The Brown Paper Book Club...100 and counting

In the past week we have
taken a wee peek
at our home in Vietnam...Chateau Mango,
linked in with Bowerbird Friends,
cooked Thai Food,
strolled through a beautiful garden in Vermont
and met Gordon and Mary,
looked around the property at Tahilla Farm 
and met Swift and Grace,
listened to classical, folk and jazz music.

Design, food, gardening, music...the proverbial Collage of Life!
It is only natural to follow with a few good books
and you all have had plenty to recommend.

Blogs, emails, have been
so generous with your suggestions,
I thank you kindly!

I have been a diligent note taker and
recently finished adding them to the
 Brown Paper Book Club,
a place where we share a good read.

If you are new to the Brown Paper Book Club, have a look below.
This is page one of 10..with over 100 book recommendations between them.
Between you and me...I think we have a great selection.

Speaking of books... it is so exciting~

Alice Munro
Photo by Derek Shapton

Congratulations to Canadian, Alice Munro, for winning 
The 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.
At 82 years of age,
she is the 13th woman to win the prize since
it's inception in 1901. Wonderful!

Alice has written fifteen books, she says Dear Life,
her latest book of short stories is her last book.
I have added it to the Brown Paper Book Club.


You can find a collection of her work
with Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group here

For previous winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, read here

A view from Chateau Mango
 From rainy Saigon...wishing you
a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx


  1. .. loved peeking around Chateau Mango, it's lovely ... and what an inspiration Alice Munro is! Love your blog, and Instagram photos ... cheers to the weekend

    1. Thank you Karen! Loving your trip around much fun to see again! :)

  2. Yes! A joyful day it is reading Alice Munro is the Nobel Prize winner in Literature!
    I'm going to re-read her books to celebrate.

  3. must run out to get a book! love this post.

  4. Send us some rain Jeanne, please. It's going to be so hot again this weekend. i need to take a peek at all those interesting books you shared.

    1. Put your feet up when you do Loree...there are quite a few great recommendations. :)

  5. Oooh, happiness is books. :) And I was so happy about Alice Munro--such a treat to read and get lost in her words.
    It got super cold here overnight! Achoo!!

  6. Hi looks like I missed a lot around here recently! I must go and read all those back posts! And, I need some book suggestions so I will go check out the book club suggestions. I love Alice happy her work was recognized!

    Have a lovely weekend...I hope the sun comes out! xoxo

    1. Sandy, I would be pretty impressed if you were able to stay on top of it all, I struggle with it, often! THe sun came out today and it was lovely....warm wishes to you my friend... xx

  7. Canadians are very proud that our own Alice Munro won the Nobel prize for Literature. She is such a talented and humble lady. I've read Magical Journey and Angel's game which I both thoroughly enjoyed. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. You are so right Pamela! Glad you enjoyed Magical Journey and Angel's Game. Best wishes for the weekend.. :)

  8. Ah books and more books...... don't judge a book by its cover.....I almost always do..... the more beautiful/intriguing the cover the better..... Such a grand list of books you have here, Jeanne. Thank you.
    Ms Munro is only one of the many talented female Canadian authors out there but her writing is loved world wide. I did an homage to another writer today.....can you guess which one? xo Carole

    1. You got me!! Another great Canadian writer, Margaret Atwood. You are such a talented lot! xx

  9. Hello dear Jeanne
    I'm thrilled Alice Munro has won the Nobel Literature prize - very well deserved - I adore her writing - it is likened to Anton Chekhov for an exploration of quiet provincial lives.
    Lovely to see you've updated your list - I refer to it often!
    My daughter living in France, is fluent in french but she still loves to read a book in english so I send parcels of goodies including books - most of the titles come from you!

    Take care

    1. So happy to hear Shane... 'Almost French' by Sarah Turnbull was a great read, worth checking out. She is an Aussie author. xx

  10. Thank you for this lovely post Jeanne.
    I have not caught up with the nobel prizes yet.
    I must read Alice Munro.
    You have been busy.
    Happy weekend to you there in Saigon.



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