A Novel Bookstore, Diane Keaton and a Giveaway

You may wonder why I am showing a photograph of my bike with a book bag hanging off it. Well...I was riding into town yesterday and grabbed a book bag I had bought at Daunt Books in London the day before. As I rode off, merrily down the lane, I thought of blogging friends who would appreciate this bag as much as I do. Wishing I could just place a bulk order, all the while knowing that Mr. H would think I had completely lost my senses, I decided that two would do...for a giveaway. Yes,  I just finished one giveaway last week but I am impulsive and I always say, when the spirit moves you...you just have to run with it.

To that end, leave a comment on this post and come Friday evening, I will
select two winners. I will let you in on a little secret...I have more things stashed
away here and there...the kind of things I love and am thinking that
you might too....so, I bought two.


Now...I just want to say, for those of you who are waiting on postcards, 
they are finally on their way! My sincere apologies for my tardiness.
You know what life can be like, sometimes it just sweeps you up and sends you flying.
I finally landed on Friday...

Once I completed the lot...I was keen to keep going. If you would like a 
postcard in your mailbox... simply send me your address..
I am happy to oblige. :)


Some may recall that I am creating a list for a Mother and Daughter
21 Book Challenge. My daughter and I are having fun creating our lists. 
We picked up two books on our travels today. 

For me....
' Mystery abounds but A Novel Bookstore is no everyday mystery. The victims here 
are not members of the underworld, toughs or thugs, but mild, meek and apparently ordinary people. In the eyes of their aggressors, they are guilty of only one crime: expressing their tastes in literature. 
Indeed, all three victims are members of The Good Novel's secret selection committee. 
Tucked away in a corner of Paris, The Good Novel bookstore offers its clientele literary 
masterpieces, both contemporary and classic, selected by a top-secret committee of authors.....' 
(text continued on the inside cover of the book)


Miss Christine picked...
' The Complete Prose of Woody Allen is a collection of fifty-two pieces of hilarious writing which firmly establish the author in the tradition of Grouch Marx and James Thurber. Woody Allen's prose displays his versatility and virtuosity with the written word, and his special brand of humour' 
(text located on the back cover of the book)


Let's see..so far, we have a few of my favourite things...a bike, book bag,
postcards, books and..oh yes, a mother and daughter movie marathon.

You may wonder when we will have time for this, I often think the same 
but we are determined.We have a few months together before we are all move on 
to different adventures. Miss Christine to New Zealand, Miss Claire to USA, 
yours truly and young Connor to Vietnam to join Mr. H where we will then be 
closer to my eldest, Patrick, who resides in Australia.

The girls and I want to make the most of our quality time together.
Our movie marathon will pertain to certain actresses. 
We plan to start with Diane Keaton (my pick).

Now...I need to know, from you...
Do you have a favourite Diane Keaton movie?
We watched Annie Hall the other night, hence, 
the interest in Woody Allen by Miss Christine.

So far we have....
Annie Hall
Somethings Gotta Give
Father of the Bride I and II
The Godfather I, II and III
Baby Boom

Would you recommend any others?

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful week!

Jeanne :) xx

PS..for you crafty types... here


  1. Jeanne, please enter me in the giveaway. I would love to win the book bag! My favorite Diane Keaton movie is "Annie Hall." You have inspired me to watch it again. I used to stand in line on opening night for any new movie by Woody Allen. His most recent, "Midnight in Paris" was a gem! Have fun viewing the movies with your daughter!
    xx Sunday

  2. Diane Keaton is wonderful in 'First Wives Club.' Enjoy the movies.

  3. Love the book bag. And my favorite Diane movie is Something's Gotta Give. You always are doing the most fun things!

  4. I love Diane Keaton in 'The Family Stone'. It was flagged as being 'soft' by a lot of film critics, but I adored it. The characters are quirky and realistic, the storyline is lovely (and very sad), and the setting - in New England -is utterly beautiful! I know you love New England so you'd probably enjoy it. I won't give away the ending but... well, I don't think Diane's coming back if there's a sequel! That's all I'm saying.

