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We woke to snowfall this morning, 
the kind that weeps gently from the sky.
It was glorious.
I looked at the view from my window 
and was itching to get out amongst it all.

Mr. H, Miss Claire and I walked to town 
to pick up the weekend paper 

I just love these houses, anytime of year.

Miss Claire left us to visit friends

as the postman passed on his morning route.

With our newspaper in hand, packages posted 
and library books deposited we walked home, 
slowly and peacefully.

Looks like a white Christmas from here :)
How about you?



  1. Those images are gorgeous. Looks like postcards.

    It also looks to be a white Christmas here in Copenhagen. Love it.

  2. Lovely photos of your snowy walk - a great start to the day. Looks like a white Christmas is a sure bet now!

  3. Oh my heart just panged for home... England is so beautiful in the snow... just like a scene from a Dickens novel... Enjoy it! I wish more than anything I were there too... Lx

  4. my first thought was "gorgeous" as well but since carina used that one i will say .... spectacular... and so cozy... i love snowfalls... growing up in colorado i have such fond memories of playing in it and snow days and all the fun... and it is so calming and peaceful (when you dont have to be somewhere) aaahhh thank you for sharing and wishing you a joyous holiday.. xx pam

  5. Somehow I never thought of England in the snow until this winter. So many bloggers have been posted the most gorgeous photos - and these are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your walk. Hope that the snow remains charming and doesn't become a hassle.

  6. A beautiful White Christms--like the song--a dream. Only for you, it's a dream come true. Lucky girl! I hear there's lots of snow in Europe...nada in Florida, land of Feliz Navidad. 73 degree days for the next week...sandy Christmas days at the beach with romping boys...

  7. Beautiful images...
    always a joy to come and see what you are treating us to.


  8. Hi lovely lady your photos are so Beautiful you are so talented.Im your newest follower on your blog.
    May be you can become one of my follower. If you like tablescapes you may like my blog. Thanks so much. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  9. I'm so jealous! Just a dusting of snow here in Boston - my grass is still green! Fingers crossed for some to come in the next week...

  10. We are covered in snow too Jeanne.....we were supposed to have been going into London for dinner for our daughter-in-law's birthday, but there were no trains from here !! Not to worry, we will see them at Christmas.
    Your photographs are beautiful. Doesn't the snow make everything magical ? XXXX

  11. What great photos!!! It looks so picture perfect!! I wish I lived next door and could walk that walk with looks wonderful!! (Mostly, I'd enjoy hearing about your worldly adventures!!) I have a friend that I walk with occasionally and the talks are the best. Claire is a lucky girl to enjoys walking with her parents and in years to come will remember these walks fondly. Wishing you a fabulous holiday!!!!

  12. Beautiful !!! It is said to be thawing at Christmas in Austria. Till then lets enjoy the Winterwonderland. Those houses look exceptionally nice, covered with snow. Chapeau to the postman, maybe he returns on cross-country-skis :-)

  13. Lovely. What a treat to see your photos. So happy for you, snow.

    Here in Connecticut we have had only a dusting.

    Happy holidays to you.

  14. It just looks like being a wet Christmas here, so I loved looking at your beautiful images Jeanne. The only Christmas I've spent in the UK didn't deliver much snow so I'm very envious :)

  15. Hello again - there is something about waking to a snowy morning, when crucially everyone is where they are meant to be - ie at home! What a lovely walk; you do live in a wonderful part of the world Jeanne. I always get this overwhelming urge to photograph everything - but we end up with 15 pictures of our adirondack chairs swathed in snow. It's melted abit now but still very pretty here...Lou xx

  16. This year we can feel like the norwegians,finns or swedish...very, very much snow everywhere!
    So pretty to see..we also got little mountains of snowflakes here in germany...children are in hope that they don`t have to go to school for just 1 day!We`ve got holidays from Dec. 23rd.
    Beautiful images from your personal surrounding, Jeanne!! :)I love these houses, too and the poor postman is riding on a bicycle..!?! :Oo Hard work...he deserves a big cup of fine hot tea!
    I wish you a merry, magical, white christmas! Beate :) XXXX

  17. Surely the quickest way to recognise a true blogger Jeanne, is to note whether or not she takes her camera with her wherever, whenever, whatever!! Love these pictures, it all looks magical

  18. A rue winter wonderland!! You have captured it all so beautifully!

    I have a New Giveaway from My Sparrow, so do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  19. i love your pictures, and the Narnia lamp hidden behind some trees!!

  20. Beautiful photos. Just perfect. I like those houses, too.

  21. Looks like you live in a story book winterland...absolutely beautiful. Lise x

  22. Oh it's beautiful Jeannie! What a lovely snowy walk... sigh... Over here, they say there is a small chance of a white Christmas, but the children are hoping so!

  23. So enjoyed seeing the beauty of your corner of the world. How sweet to be enjoying a white Christmas.


  24. A light snow falling here this morning Jeanne. Looks like we will have a white Christmas this year. Okay by me...snow tires are on the car, winter boots, down-filled coat, cashmere scarf, hat and mittens all to-hand. Bring it on I say!
    Your 'neighbourhood' looks just about picture-perfect!

  25. I am green with envy. I miss the UK so much, especially the snow. Here it is 25 degrees Celcius and 99% humidity. One can't sit down or One sticks to the furniture.

    Your pictures remind me of the other side of the wardrobe in Narnia - magical.

  26. It isn't likely to snow here in Houston, but we return to Maine Dec. 26, and we are hoping for a white landscape. We just returned from a trip to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands, and there was definitely no snow there.

  27. Looks positively beautiful! Merry Christmas Jeanne. Amanda xx

  28. I would have walked just as slowly, too ~ xox Alexandra

  29. Fabulous photos Jeanne, loved the one of the postman, just great!!!

    Loved the snow this week, now that school is over and I just have to go out and play in it :)

    So glad you had a great trip to Australia....we were in Hamleys today and I overheard some Australians saying that they had managed to get on a flight home for tomorrow - they seemed very upbeat about the flight situation!!

    And I loved "Made in Dagenham" too, very uplifting and inspiring.

    Merry Christmas!


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