Hello...it's me

Just checking in to say...
I did something out of the ordinary recently
and booked myself a photo session.
It was time to be me.

Say what?
Yes, time to be me.

Simply said..
I hate having my picture taken.
The art of dodging an eager photographer 
is a specialty of mine. 

The only one who always 
seems to be one step ahead of me 
is my mother-in-law.
Clever woman.

I decided to 'just do it'
and where better than Sydney.
I called GM Photographics,
 a photography firm we used over the years 
while our children were growing up in Sydney.

I explained what I was looking for..
a casual photo, just me, not too fussy,
not too precious, just me...
and a touch of Photoshop.

It's high time my family had a current photo 
and after seven years, it would be nice
 to have an updated blog photo.

was the photographer for me and that was that.

Simona made it painless. 
I like painless.
She said to bring along a few outfits 
and she would take care of hair, makeup
and all the rest.

And then we got started..
in pink and then black
 and a few other colours in between.

Simona caught onto my chatty ways from the get go.
It was clear I was not going to stop talking or laughing
so she went with it.

and then she said smile with your eyes..
which put me into a fit of laughter
because I had no idea what that meant.

I tired hard to focus on the smiling eye thing
but couldn't help myself.
Laughing is me.

Simona sent me 41 photos in four different outfits.
I had to pick three and couldn't.
 Family and friends were then bombarded with photos,
more 'me' than they ever care to see again.
They narrowed them down to the four photos above.

They are 'me' and I reckon they
will do it for at least another ten years.

I am hoping my mother-in-law
feels the same way too.

Before I go...seeing that it's just me,
I have some news,
our next move is imminent..
as in our last days in Chateau Mango are over
and Henrietta has found a new home.
(weep weep)

Henrietta Hippo on the move

Farewell Henrietta...we will miss you!

Onto the next move.
Are you ready?
How good are you at word games?
This is where we are moving to next.


Answer: ?

If word games are not your thing..
stay tuned.

Jeanne xx

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  1. Beautiful photographs of a beautiful person
    Its interesting how the clothes and teeth or not teeth showing change the atmosphere while retaining the same beauty. Hong Kong! Wow! Happy Travels!

  2. I so love the effortless, natural beauty in these! Your smile is indeed in your eyes, it's not just a smile-for-the-picture-smile, but a true one, that captures the viewer! Great job, both of you!

  3. Hong Kong. Wonderful if I am correct! The photos are fabulous. When we catch up one day I will tell you a story about photos!

  4. Another move! And no closer to Tahillah. Good luck with all the logistics. I shall be fascinated to hear about HK -- only spent 3 very wet and gloomy days there which were obviously disappointing so shall look forward to seeing what you discover there in your wonderful inquisitive observations.
    I love the photos -- you look far too young to have 4 grown up children.
    Ceri x

  5. Jeanne, you look fabulous! I am sure that all of your family and friends, and more importably YOU are thrilled with how beautiful they turned out! You look so happy and I can see the "smile" in your eyes!

    I have never been to Hong Kong and I cannot wait to hear about it! When you say Henriettta is on the move is she headed to the farm, or to HK?

    Take care and enjoy your time in Sydney.

    Hope you and all that you love are well and safe after the earthquake in NZ.

  6. You look great in black. Photo No. 3 is my favorite. Looks like Henrietta is going to Hong Kong.

  7. Looking fabulous & beautiful Jeanne! It's always a pleasure when the photographer captures their subject's personality shining through. I've missed your last few blog posts and just saw the new header on your website and love the photos of Tahilla Farm too. It's been a long & spectacular Autumn here in New Hampshire and now the mornings have turned frosty with the last few leaves falling from our Crimson King Maple tree. Alas,it sounds as though Henrietta is moving onto new horizons away from you :( I hope that your move goes smooth and I'm looking forward to your new adventures in Hong Kong!

  8. I would have my picture taken if I thought it would turn out so well! So, it's off to Hong Kong? What a life Mr. H has allowed you!

  9. Fabulous photos...you look so vibrant and happy.
    As to the word scramble I am going to have to wait for the answer!

  10. What a wonderful new "posting", but i thought you were actually headed to Tahilla Farm full time. At least i will learn about new city. Lovely photos. Very brave.

  11. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful lady. Hong Kong is wonderful as I am sure you already know. I have been there 20 times but never for more than 5-6 days at a time. It has been 10 years since the last time. Best wishes for a wonderful stay in your new home.

