Time Travelling

Time is rushing past...literally.
I am back in the USA settling my daughter, Miss Claire, into college.
Mission accomplished for her...I am not so sure about me.
I think..growing up is hard....no matter the age.
Who says that just because we are older it is any easier?
That's my declaration for the day!

I have a before and after shot for you.

Once upon a time we lived Connecticut, in the blue stucco house above. 
A dear friend, who I shall catch up with tomorrow, painted the image above.
It is a family treasure.
I drove by the house the other day and my things have changed.

Lovely, but I have to say my vote is still for the blue stucco house. :)

A trip to Connecticut always involves a visit to Manhattan.
I love visiting this apartment building, where family resides.
Behind the glass doors...the most magical garden. 

Twenty years ago, I wandered into Diane's Books, in the town that we lived.
She fostered my love for reading with all her fabulous recommendations.
She is still there and a I am still listening....and purchasing!

If you know how much I love bicycles...you will appreciate 
why I just had to snap this photo...perfect!

We stayed in the sweetest B&B, Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
The hosts, Alan and Mary are as delightful as the charming rooms they have decorated. 
We stayed in the Rose Room...a treat. I now take comfort in my new home away from home
...for the next four years. 

Move in day...a view to Miss Claire's dorm. 
The school colours are red and white, hence the red Adirondack chairs scattered 
around the common. It is a beautiful campus. I left Miss Claire, heavy at heart, as parent's 
often are when their children move onto the next phase of their life, but happy to know 
that she is where she wants to be.

A view to her campus life around her.

Chateau Mango awaits back in Vietnam. 
Mr. H and Connor are holding fort...awaiting the arrival of Miss Christine who
is coming for a two week visit. I am so so excited to see her again!

I have two more days to catch up with friends...my favourite part of the visit.

Wishing you a beautiful day/ evening from the sunny side of Connecticut.

Jeanne xx


  1. Hello Jeanne

    Wishing Miss Claire success in her new life. I can see why she selected this classic college.
    I totally agree, who was the designer who messed up your beautiful home. (it certainly was no architect).
    Wishing you continued happiness and joy and happy travels as you wing your way back to Chateau Mango.

    Helen xx

  2. Looks like a terrific experience awaits her Jeanne - picture perfect campus. Time does indeed march on...now we know how our mothers must have felt... and before the advent of Skype and email. (Thrilled to think of the bonus travel stories this opens up for us - your appreciative readers - though.) x

  3. Such excitement for you Jeanne. Once again back in America.
    The grounds and building of the college that Miss Claire will be attending looks beautiful . I wish her all the best in her new home and college.
    I like the blue.. and love the painting. I suppose it was a little disappointment to see the old house with a different colour.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in USA.. and wishing you a pleasant trip back to Vietnam.. and Chateau Mango.


  4. Oh, I can understand the heavy heart~~on a couple counts...the blue stucco house and moving Miss Claire to her next nest. Bittersweet. Thanks for the update on your adventures :)

  5. You've done it! I'm telling you...often the anticipation of the goodbyes is the worst, I think. Can't wait to see our girls soar into their college years...we head to our B&B pick on Friday! Have a wonderful trip visiting friends and making your way back to your new world.

  6. Jeanne,

    I am sure that it is difficult to leave Claire but how nice to know that she is happy at in a beautiful space to learn and grow.

    I agree, I love he blue stucco house much better...I hope you have two wonderful days with your friends! Enjoy every second.

    And then know that you have your beautiful family waiting at home for you.

    Have a wonderful and safe journey! Thinking of you and praying for you at this time of transition!

    Hugs, Elizabeth

  7. Clearly you have friends and perhaps family "in the area", but in an emergency, central virginia is close. I'd be be happyd to be available if you need a "responsible adult" sometime for Miss Claire.

  8. Thank you for sharing the painting your friend did for you, it's so interesting to see how things have changed. The painting is a very special unique way to keep memories of your beautiful house.
    Good luck to Claire in College, that's a lovely campus! I love the B&B's Rose Room, the teal and the floral pattern are so nice together.

  9. Such a beautiful campus for your sweet girl. I have very fond memories of my freshman year of college. (ages ago and on the opposite coast.)


