First Snow, Friendly Faces and Jimmy Stewart

There is nothing like the first snow of the season, 
especially with children about.
It was mesmerising this morning.

Tika and I took a walk in the wee hours of the morning 
where peace and quiet reigned supreme.

That was until we were met by this find feathered flock.
They came to greet us, one and all.

We were not expecting the fanfare 
but it was delightful all the same.
I was smitten by this little fellow.
He had a curious way about him.

He was very friendly.

and graced me with the gentlest manner.
It was a lovely way to start the day :)


Before I started the day, 
I came across this clip on my Facebook page.
My friend, Laurie, posted it and I thought it was lovely.
It is a poem written and read by Jimmy Stewart in 1981
on the Johnny Carson show in America. 
It is about his dog Beau and it made me 
cherish mine even more.

Very sweet.

Tissue please...

Images~ me
Video via You Tube


  1. Isn't snow beautiful....we had a light dusting when we woke up but, it's all gone now.
    Your photographs are lovely Jeanne and I love your little friend . I wonder why he was so friendly ? You must have a very friendly aura around you Jeanne.
    Keep warm. XXXX

  2. I think your photos are beautiful...the snow and geese. How sweet they were to approach you. Maybe they are used getting fed. I'm sure it made for a pleasant little walk. And it looks like the puppy enjoyed himself as well!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  3. Can't find the tissue so my sleeve will have to do! Maybe I needed to cry, because the tears won't stop. This was so sweet. Makes me love my big dumb dog a little more than I did! Love Mr. Stewart. Been too long me not coming by. Sick kiddos but now on the mend! Hope all is well. We had a little dusting of snow today. Yours is beautiful!


  4. Jeanne, how funny we have probably passed each other walking our dogs and visiting a farm full of the most wonderful christmas decorations very near to your pond of ducks! One of our favourite places!

  5. Oh gosh, I have tears running down my face, that was SO moving!!!! Beautiful!!

    I always loved James Stewart, always....a lovely man with the most wonderful voice. He always made me want to cry in his movies!

    We have never had dogs but our cousins have always had springer spaniels - is that what your dog is Jeanne? Lovely dogs :)

    So cold today, my children loved the snow....and I've just come back from the cinema and the snow is starting again, we will see what the morning brings :) xx

  6. Oh that snow is beautiful! Such beautiful photographs. I love them. And they ALMOST make me want snow. But I'm really not ready yet!

  7. Jeanne, your blog always has the warmest note that touches my heart. That was such a moving video, full of emotion...I need a tissue...Jimmy Stewart and the 'greats' from that era gifted us with such elegance and grace. When one of their movies comes on tv, I feel, at first, nostalgic, then get lost in the film, totally absorbed in the incredible acting. Thanks you for one of those happy, nostalgic moments, Jeanne.

    What a beautiful walk you had! Your pics are magnificent. I felt like I was looking out a window (which is what I do during the first snowfall, sit and look, like a kid, just awed by it all.) Your little guy is precious, the geese gentle. They know you are THE kindest person.

  8. There are few things in nature as fun as the first snow of the season. Wonderful photographs of your morning walk.

  9. That poem is beautiful, even more because our old boxer that passed away last year was named Beau, and we still miss him.

    Love your pics, winter wonderland

  10. Cannot stop drooling over the pictures and gazing fondly at your writing. It does not snow in this part of the world but still I love to imagine snow in my mindscape. I always associate it with Christmas. I give you my eyes to take in the lovely landscape.

    Take care and enjoy the season of cheer and goodwill.

    Joy always,

  11. Gillie, Really!!
    Then you know that all those birds had food on their minds. I was in hysterics when I hopped out of the car.
    I was the first one to arrive and they came at me full throttle. They were pretty put out too!
    How great are those decorations? I keep finding excuses to go back...very dangerous :)

  12. Jacqueline...I would love to think it was my friendly aura..but I think they were looking for food :)

  13. Thanks Jane, it was the perfect walk for a snowy morning and one that will go down in the memory books...still snowing one day on :)

    Meg..yes, I know, I have seen it a few times and still have the same reaction. I keep the tissue close by :)

    Hi Simone, yes, she is a springer spaniel with a lovely disposition.

  14. Oh did it again (great post!)! 3 tissues, please....can`t see what I´m writing...
    Beate XXX

  15. Wow. Gorgeous post, beautiful pictures...perfect for this season.

  16. I think this is one of the loveliest posts I have ever read in blogland and it includes three things I adore ... snow, ducks and dogs. Thank you Jeanne this truly is perfect. Leigh

  17. Jeanne, what beautiful photos! (and a new friend!) these make me smile! hugs, Cathy

  18. Jeanne I love your pics of the geese and all their little foot prints in the snow! It's getting to feel like Christmas!

  19. What a lovely post I love the geese its all so beautiful xx and of course your pooch xx

  20. So lovely Jeanne.. the photos, the post and the poem!

  21. Lovely blog. Wasn't expecting to cry though!

  22. What a magical start to the day.

    I have just discovered your beautiful blog and just can't stop reading, back and back I go. Just lovely.

    I've joined as a follower too:)

  23. Love the first snow, the beautiful photos, and the grace of Jimmy Stewart...perfection!!

  24. My goodness Jeanne
    Your photos are so beautiful.. how wonderful to have these sights greet you on a morning walk... You are certainly making my day more beautiful.. although I am longing for a White Christmas.. and you know that will never happen here!! haha

    Have a lovely week Jeanne.. ciao xxx Julie

  25. Your dog Tika looks just like one of my sisters dogs from many years ago - her name was Daisy.

    Don't you just love Jimmy Stewart - that was beautiful! xxoo :)

  26. Jeanne I have to confess to not watching the video until today... you know I have to go and fix my makeup before the school run I broke my heart xx

  27. I am in awe of this post. Just a winter wonderland when I am in the desert :-). Your blog has inspired me in such a way as I am passing along two blog awards. Please visit my blog at to accept one or both of them. And before I go, I want to thank you for sharing your life, your thoughts, your passions with all of us. ~ Blessings, Janet

  28. these photo for me are a bit strange (but wonderful!) because I only see during my walks cars or peoples or buildings (oh well, also the monuments, i live in Rome!) Bye!

  29. Thank you one and all for your lovely comments! You are so very very kind :)

    I apologise for putting on a bit of a tear jerker...I debated putting the video clip on for that reason but couldn't resist.

    Trying desperately to come around and say hello to each and everyone one of you!! Sooner or later..:))

  30. Your friendly little friend is adorable. Too bad he's not the cuddly sort.

  31. Loved the pictures of the birds. What kind of bird is that one that you shared so many shots of? And your puppy has the cutest freckled nose! Thanks for sharing!


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