  12. How sad that Henrietta is not going with you. She is beautiful and so unique. I would have liked to bring her to Oregon. It is quite amazing that you are going to Hong Kong, in so many ways the polar opposite of Tahilla Farm. As for the photographs: they, and you, are lovely! How is your daughter doing with her Peace Corps service in Africa? Best wishes, Leslie in Oregon

  13. I need to get a proper picture taken as well. I am afflicted with the same disease. What wonderful photos. I can see why she said for you to smile with those beautiful eyes! Can't wait to hear about your new adventure!!

  14. Bravo you! You are such a beautiful woman. Let your light (continue to) shine. And now, new horizons I'll enjoy with you as guide an interpreter.

  15. wow!! Found the scrambled word easily....and Hong Kong should be quite an adventure. Looking forward to seeing what world events and home-based living comes to in your new place. And..your photo shoot was truly successful - four fantastic and beautiful photos of you.

  16. HK has not been on my radar yet - although Bob keeps saying I must go there! It's going to be so much fun seeing it from your perspective Jeanne - please just don't show us the ginormous crowds, at this time in life I need only the quiet spots, if there are any in HK, haha!

    Sounds like Ms. Henrietta is bound for new owners - I hope they take as good care of her as you did at Chateau Mango! BTW, one night there was a huge hippo outside our tent on the recent safari in Kenya, they came up from the river in the dark which is why the guards were always wandering by at night to protect us!

    The photos are really beautiful - you are an elegant lady. Like you, I don't enjoy having my photo taken - but then I'm much older - they'd have a hard time with the wrinkles and things to make me look that good!

    Good luck with the move - when are you off? Any chance you'll be at Tahilla NEXT Summer?
    Hugs - Mary

  17. As Billy Crystal would say, "you look marvelous!" Looking like our "natural" selves is really difficult in photos, but yours came out perfect. I hope Henrietta lands in loving hands. :) Wow, Hong Kong is still so far from Tahilla. Hope the time flies by.

  18. Loved your photos! Your smile is contagious.... I'm guessing Hong Kong. How wonderfully exciting. I do hope Hennritta is happy with her move. Hugs!

  19. IS HE GOING INTO A DUMPSTER???????????????
    THESE PHOTOS ARE GORGEOUS!I especially like the FIRST BLACK SWEATER PHOTO!THEY ARE ALL GOOD!I think CARLA told me that TOO smile with your eyes!!!!!!!!!WHAT!
    I thought he was retiring..........and TAHILLA FARMS was home now...........
    Never a dull moment with YOU TWO!

  20. I've lived in a few Asian countries and also the Middle East, Hong Kong was my absolute favourite. Haven't been back for a while though. Loved wandering through the local markets and exploring everything. I hated not seeing the sun, but November to February are wonderful and the sun reappears. Best time to go up the Peak is dusk and watch the magic. Enjoy!

  21. HONG KONG!!!! all the luck in your new adventure :))))

  22. Is it Kopenhagen? ...and as I told you already in my last comment...that's the
    face of a happy lady. You look fabulous ...love the "smiling eye"

  23. Is it Kopenhagen? As I already mentioned in my last comment...you look gorgeous,
    the face of a happy women..and I like the "eye smiling" photos.

  24. My husband spent the last 5 weekends in the Hong Kong airport. Back and forth between here and the other side of the world. He made it into the city once and brought back some lovely photos. Looking forward to seeing some of yours once you settle. Wondering what color the new nest will be...

    I would urge you not to be so camera shy--you're just too cute to worry about it--except that I am too. I over compensate by turning into a goon as soon as I notice a lens pointed in my direction.

  25. Wonderful photographs. You are beautiful.

  26. I'm like you I go MIA at the site of a camera. But you look gorgeous in your photo-shoot. I love the images with the black shirt; against your golden hair it looks divine x

  27. Jeanne I am so proud of you! I can totally relate, in fact I just wrote a post yesterday on the topic of 'selfies' and finally showed my own little SELF on my blog. Right afterwards, Lou stopped by and told me she just did the same thing on her new blog and doesn't it feel liberating? Yeah. I think it does. Anyway, I felt compelled to share some pictures of the pretty jewelry Vannessa from Luxuria had been kind enough to send me. And it forced me to confront my own phobic avoidance of being in front of the darn camera. I find it very vulnerable being in front of a camera.... How's that for self reflection? Anyway, I love how you made an appointment with a photographer, I've thought of that myself. And good for you sharing your beautiful face with us. It's exactly how I pictured you...loveliness inside and out.


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