Homemade Love and a Christmas Wish

A great meeting of the minds has taken place over the past few days.
It's been all girl talk. "What to make?, how to make?, what if?,
maybe not, wouldn't this be nice?" and so on and so on.

Our kitchen table has been taken over by cookbooks. 
For days the following ladies have intrigued us 
with their delicious suggestions. If you are still in search 
of a recipe or two I highly recommend each and every one.

Miss Christine made her first Gingerbread House 
and I was delighted to pass over the challenge. 
The boys exclaimed it is the best one ever and I would have to agree.

Even our little Elf who travels around our house at night 
and wakes up in the most peculiar places agrees :)

I hold such promise for anyone who can create a roof top with such precision.

It has been homemade love right down to the last little 
biscuit tenderly wrapped with Christmas ribbon.

We are chopping and stirring and whizzing 
and my thoughts keep drifting back to you.
My family and friends....
Are you cooking, shopping, running frantic
or do you have your feet up by the fire?

Are you traveling or staying at home?
Many questions and I am sure not enough
time to answer. But if you do, 
I would love to know :)

I for one, look forward to sitting by our fire (above)
when the festivities have quieted to catch up with you.

I will sign off now wishing and hoping that 
your holiday is filled with the things you love.

Warmest wishes for a joyous holiday!

Jeanne xxx



  1. I know and have most of these excellant cookbooks too. Love cooking from them! Your handmade item are wonderful and will be weel received knowing they were made with love, Jeanne! Merry Christmas from our house to yours! Your blogging friend, Donna

  2. Jeanne - big sis - we will be at home and my husband cooking up a storm. We are having a goose instead of a turkey! And some nice leftover recipes featured on Jamie Oliver's show the other night. So all that remains is to wish you a very happy time this festive season! Lou xxx

  3. Beautiful post! We are busy in the kitchen today. Our dinner celebration will be this evening. Your gingerbread house is adorable.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend! Merry Christmas!
    ~ Sarah

  4. We have great taste Donna...I knew it!!
    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday with
    your family and those gorgeous grandchildren of yours xx
    Jeanne xxx

    Sounds wonderful Lou and what a great man you have there! Mine is watching football but saying
    that I love having just the girls and I in the kitchen. I think I saw one of Jamie's books in the
    wrapping pile...shhhh! Can't wait :)
    Best wishes to you and yours lil sis
    Jeanne xxx

    Sarah, I love thinking that we are both cooking away~ across the sea :)
    I am sneaking in a quick break.
    Thinking of you and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.!
    Jeanne xxx

  5. Our house smells like a baker's and I am not complaining but lot of noise. Jeanne, your visual treats as always are a delight.

    I wish you love, more lovely delicacies, many travel adventures and lots of beautiful sights so that you can click away.

    Big hugs and much love,

  6. Yes, I am cooking! Do I ever stop?
    And, delivering gifts with Edward! So much fun! But I shall have my feet up when the sun goes down... to watch The Bishop's Wife and sip mulled wine. I do love Christmas Eve!

    Wishing you a lovely, gingerbread-filled day!!

  7. Thanks you Susan, big hugs to you as well as I wonder at the cooking smells in an Indian house this time of year. I have a feeling it is heavenly! Many thanks for your kind comments, here is to another year of blogging my friend.
    I look forward to it :)
    Best wishes Susan for a wonderful holiday!!
    Jeanne xxx

    Sounds wonderful Pamela...I can imagine it all! I watched Going My Way with
    Bing Crosby last night...a great film. I have the Bishop's Wife on my Christmas list.
    The girls and I just started the BBC, Cranford series. If you have not seen it yet...please do,
    I think you will love it. Best wishes to you, Edward and the Songwriter for a wonderful holiday. Thanks so much Pamela for following me along during the year, it has meant a lot to me :)
    Jeanne xxx

  8. Last minute dinner preparations here...
    then time to relax before the big event.

    The gingerbread house suits the elf!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. It sounds like you will be cooking up a feast, Jeanne...all the cookbooks are excellent and I have many of them! The gingerbread house is beautiful!

