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I feel like that woman who stands on a street corner with traffic whizzing past her wondering if she should look left of right...because she has forgotten which country she is in. I started the month in Sydney, spent the mid-part of it in Hong Kong and am finishing it off in New Hampshire. All the while I have been thinking of writing about the answer to the BIG question I asked in my last post...deciding which winter scene to use for our 2017 Christmas photo. Just when I thought the decision was done and dusted... I arrived in New Hampshire to this...a blanket of fresh snow and more potential photo choices. I honestly couldn't think of a better welcome home gift from Mother Nature. If I could have wrapped my arms around her and Tahilla Farm I would have given them both the biggest squeeze...just so happy to be home!

around the house to the 'English Garden'

Looking this way...
and that way...
and back again.

First morning...HOME!

Speaking of big hugs, 
I am sending the same to you for taking the time 
to respond to my question
WOW...ask and you shall receive!

It was close.

The Carriage House was your favorite.

The Postbox your second.

The Snowy Lights your third.

I thank you kindly for all your responses!!
You are the best!

Many of you celebrated Thanksgiving recently, I hope it was a warm and happy one. I was excited to see our youngest, Connor, enjoy his first USA Thanksgiving. We had a full house..the best kind of holiday. It took me 17 years but I finally got him home for Thanksgiving. Better late then never!

This week I am taking a little cozy downtime to hang out in my favorite spot...on a window seat surrounded by my books, a few travel treasures and my Glenmore remind me of warmer days and dear friends in Sydney. ;)

Until next time...
Have a WILD one!

Jeanne xx

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