Writing it out and listening to trees...

Writing it out..
I have taken to morning writing…if only to quiet the activity in my mind. Given the tragic event and sadness around the horrific attack that occurred in Boston, you might feel the need to write as well.  I have written about this before…freewriting. It helps in all sorts of situations.  It is for the words that float in your mind, never staying still, until you write them down. The message can be as clear as day once the words are before you. If you are struggling with your thoughts and can’t seem to get hold of them. Write, type…pour it out…every last word. It may help... I hope it does.

The sound of trees..
I started this post last week and hesitated but decided that many of you will understand. We lost a wonderful man recently, a friend, who left this world too soon. When people pass on I think of a poem by Maya Angelou,  When Great Trees Fall.  It was sent to me after my father passed away and although I did not appreciate it right away, I came to understand. I had the same feeling after reading an article by Bill Hayes, A Year in Trees . If you can appreciate where I am coming from...you will understand as well.

Paying it forward..
I have a file of articles, messages and poems like the ones mentioned above.  They were passed on to me from friends, each feeling the connection of loss and hoping to ease my pain.  I pass them on as well, hoping that at the right time in their life, it will provide a friend with some solace.

Before I sign off,  I want to thank you all for your thoughtful suggestions on my last post..you truly are the most wonderful readers. I think we are all blessed for having met each other via the written word...truly.

Breathe deeply...
I leave you with this..breathe deeply and if you are of a praying mind..please pray with me..

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