A Bloggers Holiday in Provence

Pardon me while I take a little mental mini break here and travel to Provence 
and imagine myself basking in the sunshine of a luxury villa. 
Fourteen of my fellow bloggers are there with me sitting poolside 
with not a computer in sight. 
We will be fortunate enough to be staying in a 7 bedroom villa 
set among 20 hectares of breathtaking countryside. 
We are just taking it all in...the gorgeous countryside, pool, 
extensive vegetable and herb gardens where we will spend time 
selecting ingredients for dinner. 
A chef has been arranged to prepare a gourmet meal giving
 us time to stroll thru the Luberon Valley prior to dinner. 
Yes, our minds will be relaxed and free to ponder the little things in life. 
Upon our arrival back to our humble abode, chilled glasses of bubbly
 will be waiting for us.  We will end the day refreshed 
and filled with ideas for future posts....
where oh where might this happen?
If you are thinking that the above sounded pretty nice
 than I encourage you to have a look and enter yourself
 in a competition to win a week at Le Mas du Luberon. 
All you need to do is write in what you think the woman in the photo
 above is thinking of. I can tell you...it is not difficult. 
Just imagine what you would be thinking :)

PS..I added in the chef just to make life a little easier!


  1. Jeanne,
    Oh my! Talk about living a dream. I'm not sure which part of your dream I would love the most - being with blog friends, your beautiful villa location, the fabulous food and drinks,.....Enjoy every second of your holiday.

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Rita

  2. That looks lovely! OK, Jeanne, if I win, you must definitely be my guest! I am off to check out the rest of their villas. (and yes, the greenhouses were warm and smelled like heaven!) Have a wonderful week!


  3. She's thinking "Did I leave the iron on at home? I think I did, but it's so heavenly here I really don't care."

    For one reason or another, I've read quite a bit about the Luberon in recent months and it sounds like a slice of heaven.

    Hope your unpacking is going well for you. How are your sheets? Do you feel all is well with the world now? See you in the Luberon! Meredy xo.

  4. Well, how fabulous does that look, Jeanne? I could do with some of that right now. It's still a bit chilly here isn't it ?
    Actually, I'm of to a spa in Cambridge tomorrow, just outside Cambridge. I'm going with my oldest and dearest friend. We were at school together and can talk for England!! When I am in the pool adopting a similar pose, I'll let you know what I'm thinking !!
    I think that I'll go and check out that villa website now....oh, and the chef is an absolute must !!
    Have a good week, Jeanne. XXXX

  5. Jeanne:

    Have a fabulous time and treat yourself to being lazy and thought-free.

    Come back refreshed and happy.

    Joy always,

  6. Hi Jeanne
    Well you've ramped the dreaming up to new heights!! How blissful it would be to escape to a villa in Provence!! I think the chef is a great idea as we would all be quite exhausted at the end of the day from all that dreaming and lazing around....

    Might have to check that link out!!! Hope your week is just as great!! xx Julie

  7. It's 37C here at the moment - the thought of being in that divine pool is just heavenly. What is she thinking - "Can we extend our booking please?" Leigh

  8. Jeanne - what a wonderful little cerebral trip to take on a miserable Monday morning in Surrey/Wiltshire! I think she's probably wondering how the decorators are getting on...have a great week & stay focused on that picture as you unwrap 300 more sheets of packing paper which have been used to pack a tupperware box! Oh dear, I remember it well...Susie x

  9. ah, could you even imagine A&K in Provence? delightful. i love your blog, so wonderful to read and see your pics. I've given you the Sunshine Award to recognize your creativity -- pop over to HollyGoesLightly when you get a free moment to claim your award and spread the warmth.

  10. I hope she's doesn't think "how boring this is"!

    ... and don't forget: Some dreams may become reality! In the meantime, it's nice just to dream! Keep on!

  11. I don't think she is thinking anything. All of her senses are on alert with the smoothness of the water and the warmth of the sun.

  12. Hello Jeanne.
    Wonderfull pictures!!
    Kisses :)

    Daniela "Dream Chic Dream "from Milano

  13. For goodness sake - I hope you haven't booked your week this week as it's raining cats and dogs!! Off to the Luberon to hopefull sign for the sale of the house. If it doesn't work - I'm putting shares in her up for grabs to fellow bloggers who would love to renovate a house in the Luberon and turn it into a spa for us all!!!
    Cross your fingers ;-)


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