A Night in...

I am having a night in, 
it's time to clear the decks 
and get life back in order.

The Christmas ornaments are snuggly packed away and
the candles are lit for a little peace and quiet.

The last few Christmas tree needles have been vacuumed 
and my favourite table has filled the space.

I am very excited. I thought I would never be able to use this
table again but when the tree went up it became perfectly clear.
I had found my space. 

Mr. H received this ceremonial necklace 
from the Solomon Islands as a gift.
I feel like a Queen on her throne when I sit here.
We are back in our rightful place.
The Queen is happy :)

Time for my Lemsip.
Sweet Tidings to one and all. 


  1. Those bits of your house make me so curious! I will go and search your blog in case you already posted some exterior views. :-) You have spent some time in airplanes the last weeks, I am sure your cold we go away as long as you stay close to your beautiful home. It looks very comforting.

  2. Thank you Paula...we actually have a very unusual home and it is a long story..some of which is told here.
    This will save you some time :)


  3. Tomorrow the tree will be packed away for another year! Thank you for your kind words today and everyday!

  4. I agree - it feels good to get the house back in order again after all the Christmas hype. Your "evening in" looks so serene and relaxing. Nothing like the glow of candles and a cup of tea to make one feel at peace with the world! Enjoy. ;)Sharyne

  5. I put nothing where my tree stood Jeanne...just glorious, empty, breathable space!
    Hope you are feeling better.

  6. I'm with Paula, curious, and will deinitely look up you post in 03! Interesting treasures you have. Your necklace looks like a wonderful artifact from the Solomon Is and must be a memorable relic. Am also curious about your closing signature...what does it mean, Jeanne??
    I think you are a fascinating person that I would love to sit down with one day and share tea with you...hope you are on the mend, friend!!

  7. P.S. You little table is elegant and perfect!!!

  8. We're so similar - I feel so pleased when the last needle has been cleaned away! The space left over has been filled by a chair! It's a nice feeling though...no matter how much I loved the tree, it is just plain odd to put a tree inside your house isn't it? Lou x

  9. It's good to be home isn't it? You sound so relaxed. I enjoyed the pictures of your home and will have to look up the post you gave a commentor. Enjoy your evening!


  10. Happy New Year dear Jeanne
    I can see you are home and relaxing and that ceremonial necklace it incredible.. what a kind gift!!

    Wishing you all the best for 2011 filled with joy and happiness... ciao xxx Julie

  11. You know what I love here? How you display the necklace as a part of the setting. Things that we like/cherish should be out for all to see and as daily reminders of what we hold dear.
    My house is in order as I did not decorate for the holidays this year. We just weren't here enough for it to matter, and it felt good not to have to put things away.

  12. Jeanne, I love the necklace of her majesty...!!! :))
    It seems to have the very right place...just fabulous!
    And I felt the same after removing all christmas stuff, the space clears the view....and I still love my candles in the evening!
    Just a perfect january....Beate ♥ XXX

  13. You do have a fascinating life and home, Jeanne. I love it when you share little bits of it.

  14. Your blog is amazing. So is your house. I'm following you now, talk soon

  15. Hola Jeanne! Adorable tu blog y tus cosas de tu tierra...verlo es un placer! Un beso, Gloria.

  16. Happy to hear about a wonderful Christmas you had! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx


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