Fictional Pie, 21 Book Challenge and 2 Winners

This is so exciting! 
My daughter, Miss Christine,
 suggested "we cut ourselves a slice of fictional pie
and indulge in the written word".
She came up with a fun idea, 
a mother and daughter book challenge. 
A 21 Book Challenge to be exact.
That is we have to read 21 books within the next year.
Being the Virgo that I am, I am thinking within six months.
She is in the process of organising a home for this idea on her blog.
Daughter plans to take each category as it comes,
mother needs a pre-determined list. :)

Maybe you can help me.
Better yet, maybe you would like to do this as well.
My daughter is going to organise a book club around 
this event on her blog. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, here is the list she handed over to me,
I must read....

Historical Novel (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
Book to Movie
 Own Choice
New York Top 10 Best-Seller
Childhood Favourite
Staff Recommendation (Library/Bookshop)
Murder Mystery
 'Meaning to Read'
 One which claims to 'Change Your Life'
 Guilt-induced Read 
 Short Story
Travel Writing
Own Choice
 Mother/Daughter Recommendation
(we have to read what we recommend to each other)

I have a few ideas and would welcome more.
Any suggestions for the categories above?

Books for Cooks
I am delighted to announce two winners of my 
Books for Cooks Cookbook Giveaway.
There must be something in the number two as 
coincidentally, the winners selected by random generator
have the 'two' in their titles.


Ladies, I will be in touch shortly.
In the meantime, if you missed out, do not despair.
I have a growing stack of more books like this on my desk.
I will be back with more....once I figure out my 21 book challenge list!

If you have any suggestions, I am keen to read them!

As always, my very best wishes!!



  1. Well, this is fun! Here are a few of my recommendations -- you've probably read many!

    Historical Novel (Fiction/Non-Fiction)-- London (Edward Rutherford)
    Childhood Favourite -- Stuart Little
    Murder Mystery-- any in the Maisie Dobbs series, but it's best to start at the beginning
    Humour-- Crazy Aunt Purl's Divorced, Drunk and Covered in Cat Hair
    Travel Writing-- The Travelers' Tales series -- I loved the one on Japan
    Own Choice-- The Mitfords
    ONE GIANT NOVEL-- Maybe THAT's London!
    Autobiography -- Cold Pizza for Breakfast: A Mem-wah (Christine Lavin) or Then Again (D. Keaton)

    1. many great suggestions here! I have read all of The Mitfords and loved them all. I have LONDON on my bookshelf. That will be a must. I listened to Then Again via audio CD ( Diane Keaton read it) and thought it was brilliant. Thanks so much for these suggestions. This is fun!! :)xx

  2. Head on over to GoodReads its a great book source and easy way to keep up with your challenge. I read 60 books last year and am trying to do the same this year.

    1. Good idea Kate..I do not know much about GoodReads and will check it out. 60 books and you have a blog and you have all your wonderful drawings and countless other creative projects. I am so so impressed!! :)xx

  3. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan is one of my current favourites.
    Also A gift from the sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

    Happy reading!

    1. Thank you Leslie, I can always count on you to provide some great choices. A Gift from the Sea would be a nice suggestion from mother to daughter...#21. :)xx

  4. Book to Movie Suggestion: Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda

    Travel writing - A year in the World by Frances Mayes - I have read this so many times and get transported to each destination s I read it.

    Have fun - I might suggest doing this with my sister

    1. Thanks Julie..I have not read Hunting and Gathering yet but my daughter has and she loved it. I think she is going to suggest that one to me...I loved A Year in the World by Frances Mayes...great suggestion. Thank you! :)xx

    2. Julie I absolutely loved that book Hunting and gathering but didn't know there was a movie I will have to go looking for it immediately so thank you. Jules

  5. Hi, Jeanne!

    My highest recommendation would be for the Historical Novel (Non-Fiction) category (no Memoir category on your list): The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal. Described as "Published in 2010, "The Hare .." has become the most successful family memoir of the decade. The tale of the vitrine of little Japanese figures (netsuke) passed down through five generations of the same family, from Paris to Vienna to Tunbridge Wells and Tokyo and back to South London, has seen 63,500 copies .. in hardback, 376,000 in paperback, and ..... that's just in Britain." I you have already read this one, then hooray for you!

    Mystery: The Moonstone (1868) and/or The Woman in White (1860) by Wilkie Collins, British

    Short Story: The View from Castle Rock (2006) by Alice Munro, Canadian. Winner of Man Booker International Prize for body of work.

