Walking on Sunshine with Lucy, Ethel and a Winner...

Good Afternoon!

I am signing back in from Sydney 
with a view to the Harbour Bridge.
I snapped this pic on my morning walk.

I love this time of year...
when the Jacaranda trees start to burst 
with beautiful lavender blooms.

Springtime in Sydney is beautiful..
especially when you have a chance to 
chat with the local bird life. 
I am starting to see a pattern 
from our apartment window.
with two lorikeets who check in
 on a regular basis. 
They aren't quiet about it either.

It seems to be a case of which one 
can out squawk the other.
They remind me of two beloved characters 
from days gone by.
If you were a fan of I Love Lucy...
you will appreciate why I call them 

You can view Lucy and Ethel on my windowsill here

I just love watching both sets of Lucy and Ethel in action! 

And they were ever so curious when they
saw me writing, cutting, folding and looking behind
 me as I chose the winner for my

My handiwork..
picking a winner the old fashioned way.

Lucy, Ethel and I are happy to report
that Susan S is the winner!

Congratulations Susan!
Please drop me a line with your details
and I will send the book off to you.


For those who missed out, stay tuned,
there are sure to be more surprises in store.

For I so love shopping for me...and you!

Here is something fun for all you with
 a special mischief making friend in your life..
I love seeing my friends in this clip.


Best wishes for an absolutely wonderful day,
I hope it is filled with sunshine!!

Jeanne xx

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