Dear J. Peterman

Dear J. Peterman

Your 2011 Anti-Recession Manual traveled across the sea and 
arrived in my post box today. What a welcome sight it was. I recently re-connected with your brand...having thought that you were long gone. What a delight to discover that you 
have been going from strength to strength all these years.  I love that you are still "travelling the world to find uncommonly good stuff." Your creative energy is unsurpassed. This morning, over a cup of coffee and your catalog, I travelled the world.

My contemplations are thus....

 Indian Print Duster (No 2797) 
in diaphanous, silk georgette.

Crushed Velvet Blazer in Moss Green (No.2821)
From Florence you say?

Most Dangerous Short Leather Jacket (No 2805)
I am sure Virginia Hall would have been most impressed.

Adventurous Shirt Dress (No. 1829)
First sighting: Paris.

Tie-Front Blouse (No. 1851)
1950's Kate meets Lana

Ottoman Silk Pleat Front Pants (No. 2487)
Drape, pleats, lined, invisible zipper, 
darts for shape... all music to my ears.

If I  could pack these bags and oh, 
how I would love too....

The Chesterfield Suitcase Collection (No.1926)
English...First Class

With bags in hand, I would pop on....

 Miss Blue Hat (No. 1010)
from Ecuador

Italian Bucket Bag (No.2829)

But, before I go....

I had to take a look at your 
one-of-a-kind collection.  
These caught my eye....

Antique Dressmakers Mannequin, 
Ca. 1920.(No.C722)
Only because it has been a secret desire of mine...

Kilim-Patterned Armchair (No. 3144)
because we  think along the same lines...
read here

Lastly, I would love to sit in this chair 
with your reading suggestion,
A Day with Picasso (No.1211)

On that note, I sign off, 
thanking you for one of the best morning
coffee's I have had in some time!

See you in my travels!

images~ J. Peterman

Note to friends: Just me having fun :)
I love this company, it makes we want to see the world!

If you enjoy watching Out of Africa 
over and over again, as I do, read here.


  1. Ooh I love J. Peterman too! I used to sit and read it and think of travel to distant shores... I loved how everything had a "story". I still have some of the books I bought there, and the beautiful cognac colored leather suitcase with the hard sides, as well as a fantastic, though seldom used, train case. You brought back some fabulous memories. I think it reminds us too, that the British were the pioneers of "glamping".

  2. I too love J. Peterman; like you I thought they were extinct. I am so happy to see they are not. I need to get back on their mailing list. And find a copy of "Out of Africa". I would also like a copy of the book! Oh, I am but a simple Yankee with Welsh heritage.

  3. I used to get J. Peterman catalogues and thought they were long gone...will try and reconnect.

    Loved Out of Africa...especially the scene where Robert Redford washes Meryl Streep's hair!

    I'm off to check out the link...

  4. This is interesting....I guess I am not the only one!
    The website is worth checking out...the Newsletter is interesting too.

    Thanks for your comments :)

  5. I too, loved J. Peterman with all the little stories and no longer receive it either. Loved when some comedy I can't remember...Seinfeld??...had an actor that quoted it all the time...funny!
    Love your choices, so classy from the catalog but had to laugh about the dressing manniquen, my grandmother had one and as children she had a name, we dressed her up and had hours of fun with her! Wonder what ever became of her??

  6. Too funny Donna! When I asked my husband if he remembered the brand he said " Isn't he the guy that Elaine worked for in Seinfeld?" How is that for a blast from the past. The man has a memory that never quits.
    He was right of course. Enjoy the site!!!

  7. oh my....Seinfeldis exactly what I thought....hilarious.....being a Brit I didn't know it was real!!!

  8. Now here I am thinking that I should put 'Out of Africa' on again. I play the soundtrack constantly. Sigh.
    LOVE the 'duster' but I know I wouldn't be dusting with it. LOL

  9. I love the Peterman catalogue. Reading it is such a pleasure. I've ordered a couple of things from there too. If you are in search of something's the place to go.

  10. I have always liked J. Peterman too. Have even bought from them before. And when I saw their recent catalogue, I got that same feeling all over again. Glad to know I have company. And I really want a velvet jacket.

  11. Ooh, Out of Africa - I should see that one again :)

  12. First thing I think of is Seinfeld also. I never have browsed or owned a J. Peterman catalog. I almost bought one off of Ebay for hubby in honor of our long love for Seinfeld.
    Now I want one too...LOL Love the suitcases, hat, and Italian Bucket Purse. The suitcases would look grand in use or sitting in the corner of a room.
    What are the prices like?

    Another posts that of yours that makes me smile reminisce and dream.

  13. Gorgeous - I love some of those clothes, well really most of those clothes. They really do look vintage.

  14. And they ship to Australia...I'm now in serious trouble! That Indian duster...oh yes :)

  15. I haven't seen a J. Peterman catalog in years. I used to save my copies, thinking that they are so unique someday they will be collectors items. But I think my stash got tossed at some point. Have no idea where they are if they are still with me. ;-)
    Love your choices! ~ Sarah

  16. Lovely! I too adore watching "Out of Africa" over and over again, the scenery, the fashion and Meryl's beautiful accent!

  17. Oh those outfits are really gorgeous...

    And they do have a wonderful site:)

  18. Thanks you all for your nice to see so many J. Peterman fans. Now I am curious...I wonder if Mr. J. Peterman will find his way to this site :)

  19. Simply - a brilliant post!

    Greetings from Périgord

  20. While, I, like you, love to travel . . . I have never heard of J Peterman and his catalogue. I will have to check this out.



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