When I was a little girl,
my school report card always came home with the same comment,
"That Jeanne, she is such a daydreamer."

Isn't is nice that some things never change :)
Care to join me?

Thank you Country Living!

images~ Country Living magazine


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  1. I love your daydreams! (MY report card always said "Stephanie is a pleasure to have in class. Stephanie needs to talk to her classmates less." OOPS!)

  2. We would have been great pals Stephanie..I can see why we get along so well!!! :)

  3. I see that you enjoy Country Living UK...I have my newest copy on the table ready for my afternoon tea break...I have been saving it for a sunny day treat!

    Daydreaming is probably where you get most of your inspiration for this lovely blog.
    I'd give you an "A"...

  4. I so enjoyed these pictures. I could move right into one of them easily~talk about daydreaming!!


  5. Wow, stunning images!! I hope to receive my contry living number very soon!! hugs xx

  6. Beautiful daydreams Jeanne. My report card always said "Would do well if talked less" or "Lots of potential, if only she applied herself". I think those report cards could be written about me today! Meredy xo.

  7. Jeanne~ My report cards said the very same thing. My Mother thought it was a great Dad, not as much. But I'm still a huge daydreamer. Sometimes that leads to a major eye roll when I announce what I've been daydreaming about...

  8. yep, i say that's one thing you never want to change! jxx

  9. How good are those pictures...I've just come back from a few days at the coast...daydreaming about going back!

  10. Nothing wrong with dreaming - that's where all the good stuff happens! It would be a rather boring life if we couldn't escape the humdrum now and then. Dream on, I say! K xx

  11. Nothing like dreams and wanderings to make life absolutely delicious!

  12. I'm totally with you there. I've always wanted to live by the beach and my vision board is covered with pictures of the beach, the sea and cottages by the sea. One day I'll get there :o) For now I'm happy in my little cottage in the country though .

  13. I would love to have a home by the beach. Certainly a dream of mine that I pray will come true someday. I'll invite you over and you can help me decorate, since your style is so fabulous.

  14. Isn't Country Living the best magazine anywhere?

    You'll laugh at this, but I was, rightfully, accused of daydreaming only yesterday. Standing in line at an open air farmer's market, waiting my turn, a big storm whipped up with the wind rushing through the place and claps of thunder getting closer, I simply didn't notice that the chap in front of me had moved on. I stood there, lost somewhere on the moors of Yorkshire, until the lady behind the counter loudly whispered...."Miss?, Miss?"


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