A jazzy kind of beat at Chateau Mango

it' a jazz thing

There was a time...long ago, 
before I tied the knot with Mr. H,
that I loved to hang out in piano bars. 
The scene was Manhattan and I would
meet up with friends to sip on a cocktail or two
and listen to great music...mostly jazz.

It has been a long time since I 'lounged' 
and I had forgotten about those days in Manhattan
until I heard the music of Cecile McLorin Salvant.
She brought it all back. 

Chateau Mango is rocking to
the jazzy beat today of Cecile and much more.
I thought a few of you might enjoy the beat too!
(Heather...this one is for you!)

You can view in iTunes here and her website here

and more jazzy beats with...

Billie Holiday ...Body and Soul

Cassandra Wilson ... Red Guitar 

Elaine Elias...Girl Talk

Mary Stallings... Dream Dancing

Gretchen Parlato...Holding Back the Years

and my all time favourite

( Mr. H...this one is for you xx)

Carrying the beat in Central Park in 2012

all that jazz
Manhattan 2012

jazz photos around Manhattan
snapped by me

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