The Photography Lesson #saigon

I made a pact with myself this year that I would stop talking and start doing.
There are a few things on my list, that pop up each year...
only to be added to the next year.
A photography lesson is one of them. 
Call it lazy, call it paranoid, there has always been a reason.
Not so this year.

I managed to pass the camera bug on to my daughter, Miss Claire.
I have been promising her a mother and daughter photo session
for a long while. With a five week visit home, it was the perfect time.
A recommendation from a friend and a bit of circumnavigating
around the net put me on to Peter Stuckings
a talented photographer, under his own label, IndoChina Images.
Miss Claire and I signed up for a private lesson,
the 'Better Travel Photography Workshop'.

Travel Photographer, Peter Stuckings

Our mission was to walk away with a clearer understanding
of the big three. The ones that so often get us in a twist...
Exposure, Shutter Speed and Aperture.
Eight hours later... after intensive discussion, reviewing
personal photos and going 'walkabout' Saigon.
I have to admit...we started to 'get it'
Mission least for now.

Miss Claire enjoying the results of her efforts.

Our practice shots were fun but not so easy.
Peter encouraged us to embrace in shutter speed.
The object was to capture passing cyclists in motion.
We attempted this in a number or ways.
All I can say is the one where I had to stand still and
turn with the passing motorist from the waist...was a challenge.
It was hard to ignore the stares...the ones that said..' you crazy woman'.

Peter said once we understood the concept and attempted
more practice sessions, we would be hooked.
I know he is right...I can't wait to get back on that street corner again.

 With thanks to Peter for sharing his expertise. I am more
determined than ever as a result of his efforts and
excited to be joining his upcoming Travel Photography Workshop
with fellow travel photographer Mark Stennett in a few weeks time.
If you are interested in photography workshops and tours around Saigon and further
afield into Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Laos and Mt Everest Base Camp..
 you can read more here and here.

With that, I leave you to enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend
and I hope you can do the same. I am in the midst of exploring
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, do you know it?
Peter gave it a big thumbs looks wonderful.
Do I dare?

After watching this video featuring American Photographer,
Nevada Wier...I am very tempted!

Happy Creating!!

Jeanne xx

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