  10. Hello, hello!

    Oh how wonderful to hear that Miss Claire (always copy Helen Tilston whenever possible) has settled in to an environment that is just a dream. You can practically hear the thoughts bouncing off the grounds! As for you, I am delighted that you have found your resting place for the next four years (and such a charming one at that) but am admittedly (much to my chagrin) entirely jealous for you to have found your way to Manhattan, my home for many years before moving to France.

    Something tells me that your culutre shock will be quite strong. Sending all my best and I know that Tika will welcome you mightily at Mango House!

    Have a wonderful week ahead,

  11. It's impossible to keep track of where you are in the world, Jeanne:-)

    Wishing Miss Claire a wonderful time at college.

  12. Bonjour Jeanne. Even though I *follow* your blog and read your wonderful posts on a regular basis, I don't think I have ever commented on any of them, so why not today? :-) This was a lovely story, and it felt special to me. Like you, I have traveled and lived in several countries. Like you, I enjoy retracing my footsteps and check out old neighborhoods and friends when I get a chance to. I noticed one of the book covers you posted when writing Diane's Books is "The Chaperone." I read it this summer and really enjoyed it. As for your daughter, she is lucky to be studying and living in such a beautiful school for the next few years. College is a whole different ball game in the United States, isn't it? Take care. I will visit again soon. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  13. What a fabulous college campus. I'm sure Miss Claire will have wonderful times there, but mums always worry and miss the children no matter what age! Lovely to see your previous US home. Happy travels back to Chateau Mango!

  14. Hi Jeanne.. when the young eagle is ready to fly, the mother eagle removes the staying pins of her nest.. that way, the nest drops, and the baby must fly.. Enjoy your beautiful new campus Miss Claire.. enjoy College life to the max.. and Jeanne.. special hugs to you as you pick up the pieces of your nest.. xx J.. she'll be right mate.. travel safely back to VN

  15. busy days and lots of changes! Can I just say I really love the blue version best? And to borrow the song - they paved paradise and put up a parking lot (or in this case, driveway, but still.)

  16. I adore the blue/grey stucco house! Not only did it change colors.....but than enormous driveway!


    I think it is sometimes better not to go "back"!

    I went back once; to my first childhood home with my "Auntie Clare" (who lived with us and helped 'rear' me!) It was a wonderful experience.....Robin Piccione (sp) (bodysuit bathing suits) had bought it; and it was a total dream!

    The rest of the houses I have lived in........not.....I am lucky!

    We built where we live; and we love it!

  17. Nestlings flying the nest Jeanne. Ah yes, always hard for Mums in particular (maybe for the nestlings too but they would die rather than let you know.
    I love that blue stucco house - exquisite.

  18. Oh Jeanne I feel your pain at leaving her - this will be me in a couple of years and I ache at the thought of it NOW! - so a BIG hug to you. As always a glorious post full of so many things - I love your observations - the wallpaper in particular is a find. Have a lovely day and safe journey back to Vietnam. F x

  19. Oh Jeanne, I think we all know about that pain tugging at us inside, made more poignant by their obvious eagerness and excitement at moving on. Bu hey! Not everyone has a mango chateau to go home to, nor an assortment of children to count on for the next visit!
    Thank you for all the pictures you are sharing with us, it is seriously tempting to jump on a plane and come visit.

  20. Each time a child leaves home, part of us goes with him/her, hopefully, the best part! With your family here and there, you will be doing lots of traveling as well as looking forward to them coming home, wherever that may be.

  21. I too am all for the blue stucco house. It's very pretty. I love that Rose Room. I know I would feel happy there.

  22. Such a difficult time for you but what a beautiful place for Miss Claire to be. Your blue stucco house is so pretty - lovely to have the painting as a reminder. We have a watercolour painting of our home which the previous owner kindly gave us.

  23. Wow, do you feel like a time traveler lately? I bet it felt a bit strange to see your old home again. When I went back to LA and saw our first little apartment building it suddenly made all the years in-between vanish. And I was back in my twenties again. Time is beginning to feel surreal to me.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  24. Jeanne,
    I am back to blogging and so happy to come back to visit you. Miss Claire is certainly going to a beautiful place.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your time in Connecticut (wonderful B&B! I'll have to check it out when I am up there again)
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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