    Book to Movie: East of Eden by John Steinbeck (1952) Movie (1955)

    Here's to happy times reading!
    Judy--Aquarius w/ Virgo Rising

    One Giant Novel: "Giant" by Edna Ferber (1952) American

    1. Thank you Judy...Your suggestions are all new to me..I am off to check them out! :)xx

  6. Jeanne,

    I forgot to mention that John Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Any book written by him would be a great read.


  7. GoodReads is fantastic reading on its own! The reviews are often funnier than the books.
    I'm a writer but I don't tend to read many books anymore as it often becomes too much dealing with words every day. Writing has ruined reading for me! However, I try to manage a few every year, just to remember how to do it. I really love this idea Jeanne. Here are my all-time favourites for you.

    Autobiography - Diana Vreeland's 'DV'. Not sure how much is real and how much is 'creative', but it's a truly fantastic read about the world of fashion and New York /Paris / London high society.
    Historical Novel / Biography - Justine Picardie's 'Chanel'. A great writer on a great subject. Who knew Chanel had a baby?
    Classic - 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society'. A beautiful, beautiful story that's partly written through letters. You'll cry at the end. The author died before it became a bestseller. Such a tragedy.
    Book to Movie - 'Hugo'.
    Own Choice - 'The Great Gatsby'. My desert island book. Each line is pure poetry.
    Childhood Favourite - 'The Secret Garden'.
    Staff Recommendation (Library/Bookshop) - Christopher Hitchens' latest.
    Murder Mystery - 'The Women in Black' (especially now the movie's out).
    'Meaning to Read' (Trying To Read) - Peter Carey's 'The Chemistry of Tears'.
    Travel Writing - John Steinbeck's 'Travels With Charley'. One of the most profoundly moving books about travel, dogs, love and life I've ever read.
    Own Choice - Bill Bryson's 'At Home'. Bryson made his reputation being funny but this book shows his mature side. Each chapter explores the origins of the various rooms of a house - kitchen/scullery/library, etc. It's a fantastic idea for a book, and Bryson has researched it so well. I love it so much I often buy copies at airports to read on planes.

    Janelle McCulloch
    (An Aquarius with a Virgo rising too! Although I never really know what that means...)

    1. This list is brilliant Janelle...and we have so many books in common. I have Justine's 'Chanel' and am thinking of adding it to my list. This book challenge will be the perfect way for me to tackle all the books I have been buying lately. Loved 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society'! I bought 'The Great Gatsby' on audio CD recently. I think on this one, I would prefer the book. I am not wild about the reader. I am addicted to travel writing...and have not read 'Travels With Charley'...perfect! I am intrigued by 'At Home'. I listened to Bill's book on England via audio CD and enjoyed that one...hysterical! Thank you for all these wonderful suggestions! :)xx

  8. To Janelle (by way of Jeanne): In the astrology world, if you've ever had a birth chart done for your date of birth (right down to the hour and minute as well), Virgo rising means that the sign of Virgo appears in the first house of your chart. From that, you apply the characteristics of a Virgo to what the first house means, also taking into consideration if there are any planets placed in the first house (and what meaning that has as well). Most folks think of astrology as a bunch of baloney, but still, it's a lot of fun to think about. :-) mytwocentsworth

  9. Good luck with your mother/daughter challenge both of you although, I don't think that you will need it ..... I'm sure that you will get those 21 books read in much less than a year.
    ....oh, and well done to the winners of the cookbook. Their families will enjoy it too !! XXXX

  10. What a wonderful challenge. I would love to try something like this. One day - I know I will have time, some day.

  11. Jeanne, I love the idea of your mother/daughter challenge. I'm going to go back over your genres. It seems to me there is one from each known. I know you will enjoy. I second or third the Goodreads connection. My "to read" category is beginning to look longer than my "read". Bonnie

  12. Love the typography, Jeanne. Just my type :)

  13. Like Mother, Like Daughter ...very fun.


  14. Jeanne, how wonderful to share this with your daughter. For the book into film category I would suggest "Howards End" by E.M. Forster. It is first of all one of my favorite books, I have read it many times. And the film is one of my all time favorites, just stunning and beautiful. By the way, I loved your photo of Kew over on "Finding my Way." You are such a talented photographer. Have a wonderful weekend!
    xx Sunday


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