Meeting Edgar...

'Garden of the Gods', Colorado Springs by Edgar

Meeting Edgar...

I first met Edgar last year, when I was living in England.  
We did not meet in person but through the written word. 
He pops in every now and again and like so many of you, 
I enjoy hearing from him. 

Edgar's 'About Me' page is straightforward. 
"I am a retired physician 
who likes to read books and carry a camera. 
I will try to write about what I read
 and share images that I find interesting."

This is what I imagine a physician would say...
clear, concise and to the point. 
Then..there is the other side, 
the side we appreciate in a physician, the caring, 
understanding and compassionate side. 
I see this side in Edgar too. 

Edgar recently started a new blog, 
about books, poetry and images. 
He calls it simpleimages2

He wrote a poem.. 
I so enjoyed it I asked if I could share it with you. 
He said he would be honored for you to read it.
That is Edgar, a kind soul...
I can read it in his words.


In June, coming home

from Erie Canal, Lockport Locks,

where the river's dream flows to the sea

nieces, aunt, uncle, parents, we

were playing the children's game-

porcupine, piano, palaces-

naming words that start with p

sing song voices, ascending and fading

the water filled and emptied,

the boat rose and fell

one sequential stage to the next

the key and lock in minutes.

Reaching home voices

voices diminished to whispers-

physics paints parallel

points-a heavenly lullaby

in utterance and sleep,

a different sound of peace.

One Saturday everyone joined

to hike a mountain. The children

leaped and climbed boulders

strewn in disarray everywhere,

hid behind trees, inside crevices,

read the rock's faces with

astonishment and laughter

cupped their shadows in the stream,

the forest more than a vast

playground they imagined.

We were old shepherds

looking for renewal of youth within

to define performance

in language and play.

Time promised us a gift-

the joy of encounter, the way

to divine the proximity,

the presence.

To say hello to Edgar.. click here.
Please tell him Jeanne sends her regards.

For you.. 
the words of Henry David Thoreau set to a backdrop 
captured one fine spring morning in England.

A carpet of English Jeanne Henriques

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