Life in the Country….with a hummingbird

Hummingbird in flight...Tahilla Farm

The sunlight speaks. And it's voice is a bird:
It glitters half-guessed half seen half-heard.
Above the flower bed. Over the the lawn…
A flashing dip and it is gone.
And all it lends to the eye is this--
A sunbeam giving the air a kiss.

 by Harry Kemp

Hummingbird Dance
I love this wee little fellow. He was dancing in the sunlight, gliding past me as if to say…just try and catch me…bet you can't. When you spend time in the country…and have the time to ponder the magical dance of a hummingbird, it is hard not to take up the challenge. I have to say, catching this fellow with my camera was sheer luck. I wish I could say I have spent these past months sitting in a chair looking out to the mountain and pondering the flight of a hummingbird… has been the opposite. I have been a busy country camper.

The Luck of the Draw
Before I continue, I would like to announce the two winners of my book giveaway, Living Life in Full Bloom by Elizabeth Murray. The luck of the draw went to Pam G and and Mary WP. I thank you kindly for your lovely responses on my pasts posts. I am beyond tardy with my replies. If you have written to me recently, please know that I WILL return to you with a note. I appreciate every word and will respond in kind. PROMISE! 

Life in the Country…
It is hard to believe that I am halfway through my visit to Tahilla Farm with two months down and two and a bit more to go before returning to Vietnam. Life is full and in full bloom with some heavy duty fertilizer thrown in there. We have had an open door with friends and family coming and going, I have loved it all. It was with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to my youngest son, Connor, after a three week visit. He returned to Sydney last weekend..such a sweet soul, I love him to bits.

Connor takes in Tahilla Farm

Life in the country…

Life in the country is blessed with little surprises.
I tucked the flowers above into my car, thinking of
the scene from the movie, A Room With A View by E. M. Forster.
I will think of the very same every time I glance upon them in my garden.

Cornflowers for the Miss Alans..
Scene from "A Room With A View"

I was in a country conundrum. 
When you are without a clothesline and are desperate for one you have
to think creatively. Our big maple, Marthasaved me. It is not perfect…
but it'll do until we build a proper one next summer.

When the sun is shining and a breeze lingers, I whip up
the linens and give them a good air drying. I recently purchased
yet another linen summer cover from Rough Linen. I love
what Tricia Rose does with linen…perfect summer sleeping!

My summer cover and a country breeze.

When dear friend Lisa came to visit this week, 
a rainbow came to welcome her. 
We were sitting on the porch after the rain when
she noticed it…the luck of the Tahilla Farm.

Under the rainbow…Tahilla Farm

If you see my wheelbarrow somewhere on the property,
chances are….

My wheelbarrow awaits...

you will find me with my purple gardening gloves, 
clippers and my garden hat.
Steadfast and true.

A few gardening essentials

 When the day is done and the sun has warmly kissed the earth
I wander down to our local pond and float…
a wonderful way to end the day.

Afternoon sun at our local pond.

If you stopped by to visit, you would most likely will find me on our porch.
From here I think of Tahilla and what will be.

Life happens on a porch

Always on my mind…
the construction plans for Tahilla Farm are coming along.
It has been a tremendous learning curve for me. 
I have never seen so many numbers…
how can so many little things add up to so much money?

A numbers game…

The good news is the Tahilla Story continues with another lovely addition.
You know how I always is a small world..especially in the blogging world.
When I asked my sister-in-law if she could recommended an interior decorator...

Phyllis Higgerson

Henhurst Blog

I had to laugh, I have been following Phyllis for some time and love her style. 
To discover that she is not far from Tahilla Farm..well..
that was to good to be true. 
We met and she as delightful in person as in her blog…and..
she did not run away after seeing Fred.

A HUGE sigh of relief from this country camper.
Welcome Phyllis

With that, I leave you with wishes for a wonderful weekend. 
Thank you for stopping by and hanging out with me…
as always, it is an absolute pleasure.

Happy Weekend!

You are...
Author unknown

More on the Tahilla Farm


  1. I do like this blog. It has such a 'can do' air about it.

    1. Thank you Lucille..I love a 'can do ' attitude! ;)

  2. I adore that poem. Lovely things in this post; country living is the best. Good luck to you at the farm.

    1. Thank you Sanda…I loved your post today..still thinking of that moonflower. Lovely..;)

  3. As I was reading, I was thinking of one of my favorite words; serendipity :)

  4. LOVE ALL OF IT!Your SON the rainbow you and your gloves and wheel barrow............then the new DECORATOR!I think your readers have enjoyed your days on the FARM as much as YOU have!I adore the clothesline...............I will BUY the BOOK then!

  5. Love the hummingbird, Atlas gloves, A Room with a View, floating instead of paddling AND Henhurst is a beautiful new discovery! Thank you for sharing your lovely country life, pictures and thoughts w/ us!

    1. You are very welcome Leslie…thanks so much for you comments. ;)

  6. So funny how life works out, I have been following your blog as long as Phyllis'!

  7. Another lovely, energizing and yet relaxing post. Were you floating on the water yourself or in a canoe? Best regards from Leslie in Oregon

  8. Thank you, dear Jeanne, for this lovely post! Tahilla seems like an absolute paradise! I especially love the photo of your porch - it looks like a painting. How very serendipitous about your meeting Phyllis! Have a lovely rest of the weekend! xoxo

  9. "Life is full and in full bloom..." Life in the country is complete now- landscape, weather,house, experience. Wonderful blessings. But then you worked hard.
    Time to enjoy.

  10. Life happens on a the true, because its where you reflect, rest, review...

  11. Same here Phyllis…I think it is going to be VERY interesting too! ;)

  12. Jeanne,

    Many happy days have been spent this summer on our front porch. We sit there every morning with a coffee/tea/cocoa and every afternoon with a cool drink and all of our pups. We make plans for the future and talk about the past, it is always a treat.

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned how so many little things can add up to so much money, my husband and I were just saying the same as we recently completed a rather large land scaping project. We were trying to figure out how all those little plants and trees added up to so much. Currently we are experiencing sticker shock as we look into fencing the yard to keep all of our pups in!

    Your summer sounds perfect Jeanne, gardening, canoeing, visiting friends and family. I hope it is all that you hoped and more.

    I too am a huge fan of Phyllis and her blog! How wonderful to be able to work with a friend on your dream house! I hope that you share all of the details!

    Have a wonderful weekend Jeanne!

  13. Adore the Phyllis story, love her.........

    Can't wait to see the results of this new team !

    Garden & Be Well, XOT


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