The 'Tahilla Pack' and men in black...

Chateau Mango, Vietnam

This morning eight men dressed in black whizzed 
into our driveway and parked their motorcycles 
alongside our house. 
They came to start the 'Tahilla Pack'. 
The time has come.

I have spent weeks tagging and sorting, inside and out. 
I have to say it has been hard not to feel nostalgic 
for what we have created at Chateau Mango.
It's been a labor of love.

View to a garden and a hippo.

Even though our days in Vietnam are not quite over yet, 
Chateau Mango will shortly be a shadow of it's former self. 
And that's ok...we knew this time would come. 
We have been planning for it since we arrived four years ago
and we certainly have been busy.

This goes with that...kind of.

I can't help but wonder...
what will it be like when Chateau Mango 
merges with Tahilla Farm?

Tahilla Farm awaiting a garden.

I have been able to keep my sanity through it all 
with the help of my youngest son, Connor
He came home for a two week school break...
I just love when he comes home,
Tika does too.

Connor has since returned to Sydney
leaving his mother talking to herself again.
Mr. H is keeping quiet.
Smart man.

I fly back to Tahilla Farm in two weeks
where a garden party awaits and a college graduation.
Our Miss Claire is graduating!

Claire is off to Africa in July 
for a two year assignment with the Peace Corps.
We are so very proud of our girl in 
 red, white and blue. 

Miss Claire sporting red, white and blue.

I would love to share one more thing. My mother, Alma,
was recently interviewed and asked to tell
 a little bit about herself and her shop. 
It was so much fun to view
and since many of you have asked...
here is Alma and her thoughts about turning 80.
Go Mom!

Wishing you a wonderful week!
Thank you so much for reading along!!

Jeanne xx


  1. Jeanne, I cannot believe that you have been there 4 years! I remember when you were just leaving England, it seems like a few months ago. As for Claire, the same, I also remember your posts about looking for colleges! Time does fly.

    Congratulations to the beautiful, talented Claire for graduating and for her Peace Corps assignment. These are exciting times!

    As for the move, I LOVE all of your treasures! What a great idea to photograph them! I am sure that the farm is going to be a wonderful, beautiful, eclectic mix of all of the things you love and the places you have been.

    Your mom is so vibrant and talented! I loved the video when you had it on Facebook! Nice to watch it again. When I am next in that area I am going to make a point of seeing her shop and hopefully you will be in residence at the farm and we can meet for a tea.

    Take care!


  2. I am so excited for you. Chateau Mango is simply stunning. Those vines at the entry are gorgeous. I'm knee deep in the yard trying to make sense of it all...learning as I go...I hope! Looks like our girls are both preferring adventure as opposed to the job market. I'm thrilled for them. One last trip to Austin, TX for us to celebrate...and finally pull all the Kenney's out of Texas...

  3. Chateau Mango is so lovely - it always makes me feel cool and calm, and yet sunny. Know you will love "the Farm", but am sure your wonderful memories of Vietnam will remain forever. Can't wait to see how the "merger" goes.

  4. Also, good for Claire! We need more young adults who are interesting helping others.

  5. Wishing you all a smooth and happy move!

  6. Hello Jeanne,
    Oh my you have been busy and you sound so calm and collected. Is it really four years that you have been at Chateau Mango? Of course it is when I see Connor and Tika. It is still a major undertaking and so much planning. Chateau Mango and Tahilla Farms merge. Does this mean a new name? Just joking.
    Wishing you a smooth move,
    Fond wishes

  7. What a beautiful tapestry of life and living you are weaving Jeanne

  8. Sending good energy that all goes very, very smoothly. I seem to remember there is mystery piece of furniture of Mr. H's. Is that making the trip too?

    Congratulations in advance to Miss Claire. And how fantastic that she is launching into such an amazing adventure...well, you all are!

  9. is going to be difficult to leave Chateau Mango, but how wonderful that the newly completed Tahilla awaits! Congratulations to Claire and how exciting that she is joining the Peace youngest is graduating in May as well. Time flies, doesn't it?? Best of luck with your packing!! xoxo

  10. Four YEARS..........REALLY?I can remember it like YESTERDAY!You going out for a walk or yoga class, finding the POT PLACE.Time is REALLY zipping by...................soon there will only be a THREE hour difference between us!I hope the MOVE goes well.............and your GOOD-BYES not TOO sad.I will be tagging along here in CALIFORNIA...............I LOVED THAT MANGO HOUSE!

  11. Jeanne, has it really been 4 years already? My goodness, I remember reading your post about your relocation and admiring your gusto spirit for the unknown. Little did I know at that moment that we also would be changing cities--much closer hahaha--but still for this closet homebody--it was quite a transformative experience. Still is. So happy to see Connor's smiling face, and congrats on Miss Claire's graduation. I can't think of anything better than seeing our kids grow into their own skins.
    I'm off to learn about your artistic Mom.

  12. I don't know how you do it Jeanne. You are such an inspiration. Chateau Mango looked charming after you worked your magic and I have no doubt that you will do an equally good job at Tahilla Farm. You seem to have a knack for it and effortlessly mingle styles to create one that's perfect for you. Have a safe trip and enjoy the US.

  13. Every time I receive one of your posts, it's like chatting with a friend. I know Tanilla Farm will be all that you are hoping for and reflect all the adventures of your life. I hope it will work out to exchange visits when we are both in the NE. BTW, I can't believe Miss Claire is already graduating. It seems only yesterday she started her college career.

  14. It will be hard to leave Chateau Mango with its boungavillea-archway entrance and wonderful memories without sadness.. You are starting new adventure and discovering a new life which calls for a celebration.

    Congratulations to Claire for joining the Peace Corps.

    I wish you safe travel.

  15. You can be very proud of your family ! Sad that you have to leave your "Chateau"

  16. Such a big moment. I am sure it's hard and exciting both. All the best. And all the best to Claire, it's both a wonderful opportunity and a real gift to the world.

  17. I reckon Tahilla Farm's style will be East Coast/Asian Fusion with a twist Jeanne! xx

  18. I forgot to add-I like the paintings of your mom with the vibrant colors and sceneries and her happy way of living.

  19. I like that your mother doesn't hide her age but is sweetly proud of it instead.


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