Winter footsteps in Surrey

Mr. H asked me what I did today.
I recounted my day simply.
I spent a few hours at the hair salon
and an equal amount of time 
driving in a snow storm.
I felt frustrated...
I wanted to do so much more.

As I was looking over my photos tonight, 
I retraced my footsteps and
 remembered a few other things...

I had a glance at the beautiful Christmas
displays at a local flower shop

and had a wander around our backyard to see
what the evening snow brought us.

I noticed Mr. H's footsteps in the snow 
from his morning walk to the train station,

spied the holly that I will be cutting 
when the snow melts  
and made a note to empty my pots.

I passed this yummy bakery on the way to the hair salon...

and while waiting for my daughter at the end of the day
I had a wander around her school..

I always admire this window and it's many window panes.

This little garden reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Perfect shapes...

When I returned home, daughter #1,
Miss Christine, was putting the finishing touches
on her first Beef Bourguignon...Julia style.

I always take it as a good sign when a recipe 
is well marked. It was delicious.

and lastly, tonight,
I managed to put up the Christmas lights
on our two trees. One in the living room 
 and the other in the family room.
Yes...I ended up with two.
A Nordmann Fir (R) 
and old faithful, our artificial tree (L).

we add the decorations.

When all was done, 
I treated myself.
I decided to write to you 
and then have a little of this..

Yum Yum!

I am still plugging away
at cashmerejeans...
and having fun.
If you followed
Jackie Kennedy Onassis
in her later years,
you may enjoy this post.



  1. Looks like you did quite a bit today! What gorgeous snow. I know I'll hate it in March, but I must admit I really want some of it right now. Where is the snow?

  2. That sounds like a pretty fine day to me Jeanne. Your snow photos are beautiful. And I loved your post on Jackie...such an impressive woman :)

  3. You've got the most lyrical blog, Jeanne. I feel transported. Thank you for a lovely walk...the sprig of holly spoke of warmth and good cheer and evoked a certain peace, also a certain longing and reminded me of a Smithsoneon Christmas card with a red cardinal on a snow-covered branch.

    There's something about storefronts in an English town that invite mystery. (Have I read too much Agatha Christie? But that's not really what I mean.) A passer-by wants to know why the store lights beckon. Yes, to sit with a bowl of vegetable soup and a piece of crusty bread, so perfect.

    And to return home to Christine's delicious meal...put the trees up (they're beautiful) and to feel the love.

  4. Oh Jeanne...I love spending the day with you...

  5. It looks like you had an awesome day! I love the fact you have two trees! : )

  6. retrospect, you had a full day! Your pictures are just awesome. The snow is beautiful {and deep}! And your Christmas trees are going to be beautiful...I hope you share when they are decorated!


  7. Jeanne, you never disappoint with your posts. This one is wonderful, from the snow pics, to the florists displays, and lastly the wonderful photos of Jackie. She sure was one classy lady.

    The beef recipe looks delicious, nothing nicer on a winter day.

    Not here, salads, cold meats and lots of seasonal fruits available

  8. Oooohhh, I want to come and live with you!!! We have such a different Christmas here: sun, seafood, swimming... Your place looks so divine. One of my wishes is for a family white Christmas... One day...

  9. Swoon! Sweet Jeanne, you never disappoint me. This was yet another eloquent and interesting post.

    It transported me far away from summertime Australia. What different climates we inhabit!

    The photos are all divine. Oh, and did the first one make you pine for Australia with the gum leaves? And you make me smile with your two trees ☺. J x

    PS Mr H is a gem for asking what you did today. So many men don't ask.

  10. Ahhh, you've had your first snow! I heard it's covering the UK and putting a standstill on many things...

    Thanks for the lovely tour through your was delightful. You have so many beautiful things to look at and photograph, especially with the newly-fallen snow...I'm glad to see it as we have no snow here in Florida :)

  11. Well it sounds like quite a full day after all. Lovely to see where you want and what you did. I watched Julie & Julia this week and and quite enjoyed it. Hope the bourguignon was delicious. Happy weekend.

  12. This was a lovely post--I love how you picked out the beautiful, the quirky and the interesting from the every day. I can imagine a walk with you must be quite entertaining! An inspiring post--think I might try one like this sometime. :)

  13. Looks like a beautiful day to me! The tree is up here too - decorations today ...

  14. Hello - ahh lovely shots - especially the Alice in wonderland garden! I heard Surrey was quite badly affected yesterday so well done your (dishy) husband got to the train!! ;-) Lou xx

  15. I don't believe I've told you lately how much I love your blog, Jeanne. Every time I'm here I get nostalgic for the beauty and refinement of Europeans.
    What a lovely day you've had. And how perfectly to capture it all in photos.

  16. Sounds like the perfect day to admire the wonderful life you lead.....being aware of our blessings is a great way to start the holiday season....

  17. 'I always take it as a good sign when a recipe is well marked.' So true! I always get a little suspicious if a page is really clean:-)
    Looks like you had a wonderful day.

  18. Looks like a lovely day to me. Love all your snowy pics, and the bulbs in teacups are wonderful.

    Struggling to be Stylish is now The English Organizer. Please visit me at

  19. ...that is an amazing editorial
    totally love it!!

  20. The pictures of your garden look just the way I imagine Narnia to look, when Lucy first goes through the closet. Thank you.

  21. Jeanne - your day sounded like poetry in motion to me!

  22. I bet you have taken on the task of making us drool with all these pricey clicks. And the snow with a sprinkle of red looks so heavenly. I could gaze and gaze . . .

    Big hugs, dear Jeanne.

    Joy always,

  23. You had an absolutely postcard perfect day, Jeanne!!! Those pictures are phenomenol,...I can almost feel the smow and smell the boef in your kitchen! Thanks for taking me on a beautiful visual today!!!

  24. Oh what a perfectly lovely day you had...and that's quite a post to share it to all of us...Have a happy weekend:)

  25. Well Jeanne,
    It seems to me that you did an awful lot in one day !!
    Such beautiful images and so magical. The snow has really made the build up to Christmas even more special.
    Keep warm Jeanne. XXXX

  26. A very warm & water-logged welcome home to our beautiful country dear Jeanne! I'm sure your darling boy's graduation will be just wonderful.
    Millie ^_^

  27. You spent your day taking beautiful pictures, just like you always do!!! And then you were kind enough to share them with us!


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