London Red

Who is with me on the colour red? 
I spotted this little restaurant yesterday, tucked away 
in a corner of South Kensington in London. 

Can one have enough of this colour in their life?
I think not. I can't wait to get my hands 
on a bucket of paint in this colour.

One day..some day...if I am lucky..
I will have a barn and the first thing
I will do is paint it red.

If you had a few buckets of this colour, 
where would you start?

Oh Happy Day My Friends!

Jeanne xx


  1. Oh Jeanne,
    I'm not sure if I could use red indoors.....I would have to have a psychiatrist to talk me through it !! haha
    I do love it on shops and barns and, my friend who is a potter, has red, royal blue, bright green and turquoise in her house and it looks wonderful. I think that I need help, colourwise !! XXXX

  2. When asked what my favourite colour is I never, absolutely never say red... but whenever I see something red I am drawn to it immediately. I have 5 pairs of red shoes, every room in the house has something red in it. I will have a red and white room in the new house so I suppose I have to say that I could have a lot of fun with a few buckets of red!!!!

  3. Red catches the eye wherever you go.....and if you choose the right tone, it`s always a pleasure to look at it like this little restaurant in South Kensington!It`s a pure invitation to step nice, Jeanne!

    Have a sunny day!
    Beate XX :)

  4. I think we actually used to go to that little bistro for dinner, my ex-husband and I! How amazing. We lived in Cranley Gardens, off Old Brompton Road. Oh, how I miss South Kensington and Brompton Cross, and walking through the little streets of Chelsea on weekends...

    London is very much a red city. Paris is more grey and beige but London is definitely a red and black town.


  5. Love it. What all Americans associate with London...that gorgeous red outside of a classic British pub. Yes, we need to continue bringing back the red barns. I love driving from Texas through Arkansas into Missouri and seeing the lovely barns in the green fields. Last summer I had a gorgeous red canvas umbrella on my patio. Then the winds literally picked up and broke it. I loved that pop of red in my backyard! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. My dear, I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting, sweet amazing [probably your own qualities right?] and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;) I'd like to invite you to follow each other. I’d be very pleased. I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often kisses

    Miriam Stella

    is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

  7. I have always loved red! A red coat (or two) is a must have, and likewise, red shoes (for all seasons). I have a muted red sofa, and plan to use red when remodeling my dining room. My red, however, must be a true red, tomato red, wine red, raspberry red; absolutely no hints of orange. Goes great with teal, butter yellow, turquoise.

  8. I love red, especially red shoes.
    That little restaurant would beckon me inside as it looks so cheery.
    A red barn seems like a classic from a story'd need many pots of paint to get that job done. I hope there is a barn in your future Jeanne!

  9. Red, rouge, rojo, rosso... in any language I love the color. I have painted at least three rooms red (not all mine) over the years and swore that I was through with that! I am still open to accents of red, red shoes, a red coat, a red scarf... not all at the same time.

    I can't wait to see that red barn when you get it...


  10. I love that pop of red! Gorgeous! And just what is needed on a gray day! I am going to love your photos of Vietnam, but I am going to miss your London photos.

  11. Hmmm, I'd start with the front and back doors, then I'd head out to the shed. That would empty the first can of paint. Next would be the basement floor (cement). By then I'd be exhausted but oh so happy!

  12. Jeanne, Actually I adore red. I would love a red door, but as I have covered here it would not go well with my brick. My kitchen cabinets are barn red and I adore them. I must add my painter was not happy with my choice. Every home needs a little red, don't you think? Hugs! Bonnie

  13. Ever so fun! Hope that I can find something this wonderful when I hit London in May! We're only there a day...!

  14. Reminds me of Cafe Rouge just around the corner from their warm chevre salad.

  15. For some reason this color of red (which is my favorite) is only found in london (and maybe England).

  16. Maybe you will have a red barn ... in Viet Nam.


  17. Red, this is so my favourite colour..I love bright red in the Winter.Just gorgeous.

  18. if i had buckets of red!!!1 i think the first thing would be DOORS...i love red doors and then maybe the "library room" whic i hope one day i will have...dark cozy red :)

  19. I love red very much. I have all sorts of red clothes and accessories. I am not much of a beige and cream girl :) I think that a red barn would be awesome.

  20. Red is my favorite color and the red in that photo is delicious. I associate red with London also. A barn in that red would be amazing. Have a great weekend!

  21. I used Theatre Red in many of my set designs but never at home. My rooms are too small to handle this beautiful and overwhelming color. I prefer relaxing, airy colors indoors...accented by red or fucshia flower bouquets.

  22. It is such a London color. I had a one red wall, once, and it comforted me a lot in a time of stress and sorrow.


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