My Irish Dubarry and Tika

Ok..woman gone wild again. 
What can I say? It is an age thing!
I have been blogging for one year now, 
about the same time that I have been living in England.
Shortly after I arrived, I spotted these Dubarry boots and fell in love. 

I have pined away for these little beauties 
and have driven Mr. H crazy in the process.
I have looked, touched, tried them on in both Ireland and England
and blogged about them five times (including this one) on two blogs. 
How many hints can one drop?

Finally, at Christmas....
a little note was tucked into my Christmas stocking :)
"Merry Christmas to you and your Dubarry's"
Today they arrived and I am such a happy camper.

I confess, I was not the only one who was happy to see these boots.
Tika took one look and went into major dog alert.

How many ways can a dog say.....
please take me for a walk ?

Laying next to the boots is one hint and 
giving me the 'that's ok, I don't mind' look is another.

Then again, there is the lip curling 'please' 
with those big sad eyes looking up at you.

Last but not least, there is the all out..
' I will love you and cherish you for the rest of my life' look.

How could I resist that one? 

Happy Tika!

Happy Jeanne!

Top image via Barbour
Second image via Dubarry
all others via me


On another note....
because I always like to leave with just one more..

I am loving the music of Adele, an up and coming British artist.
You can check out her latest song here...this is the sort of 
song you want to crank up in the car...when you are alone ;)


  1. Jeanne - love that you love boots! I too developed a slight boot crush on Dubarrys and similarly coveted them in the local Saddlery. It started when I went to the cinema and saw one of those 'cool' girls; you know the sort, eye catching, not too 'done'. Anyway she was wearing Dubarrys and from then on I was keen. However then a friend put me off and said they were for the horsey set. I don't ride horses so then I decided maybe they weren't for me. But now I see yours; my covet is resurrected! Lou x

  2. So many benefits of one year of blogging . . . but who knew beautiful beautiful boots would be one of them.

    Congrats on one year of blogging and one year in England.


  3. One happy lady and one happy dog! I can see you both have a great time with the new boots!
    I bought Adele's album on Saturday - gorgeous voice.

  4. As my husband is fond of saying "Happy wife, happy life!" Love the boots and love your blog. Congratulations!

  5. Love the boots and that your hubby got them for you. So, how do they feel walking in them?
    Love your Tika too.
    He looks good with the boots. ; )
    I'll have to check out the new artist..thanks.

  6. Okay, lovin those boots. My favorite picture of your puppy is the one looking away from the camera, "I'm going to look like I don't care. What fun!

  7. Your boots look divine! Such a clever style and design, the leather looks sumptuous too.
    I'll bet there will be miles and miles of happy trails for you and the dog!

    Congratulations on the year of blogging.

  8. Divinas Jeanne!!! Realmente son muy clásicas y distinguidas! Y a pasear con Tika! Y muy bueno el video! Besos, Gloria.

  9. Ooh, Jeanne! Happy 1st blogoversary, first up - I'm so delighted to have shared part of that year following you. And those boots look divine - seeing some photos of your happy face while wearing them would be the icing on the cake for me! J x

  10. The Dubarrys are much better than UGGs and look perfect for hiking the English countryside.
    You know what I'm wondering? How did you ever get such great dog pics? Mine won't stay still for photos! I'm sure one year of blogging helped your photography.
    BTW, I just finished a good book, Father of the Rain.

  11. i'm a boot girl too. and your tika? adorable. she is very expressive--so much to say:)

  12. Love your sweet Tika *and* the boots! definitely worth the wait. And congratulations on the one year of blogging.

  13. BE-U-TI-FUL boots!! Your adorable dog Tika FITS those boots...too pretty for words!! must be a dog/blog day! Mine is in my blog today and "Life at Golden Pines" post is about hers. Right now I'm thinking...I need new boots!!!

  14. I love your boots Jeanne...and ADELE!!!! Thanks so much for the intro!

  15. So pleased you have your boots Jeanne and Tika - how gorgeous - love her expressions and hope you both had a wonderful walk. Adele is fabulous - that song is knockout! x

  16. What an adorable Tika! O, the looks!!! Nice shots and thanks for sharing this cute dog-and-boot story!

    Congrats on your blog birthday!

