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'Uluru' by Jeanne Henriques

On this Saturday afternoon in Ho Chi Minh City
I offer one of my playlists,  'Create'. 
When I need to produce something, 
whatever it may be, I listen to the music below.
In the case above, it involved a canvas, a few buckets of sand, 
a can of paint the colour of the Australian outback
and Yo Yo Ma. It was fun!
Most of my playlist is from movie soundtracks. 
If you click on the links, you will find the songs.
Happy Listening!

For Good 
from show...Wicked
Follow the Flower 
from Under The Tuscan Sun
from Pride and Prejudice
All that I need is Love
by Melody Gardot
Gabriel's Oboe     
from The Mission
Suite for Solo Cello
    No 1 in G Major ...   
by Yo Yo Ma
Julia's theme   
from Julie and Julia
O Mio Babbino   
from No Reservations
Building a Family
from Life as a House
Boeuf Bourguignon   
from Julie and Julia
Baby Alessandra    
from Under the Tuscan Sun
Liz on Top of the world
from Pride and Prejudice
Wish You Were Here
from Under the Tuscan Sun

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Best wishes for a fabulous weekend to you!
Happy Creating :)
Jeanne xx


  1. Rich treasure in this post. I look forward to listening to at least a snippet of each song and discovering a favorite.

    One song I enjoyed listening to last autumn while working on a particular project was this one.

    A beautiful weekend to you, as well, Jeanne.

  2. Jeanne, I love your playlist and even more I love a big basket of winter reads. I have a stack of 30 books next to the bed for my winter reading and crazily enough I just purchased four more this afternoon. I have to get my butt in gear.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Thank you for the music suggestions. I can always use new songs to listen to while working/creating. You listed some of my favorite movies as well. It is a rainy, grey day here so I am pop Under the Tuscan Sun in the dvd player. I watched Chocolat yesterday. Wonderful score as well.

  4. Your blog is vey beautiful and interesting. Congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

  5. Oh Jeanne, I have become so careless of late with reading and discovering new music. I have so very little time to spare. It's not an excuse but it is the truth. I know that I need to remedy the situation and I will do my utmost to change in 2013. I need to do it as a present to myself.

  6. Jeanne . . . when I am going to write, I find I can only write from the heart. . and the setting makes all the difference. I have a sunny yellow "room of my own', a door that, when closed, signals that I need my own uninterrupted time. For us all, "life" intervenes more often than that. And so -- to take me to that other world that allows my pen to flow as if I had no control over it, I often listen to
    Click here: André Rieu - My Way (Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York) - YouTube.

    As I hear the violin, the lyrics that reflect my own life so well, I find its memories send me to that other world that lies within me. Emotions flow . . . and the words flow out as if unbidden. All I can say is that MAGIC HAPPENS. Joan

  7. Music and Nature..nothing touches your soul more. Have you ever tried to listen to different style of music and watched your mind and feelings? It is really interesting how we react. Must try to get "The lady cyclist's Guide to Kashgar" here on my little island, because we will go there this year and I'm already working like a bee on the itinerary.

  8. Music and nature, nothing touches you more. There is an enormous power behind. Have you ever tried to listen to different style of music and watching your mind and feelings? Interesting how they begin to change.

  9. Hello Jeanne
    I love the energy of Uluru. It has a beautiful rhythm and one can feel the music in the art. The colours you use capture the essence of Australia

    Love your music

    Helen xx

  10. I had forgotten how many of these film scores I enjoyed.

    Thank you for your comment over at my blog - I'm so glad to have found yours through Loree as well.

  11. I love your list, Jeanne - the music will be in my background as I work this morning. Happy Wednesday!!

  12. Yay. Great playlist. I have a mix labeled "Sundays" and it has the kind of lazy, jazzy songs I like this time of year. Try, "Memories" from Soma Sonic (found that one on the Ralph Lauren Home website. I think it was the "Mayfair" song.) Also on that one, Alan Parsons Project's old "Eye in The Sky" and Art of Noise, "Moments in Love." Chris Isaak, "I See You Everywhere." And of all things The Bee Gees, "You Win Again." (Love that song). LOL! Hows that for a mix. :) N.G.

  13. The Mission... beautiful music, and one of my all time favorite movies.

  14. Ooh, this is like a box of candy!! What a treat.
    Recently, I've been loving the soundtrack to Best Exotic Marigold Hotel when I'm creating.
    If I'm writing though, silence. Always silence.


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