Tea at Hampton Court Gardens

I have been thinking about a post all day,
by Joanna @ Confident Writing

Her post starts....
For the morning when to-do lists won't get done 
without some doodles, without some word plan
 and some play words, 
without some play worlds and some world play: 
I will write me a poem
For the moments when the world stops moving on its axis, 
when it stops for a moment, for just one precious moment 
when the sun glints on the water or the clouds 
drift past the mountains or the rains burst on the island 
and my feet sink home: 
I will write me a poem...
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The post is part of a Group Writing Project entitled Can Writing Keep us Well? Details are noted on her blog, Confident Writing.  Joanna also inspired me with a post entitled The Art of Paying Attention.  Within it she mentions her friend, a poet-photographer who has encouraged her to take less ordinary photographs and look for the extraordinariness in everyday things. I have to agree, when you look thru a camera lens at the simplest things, it is like you are seeing it for the first time. 

I like everything Joanna has to say, it just hits home. She talks about confident writing and finding your voice, taking responsibility for your words, trusting yourself, writing with positive intention and writing to read.  I know many bloggers are looking to get more from their writing and or photography. I thought you might find Joanna's words inspiring too. 

It is something to think about.

Jeanne xx


  1. All of this makes perfect sense! I've noticed that I see things in a different way since I started to take photos for my blog. I'll have to visit the link...thanks so much!


  2. It makes a lot of sense, and I think it applies to a lot more than writing too! Thanks for sharing this. I hope to do everything with more positive intention! Thank you, to our own poet-photographer.

  3. Jeanne......... thank you for your lovely comments on my blog today! So thoughtful of you! Have a great day. Tracy


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