    I will be spending the afternoon wrapping the deluge of gifts my husband brought home {thought I was finished!!}. And we visit family tonight so all I need to do is look pretty! ;-D

    Wishing you many holiday blessings, my friend. Merry Christmas!


  10. What a great gingerbread house. I love all the recipe books filled with delicious food even more so at this time of year. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time.

  11. Thanks Leslie! I look forward to reading all about your event. I imagine
    your goody basket is coming in handy today :)
    Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!
    Jeanne xxx

    Many thanks Victoria and same to you. I imagine your home is looking beautiful this time of year.
    Happy Cooking and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!
    Jeanne xxx

    Oh Jane, you lucky thing, you are going to have a wonderful evening. Nothing like letting someone else do the cooking.
    I have to say I am not looking to pretty at the moment..you reminded me that I should do that tonight :)
    Best wishes to you and your hubby Jane for a wonderful Christmas!
    Jeanne xxx

  12. Merry Christmas Darling Jeanne! What a pleasure to have met you this year....have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to lots of chat in 2011!

  13. Jeanne, sitting at home by the fire with a glass of fizz with husband! Looking forward to a lovely family day tomorrow as I expect you are! Hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and look forward to reading more of your adventures next year!

  14. I just returned home from a joyful Christmas eve - which is our actual Christmas "day", where the core-family meets. We feel grateful for loving each and every member in our family. And Christmas eve is the moment where we express and share the love. We ate cold (antipasti) and warm (turkey), drank cold (champagne) and hot (tea) drinks, sang Austrian (Stille Nacht) and American traditionals. What else can you wish for! Have a joyful Christmas!

  15. Usually I would be busy cooking~
    But I'm working abroad at the moment away from the traditional Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you & family!

  16. Family here from the frozen north--they drove three days to get to Florida warmth. I'm cooking from a Carribbean cookbook--arroz con pollo--pancake breakfasts at the beach...it's time for candlelight services, Christmas games, and serenading the neighbors :)
    I won't get my feet up until Santa's gifts are unwrapped this morning and we all get ourselves to the beach!

  17. Ah, Jeanne, my sweet Fairy Blogmother! Miss Christine's effort was superlative. The pixies should take notes for next year ☺. Mmm, fab cookbooks, too. I hope you're enjoying a peaceful and blessed Christmas with your dear ones in your snowy kingdom, Jeanne. All my love from Hobart J x

  18. Thanks for your hard work at making this blog something I always look forward to.
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Warm wishes to you and the girls! No snow here, but we have enjoyed a cozy fire all afternoon.
    Merry Christmas! ~ Sarah

  20. Best wishes Jane...on Boxing Day!
    Hope you have had a wonderful Holiday with your adorable pixies and sweet hubby :)
    Jeanne xxx

  21. Hope your Christmas was very merry with your family!!
    XO Laura

  22. Best wishes Lenore for a wonderful Christmas abroad.
    I loved reading about your adventures...the Tom Selleck clip is fun too!
    Jeanne xxx

  23. That is a lovely thought Sarah. It is early morning here, the day after Christmas, everyone is asleep, the fire is going, the Christmas tree lights are on and a hot tea is by my side... sigh..
    Best wishes Sarah for a Happy New Year may it be filled with peace, love and joy :)

    Jeanne xxx

    Thank you Elizabeth!!
    Best Wishes :)

    Hi Jacqueline..I feel the same way!! Thanks so much and here is hoping that you Christmas has been Merry and Bright !
    Looking forward to carrying on in 2011, it' fun to think we have another year of friendship ahead of :)
    Jeanne xxx

    H Gillie... a little early morning catch up by the fire :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    I am checking out all the sales online at the moment...The White Company looks like a good one.
    Brora hasn't started yet. Any others knows for great sales ?

    Off to Dublin next week. Picking up my Dubarry's along the way :)

    Best wishes for a lovely Boxing Day.

    Jeanne xxx


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