A Winter Mind....

peaceful winter whiteness

Happy New Year! 

Snow came to our neighborhood this morning...and it was exciting! In winter's passed, I might have looked at it as work to be done but today I was just glad to see a shimmer out there. We ended autumn with a very white Thanksgiving and started winter with a bit of a whimper on the snow front. I should be careful what I wish for....I can't say I love the shoveling...but I do look forward to dusting off my snowshoes and having a long wander. 

I recently visited a book I find exceedingly inspiring
by Vivian Swift. In it, Vivian writes 

How to Winterize Your Mind. 
There are five steps...

See the sun rise and set every day.
I have made a practice of this and with
an average night of 13.5 hours, it is fairly easy
 and well worth it!

Learn how to draw a tree.
Hence the image above.
I love trees...from their
spring green flush to their 
peaceful winter whiteness.
All I have left to do is draw it.
Not so easy!

Put something beautiful in your room.
Make it special, something you are 
happy to see when you wake up.
For me...it is the view of the tree above. 
I love it in all seasons. 
All I need to do is open my eyes.

Mend something with your hands.
I always find it interesting that such a simple
task can be so rewarding. 

Life is but a Winter Dream!

a view from a gathering room

This is one spot where I love to hibernate.
It's the corner of our gathering room in our 
recently renovated carriage house.
We added a Danish design wood burning stove, 
the Rais Viva-L 100. If you are in the market,
I highly recommend it!
Note..the view to a tree...always a tree.
Another one to draw.

Speaking of drawing. 
I dusted off a sketch book
from long ago and started gathering 
paper, brushes and paint. 
I know what I will be doing this winter.

try, try again

Ahh the winter mind....a beautiful thing!

A few more trees along the way...

in the depth of an icy winter

and this last thought...

"The light of winter 
is the poetry of patience"
Monika Minder

Happy Trails my friends!

Jeanne xx


  1. Great tips. Number four...a small bin of fabrics ready cut to shape, hand sew, and stuff for ornaments next year or buntings during the year. Hand sewing and listening to a tape are a relaxing concentration combination. The Danish stove is a beautiful design. The window design is interesting as well.
    Happy Winter!

    1. Always enjoy a relaxing concentration combination...yours sounds perfect! :))

  2. I see the sun rise and set every day, and would miss it a great deal if I didn't. I look at the sky far more often than I look at a clock.
    Good luck and have fun with the sketching - I'm sure it will be an adventure! For decades I've said, "If I could draw well, I probably would not have become a photographer," but recently I began sketching and painting watercolors, and in 2018 set myself a "Daily Markmaking" challenge which I am astonished to say, I managed to meet. Now on Day 10 of Year 2, Daily Markmaking!

    1. Just love the sound of "Daily Markmaking" May...and the fact that you are onto Year 2 is impressive! I need some of that in my life. Thank you for sharing...:))

  3. I love your tree. Snow makes it more special. You've shared some interesting tips. I'm generally driving to work at sunrise so I usually get to see those. The windows at the back side of our house face west so I usually see the sunset while I'm cooking the evening meal.

    1. I envy your sunset views Loree, it is the one view that we miss here at Tanilla Farm. For us it is a "bounce back" light on the eastern trees. Your view sounds lovely... :))


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