A world-besotted traveller in Dublin

When we moved to England, I declared one thing to Mr. H.
I wasn't leaving until I travelled to Ireland.
It has been a life long dream.
It must be the Irish in me.

My only regret, is that I have not seen more.
With a few busy months before our departure to Vietnam,
I must save it for another day.

We managed a break to Dublin 
for a few cold wintry days in December 2010. 

I wrote that I went to Dublin and discovered Boston.
I wrote about it here:

I dream of travelling the Irish countryside.
My journey is not over. One day, I will get there.
For now, I have these beautiful memories of Dublin.

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day and a world-besotted traveller..
Irish writer, Jonathan Swift. :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
with views on Dublin...

Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, 1st Baronet
 (1798-1868) St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
Jonathan Swift (1713-1745)
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Epitaph written by Jonathan Swift 
and loosely translated from the Latin by Irish author William Butler Yeats

Swift has sailed into his rest.
Savage indignation there cannot lacerate his breast.
Imitate him if you dare, world-besotted traveller.
He served human liberty.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from
Jeanne and her travelling Irish hat.

My love for all things Irish has no end...

taken on travels thru Dublin in December 2010
Reference to Jonathan Swift here 


  1. I have never been to Ireland and I am longing to go... maybe this year... so close yet so far... inexcusable really... Your images are gorgeous... xv

  2. Jeanne, I long to go back. It truly captured my heart. I was always told that I had no Irish blood, perhaps Scottish my mother would say. Just before we left Houston, my husband and I got into tracing our genealogy and low & behold, my mother's father's side of the family hails from Ireland! Sounds truly strange but I definitely felt a connection there. Your photos are stunning and I adore your traveling Irish hat!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you x

    1. Deb..You are so right, I think when it is in your blood, you just know it. I find that when I travel, there are some places I feel a unique connection with. It is a surreal experience and one that I could write volumes about. Hmmm...I should hold that thought. In the meantime, pick up Ireland by Frank Delaney...I loved that book. Great storytelling. :)xx

  3. Vicki, Jeanne...you must get to Ireland! We were there last Fall and it lived up to all of my long held expectations. Here is one of my several links to the tiny town of Dingle on the Dingle Penninsula. http://rileymadel.blogspot.com/2011/11/bleu-cheese-and-walnut-tartletsand.html

    1. Sarah...I just love your post. The photographs are sensational and that recipe for Bleu Cheese and Walnut Tartlets is wonderful. I feel like I have travelled to the seaside village of Dingle and back again...Thank you! :)xx

  4. Jeanne, As alway a wonderful post. You take me on the loveliest adventures. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Bonnie

  5. Jeanne, your photographs are stunning and show me how beautiful Ireland is. And I love the quotes. I have got to go to Ireland one day! Thank you for inspiring all of us to make the journey. And Happy St. Patrick's Day! You look great in your Irish hat!

  6. Do go again. I love Ireland. When my sister and I were teenagers we travelled around Ireland one summer from city to city - staying in the most adorable bed and breakfasts and meeting the kindest people I've ever met.

  7. I'd love to visit Ireland. I live in a very Irish neighborhood of Chicago and so many have been there and have family. It is definitely on my Bucket List.

    Love your pictures! :)


  8. Thanks for the post...I also would really like to spend some time in Ireland. I was there a few years ago for business...but hardly had any time to see the country. Also saw a pair of Dubarry's in an add recently. I so want a pair. I googled them and was so disappointed when I found out how expensive they are. Maybe some day.

  9. I am hoping to go next year! It will be the culmination of much family geneology research; a lot of my family lived in Fall River, MA
    Hope you make it soon, too!

  10. Happy St Patrick's Day Jeanne and when it's in your blood there's nothing you can but go with it. Always follow your heart for it always knows! F xx LOVE the photos. Brava

  11. I lived in England for the first 19 years of my life Jeanne and, to my shame, never visited Ireland. Upon returning to live in the UK, some 25 years later, we visited southern Ireland. I knew, after just one day, hiking the Gap of Dunloe and meeting some of the most wonderful people ever, I could live in Ireland in a heartbeat. I understand your love.

  12. I wish I would visit Ireland once more time. For its beautiful views, Cliffs of Moher, sweety lambs and Guinness beer. I share your love to this Emerald Isle!


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