the most difficult route...
just to know you did it your way.

Taking the high the only means of transportation.

Well...we are back in Ho Chi Minh City and the day is done.
Ten men from our moving company showed up today.
Mr. H arranged for them to come and help me. Smart man.
Everything is now where it should be in Chateau Mango.

One happy Buddah!

All I need now is that hammock...
I think I could last at least 30 minutes and that is saying a lot!

Will I blog again? 
Yes and revive is in order.
I am taking the 'manana, manana' approach for a few days.

Until wishes to one and all for a wonderful week.

Jeanne xx

Photos taken by me travelling through the Mekong Delta.
More to come...promise!


  1. Phew! I can't imagine what would happen if I left my husband to his own devices to supervise. But these images are heavenly! What gorgeous lush environs. Go and rest a bit. We'll be here after the hammock hiatus.

  2. Enjoy your rest Jeanne. we all need one from time to time. Summer tends to burn me out. I find it hard to blog but I make myself do it because if I don't, I would miss it too much. Hm, my husband is a Virgo too. That explains some things ;)

  3. Take a lovely break...surely you deserve it!

  4. My Goodness Jeanne. And I thought MY life had been stressful lately, with my kid changing schools, etc. Reality check. You win the award for "Doing-my-best-to-convince-myself-that-everything-will-work-out-in-the-end-because-tomorrow-is-another-day-and-all-that." :-) I enjoyed seeing your photos as I have never visited that part of the world (but take your time, that hammock sounds great right about now...) Veronique (French GIrl in Seattle)

  5. Totally get all of that. You had it all planned in your head and knew where you wanted to start and then with the best of hopes and good intentions, he threw you for a loop. We planner control freaks don't always define "help" the same way as others! Sounds like the 10 men may have helped you get back into "your" order, so you can now move forward as planned. Now, if you can just enjoy that hammock a few minutes at the time ... while you organize at Chateau Mango. Can't wait to see the results.

  6. I saw the title of your post in my sidebar Jeanne and rushed straight over! You had me worried!

    When you have finished with your 10 willing helpers maybe you could point them in my direction, I know they'd do wonders here
    love to you, think of that hammock

  7. Enjoy your well-earned rest. Time to revive and breathe your own air again. Until we see you again - Hugs F xx

  8. Enjoy the time off! and thank you for beautiful, absolutely marvellous photographs.

  9. First off, let me just say that "yes, I would be and am just like you! Except that I would be having a panic attack not only because of the boxes and the not knowing about them but the fact that you live in Ho Chi Minh City!" Ok, I've stated the obvious…I am very much a new comer to your phenomenal blog….is it wrong of me to ask why you live where you do…why you've lived in the places you have lived in and do you like it? I'm totally fascinated! Your blog is wonderful and I've been reading up on it to catch up but can't quite seem to put it all together! Maybe I'm not supposed to! No matter…I'm so glad I've found it…I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your part of the world! Many thanks for sharing it with us! Please rest up and then tell us all about it!

  10. How very thoughtful of Mr H. to organise somehelp, he know you well.
    Enjoy a few days to breathe and restore yourself. Personally I don't know how you do it, you are one driven lady.

    Take care. xx

  11. Hammock? You ask hammock? I think I have owned at least 6!

    the only time I can remember lying in a hammock for 4 minutes was 55 years ago! I was 10 at Lake Arrowhead!

    Hammocks are pretty! Don't need to lie in one....don't long to lie in one!

    Too busy with interesting stuff!

    LOVE your blog!


  12. Mr H reads you well (after the event!) I too was worried about the 'abyss'. Time heals all and you will wonder what all the 'fuss' was about - promise me. You have your treasures around you to make your HOME again. Enjoy your time - whether it be in a hammock or just....

  13. Don't let Mr. Worry-About-Tomorrow steal Today away from you Jeanne.

  14. Make that THREE worriers! My goodness dear Jeanne you really know how to grab our attention! Especially as I was just thinking that it had been awhile since we had heard from you, travelling or no. I wish you a wonderful repos and will eagerly await hearing more of your adventures in the Delta when you can...