    PS Your bike is just like mine, only your basket is in much better shape. I have an American Schwinn cruiser, in white. The leather seat is like an armchair!

    Janelle xxx

  5. I love the book bags! My favorite Diane Keaton movie is Somethings Gotta Give. Have you ever seen Because I Said So. It's a quirkly film but I liked her in that movie too.

  6. My oh my you have so much stuff to do this week...i am so glad that i will be receiving my postcard soon...i will be waiting :)
    crossing my fingers for wining the giveaway..LOL

  7. Would like to be counted in for this giveaway. My first visit to your blog certainly not my last.

    The Laurence Cosse book was certainly unusual. I've read and reviewed it on my blog. Please come over.

  8. Oh definitely Somethings Gotta Give if only for the real estate!!!!!!
    Both books sound good so I will be interested to hear what you have to say when you have finished them! xx

  9. I love Diane Keaton (would love to read her autobiography as well!). I liked her in "Baby Boom" and "Something's Gotta Give".

  10. Would love to win. You are the most generous person, Jeanne.

    Diane Keaton - where to start? I second everything that's already been mentioned and throw in the Godfather films, Play it again Sam, Manhattan Murder Mystery (so funny), Marvin's Room.

  11. I'm not entering the giveaway this time, but I love the cupboard and I love your blog! I don't think I could complete a book reading challenge, although I hope to have time to do a bit more reading in the coming week, it's one of my favourite things.

  12. I love the way you do things Jeanne. You're so much fun. I enjoyed Something's Gotta Give and Father of the Bride 1 & 2. I am more of a Diane Lane fan. Enjoy your book challenge. The book bag is really pretty.

  13. You spur me on to new heights..more to read....surely I could use the unique book bag...ALL of Diane Keaton's movies, but when one adds Jack Nicholson it goes to the top of the list! On leave from blog but couldn't resist this. Also, how abouy a cupboard of gift/all genre received cards too pretty to discard?

  14. i love those book bags and i loved something has got to give

  15. I eemember oh so many years ago when I lived in London, there was the sweetest bookshop tucked down a back street off Oxford Street where I spent many a lunch hour and pay packet in that wee shop! I still have some of those books 20 years on! Diane and Jack is number one movie too :-)

  16. I have the Diane Keaton book ready to read on my iPad. So, I'll join you on your first book. The book bag is something I would select on my own at a bookstore discovered during travels. Thank you.

  17. Jeanne,

    One can never have too many book bags, do you think? I found "A Novel Bookstore" while browsing in Boston. I didn't purchase it, but put it on my "to read list". I actually tried to find it awhile back and was unsuccessful. I thought it sounded like something I would enjoy. Sounds like maybe a summer read for me. I love Diane Keaton in everything she does. Of course, Annie Hall was our introduction. Father of the Bride still makes my husband teary eyed. Bonnie

    p.s. I too have stacks of magazines. I just can't seem to part with them. Hugs!

  18. Ooh, I've been to Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street twice during trips to London. Why haven't I spied their gorgeous book bag before?! Add my name to your draw, please and thank you. And as for Diane Keaton, I will have to say Baby Boom...it's the movie that made my husband and me broody. Our daughter is almost 23 now!

  19. Oh I would love that bag, please enter me and pick me too! Oh A novel Bookstore sounds good I am g oing to look for it. I think it sounds just like something I would love to read. Annie Hall is a classic which I have not see in years, but for fun you can't beat Baby Boom.


  20. Jeanne, Have you read "Notes From a Small Island", by Bill Bryson? He takes the reader on a tour through England where he and his family lived for a time. It's laugh out loud funny. You'd like it!

  21. One movie I didn't see on your list is The First Wives Club. I liked that one, but I've liked all of the Diane Keaton movies I've seen. Also love the bag! I've never been to England but my daughter is hoping to do a semester at Oxford in another year and there is no way I can let her go that far away without visiting. Love your blog!


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