Seems Like Yesterday

I am off to Australia for my 
son's University graduation.
It seems surreal when I think back...

It seems like yesterday
when we sat in this booth,
just mother and son.

It seems like yesterday 
when he gave his first order 
from his Batmobile.

It seems like yesterday 
when he drew his first picture 
and a jeep appeared.

It seems like yesterday,
 when he and his friend Casey
got up close to the real thing.

It seems like yesterday,
 when his dreams started to take shape.

and his fantasies knew no bounds :)

It seems like yesterday,
 when there was one Lego 
creation after another.

and his little brother was giving him a big hug.

It seems like yesterday when he 
marched in his first military parade.

It seems like yesterday when he came
home, no longer a boy.

It seems like yesterday....

Oh dear, there she goes again...tissue please!

Signing out for a few days.
Thank you all for your
very thoughtful comments
on my recent posts. 
The tissue boxes in our house
are stacking up :)

I look forward to the days when I can
sit back, relax and visit you. I have
asked Santa for a laptop. I have
devised all sorts of ways to 
keep in touch.

I think I have been good this year :)

Jeanne xx



  1. Oh Jeanne, how beautiful....made me tearful too! What a handsome young man you have the photo booth shots, they are precious! And the letter to Carrie Fisher is adorable :)

    Safe travels to you, enjoy the graduation xx

  2. Dear Jeanne,
    Many congratulations on your son Patrick's University grsduation.Such a proud moment. I remember our son's graduation. It only seemed the other day but now he is married and he and his wife have a baby on the way !
    Enjoy every moment Jeanne and keep us updated on your travels.
    Safe journey. XXXX

  3. Hope that you have a wonderful trip and that you and your son return safely and ready for a lovely family Christmas!

  4. Oh how divine. You must be so proud. Have a fantastic trip and make the most of the sunshine.

    Tell me did Carrie ever write back?

  5. Such a sweet post! My little boys are only 1 and 4, and yet I can picture the day when they are all grown up. A good reminder to cherish these early days with them.

  6. What a very handsome young man. And isn't it something when you realize they are the same person as that little guy with chubby cheeks. But you'll always be his mom, and that is irreplaceable.

  7. Oh Jeanne...your beautiful, precious boy. What joy he has brought to your life! You are one blessed Mama. Giving you a virtual hug, right now. Meredy xo

  8. How wonderful Jeanne
    Congratulations to Patrick and yourself!!! You must be so proud and excited all rolled into one!!

    Those booth shots are fabulous.. such great memories... and by his military shot.. I'm guessing Duntroon??? I've had a few friends graduate there...

    OK.. enjoy your time down our way!!! ciao xxx Julie

  9. Oh, he still looks just the same! Best not tell him that, I suppose.
    Wishing you a wonderful time at the graduation.

  10. What a poignant look through time, Jeanne. He does you proud. We will be in Canberra until 22 December if, in between the tears and hugs, you have time to catch up briefly... for more hugs and tears (excited ones) love, Deb xx

  11. Such sweet memories that I have tears reading this knowing how you feel. (I was depressed for a year after the boys left home for college!) What a good looking guy he grew into and I am sure just as nice! You have special memories and now a fine man from all the years you raised him....have a wonderful celebration and bring back pictures for us!!!

  12. And me - pass the tissues. What a lovely post and what a handsome young man you have! He'll be setting all the girls hearts a flutter in Surrey when he comes back with you! Hope you have a safe trip Jeanne. X

  13. Oh, Lovely! This post is so heartwarming. You often tell me how in the future, I will look back at my time on Planet Baby and really miss it. Now with these photos, you've showed me why you say that. I am so moved.