    With gros, gros bisous from Arles,

  15. Dear Jeanne
    Perhaps after all the traveling these past several weeks, shifting into the newness of Vietnam, another of your children settled into a learning environment far from you, floating along a river...seeing those hammocks gives me a picture place for you to rest, be centered, forgetting your need to have everything in order and just to be with your Self and your thoughts.. and we out here who love to read your words will rest with you...knowing full well that one fine day you will have again your center where you want it and the words will fall to the page as you share more of this round the world experience. Certainly we will all miss you while you rest and yet we know that the luscious words are once again growing in that fertile mind of yours and when it is time we will see the beautifully growing story of life in Vietnam. Peace be with you...Namaste,

  16. Lovely post Jeanne. Friends of mine here in the UK went round the world a few winters ago and of all the places they visited, the Mekong delta was by far their favourite. They are in their eighties and sadly the man has since died but his wife still talks of the wonderful days they spent there.

  17. I was worried about you. Why I hadn't heard from you. Now I know! Hard as it may be, take your time! Relax. Rest. It will be there whenever you're ready. Chateau Mango--love it!

  18. Oh boy...husband trying to figure out where things belong sounds very sweet but dangerous to me! And yes I can make anything complicated (like our little cottage)whitewashing the ceilings! Rest up love the pics from your little adventure!

  19. Wowowow! The photos on the river are crazy beautiful! Can't wait to see more of Vietnam through your eyes :)

  20. I am fairly new to your blog and find it fascinating and interesting. I love the uniqueness and beauty of your photos and will look forward to reading more when you have taken a much needed break:)

  21. I am fairly new to your blog and am finding your posts and photos to be fascinating and beautiful. I look forward to reading and seeing more when you have taken a well deserved break.:)

  22. Aaah Jeanne
    I'm like you - even though I'm a Pisces - I have to be in control - but I can daydream too!!! My DH just could't direct the contents of the container either!!!
    I know you will love having your 'things' around you once again - they become part of us don't they - the familiar - an age thing I spose!

    What a glorious adventure you're having - and such wonderful photos of the Mekong - I would love to try that restaurant too - did you? and what of the food Jeanne.

    See you soon
    much love
    Shane xox

    1. I did Shane and it was quite an experience. I will be writing more about it, soon! xx

  23. Have a well earned rest Jeanne... just reading your schedule makes me feel exhausted... Love your photos... and can't wait to see more... xv

  24. Oh Jeanne, I love how you keep it real. Your photos are truly amazing. As much as we love joining you in your adventures, we are patient and will wait until you are rested and revived. God bless you, Meredy xo

  25. Jeanne,
    It's funny that you say that you have that frenetic Virgo mind...I do too. I never would have guessed it because your blog always makes me feel calm. I love coming over and reading your posts, looking at your beautiful photographs and taking a moment to relax...breathe. Take your time. Enjoy the chaos and know that you will get it all back in order soon. And then have to look for something else to think about while you lay back in that hammock. We'll be here, waiting patiently.
    We're like ducks; calm above water, frantic below.
    Bisous from a fellow Virgo in the south of France,
    Aidan x

    1. Hi Aidan...

      You are very kind and your comment is sincerely appreciated! So nice to know another fellow Virgo knows where I am coming from.
      Somedays..frenetic is putting it mildly. Ah....but life would not be so interesting would it?
      Best wishes for a relaxing September...I imagine your part of the world is the best place to be come autumn... xx

  26. Oh Jeanne. You poor darling. As a fellow Virgo, I sooo *get* it! What a relied Mr H saw the error of his ways and summonsed aid. Please rest - you need to. J x

  27. Dear Jeanne,
    I just *jumped* in your last stories, rethinks & thoughts....! It`s been quite a while since I found the time to read all your exciting adventures, cause my father got very sick since may this year and I was very needed in the family and it`s still going on ....

    How fantastic must vietnam be?! You offered us beautiful impressions through a womans eye which is (by the way)always tasteful and full of grace. Nothing changed,`re still a wonderful writer and woman! :))

    A lot happened in your life 2012 and all these ambitious energies you might need to handle this big step, there must be plenty room for rest and reflection.
    But as I know know best what to do! :)

    So, Jeanne...enjoy life whatever will come along your way!

    Many warm-hearted hugs, Beate :)

  28. please please please do a pictorial book of your travels!!!!
    i'd buy it !!!



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