  17. Dear Jeanne, very cool boots, I need those - my feet get cold in wellies and I guess your boots would keep feet nice and warm, Mr B swears by his stretchy wellies called Muck Boots, bought from local outdoorsy shop, I am sure they sell Dubarrys too. Thanks for the tip about Adele, I have her first albumn and have been thinking about getting the second, her single was on radio the other day, very soaring stuff xx

  18. Great boots. I'm in thongs! Fancy ones though, ... and of the foot variety, not, you know? :-) They almost look RM Williams-ish. (Your boots, not my thongs.)

    I seem to have come over all patriotic for Australia Day (the televised concert is on right now on the lawns of Parliament House), and I just had to send you a big 'gidday' from Canberra.

    Thanks so much for the birthday greetings. Tickled pink I was. Deb xx

  19. Hello Jeanne,
    I've just read your blog of today. I love your blog, I remember visiting it beofre we left on the big trip overseas. Probably visited you via FF or blighty.

    What an appropriate post for me to read!!!
    6 weeks in Russia, Scandinavia, Italy and London, I soooooooo wanted boots to go over jeans, up to the knees, and exactly like the ones you just received!

    Life in Townsville does NOT require boots like that, so I kept resisting.
    I envy you those boots so much.

    And your beautiful girl Tika, is gorgeous. I got home on Sunday night (after 50 hours of travelling) to one 16 year old Bichon Frise with bladder stones - he had emergency surgery today. Boy, you sometimes get a shock about how precious our pets are!

    Also got home to find one Chihuahua (Arnie B) looking like a football. Not sick - FAT. Apparently he'd been stealing everyone else's dinner while we've been away. He got to do the WALK of SHAME at the vet's this morning, and was weighed in public, at the reception desk.
    Send more boot photos, I love them!

  20. I think I have said to you before how
    much I too love my Durbarry boots and this year especially they have kept me warm and dry whatever the weather they really are amazing - completely waterproof! Happy dog walking in your new boots!

  21. Tika is soo cute!She looks like *Bambi*, when she wants to go for a walk...I know this special facelook!
    ....and these boots are made for walking! :) I can smell the rich leather and nothing compares to it.
    Wonderful, Jeanne!

    Have a comfortably walk, today! Beate :) XXX

    PS: I left a little note for you on my last post, if you like.

  22. wow.
    i am glad i found you.
    adelle is a powerful singer.
    and your blog...

  23. Jeanne, I am so glad you finally got your Dubarry Boots, although for me Tika is stealing the show, how adorable is she? Crusoe actually goes one step further and puts his paws in the boots, it is hilarious and the biggest hint of all.

  24. Those boots are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!
    Both you and Tika are going to enjoy them.

    Adele has a wonderful voice, so powerful, and I agree perfect for cranking up the volume in the car.

    Congrats on one year of blogging.

  25. Happy Blogerversary, Jeanne! Your blog is gorgeous. I looove coming here. I am not a boot person but fell in love with your Dubarry's...can I covet an itty-bitty bit? That flat heel really appeals, also the calf room, not to mention those fab colors, textures. Because the weather's been so cold, I bought a pair of boots and have worn them quite a bit. But the boots are wearing me! I think Dubarry's would slid into me, the person. Will check around here!

  26. Such a sweet story with your doggie! Loving the Adele video too with the quaking water glasses - very creative :) Boy can she sing

  27. Congrats on your blog anniversary. Love those boots!!!

  28. Dear Jeanne, thank you for your lovely, it's great to have found your blog(s).

    I love your Dubarry boots, they're very stylish. I'm glad your husband finally took the hint.

    When I was a child we had an identical Springer to yours called Nicky. He was identical apart from ours carried a ball permanently in his mouth.

    I love Adele too, I saw her live when she was first signed and she was amazing. I particularly like her cover of Dylan's Make You Feel My Love on the first album xx

  29. My good friend wore a pair of these to my Christmas lunch. I flipped over them!!


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