    Enjoy your stay on our soil, Jeanne. J x

  14. Soooo sweet, Jeanne! (my first thought.)And my second one was: the tissue industry will have a bigger amount, because of all the mothers, when they`re looking back where it all gets started....!!!
    And you did all right in these years, you`ve got a very charming, good looking,successful young son!
    Wonderful to see......thank you for sharing with us!
    Many congratulations to your son and have a very happy stay! Beate :) XXX

  15. I know that feeling so well Jeanne.....I never thought I would be one of those women to say, 'where has all the time gone'....but I am...and often.....xv

  16. Oh, Jeanne, I need a tissue. Your photos reminded me of the song Turn, Turn, Turn. When I was a kid I'd bawl just thinking one day...*sighs*...but, here I am sniffing when Patrick is graduating from university and eager for, my friend, you have a great trip, take tons of photos, give Patrick a hug from your blogging buddies, and we'll vicariously walk in your steps when you return. Safe journey, XXXX

  17. jeanne...
    what a heartfelt and darling post...
    have a wonderful trip and know your son will always be your son.... xx

  18. What a beautifully indulgent mother's post - lovely Jeanne. How handsome your son is, I admire you with your family around the globe.
    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every precious minute.

  19. Oh, Jeanne, you've been very good indeed! Have a good graduation and DO cry lots of tears!

  20. The evening of the day we took our first born off to University, husband and I lay in bed, held each other and wept like babies. He looked at me and said...we haven't just said goodbye to the young woman, today we let go the newborn, the infant, the toddler, the kid, the teenager...I get it Jeanne.

  21. Oh what a beautiful post and a beautiful recollection of your son throughout the years. I love the star wars letter and I bet he is thanking you for putting that in your post ;)...Enjoy your time with him in Australia..Lisexx

  22. Oh Jeanne - what a beautiful post -safe travels & have a most wonderful time with your handsome son - we are off on the Heathrow red eye morning trip again tomorrow - my GG is on her way back from Sydney but with the weather here at the moment, I really wish I was coming with you!! Happy and safe travelling dear Jeanne x

  23. Jeanne, it was the photo in the Thumbnail, displayed on Blighty's blog that caught my eye. Happy to find you! Though I am not your son's age, I connected instantly with those moments, the Bat mobile, the passion for Han Solo and Leia. Very touching posting, I wish you a safe and calm trip to Australia.

  24. It creeps up on you so quickly, our boys suddenly change into men and we look at the in awe. Lovely pictures and you a good mummy keeping those drawings, I must try and unearth some of my sons.
    PS. Back from a very long break and just catching up with everyone, hope all is well xx

  25. You are going to have to start having a "KLEENEX ALERT" on your post for all of us moms.

    Congratulations to your family and enjoy your time away.


  26. You have a beautiful young man.....hope your Christmas wish comes true.



  27. What a wonderful tribute to your son! Have a safe trip and may tissue always be near at hand!

  28. Ohhhh Jeanne - this made me cry!! I need to get a grip - but am ridiculously nostalgic and sentimental at the moment and my boy is only FIVE! Ugh I have such a long way to go and so much to learn! I hope you have a great time. Lou x

  29. This post brought a tear to my eye! You must be so proud of your son. My congratulations to him and I hope you have a great trip and spend many more special moments with your son. x x

  30. what can I say more that hasn't already been said? you must be so proud! take care and have a safe trip, hugs, Maria

  31. Jeanne, every time I see photos of you and your family, I cannot believe how gorgeous you all are!
    Congratulations to your son! And have a superb time in Australia!

  32. Oh dear!! now Iam also are touching a sore sot deep inside my own we miss our dear little we wish we could go back and do every little thing all over again!
    be still my heart!...I do not know whats to say to you as i had to experience same a few months ago and I'm still hurting.
    Time will heal all my dear friend.Such is life...

  33. Yes, Jeanne- please pass a hankie in my direction! Your post is such a beautiful journey- from child to man. You must be very proud! Thanks for sharing with us and hope you are enjoying your time off :)

  34. Oh Gosh - and we have our first's graduation next year and this has brought it all home to me with a thud ... yep, seems like yesterday.


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