Days like that...

Some days you wake up and you can pretty much guess how
your day will play out and other days are like sweet unexpected surprises.
Nothing grand, nothing exceptional...just delightful.
The kind you know you will never forget.

The kind that leaves you smiling all day and into the night.
Don't you just love days like that? 



  1. I think you and I had opposite kinds of days!! Glad yours was good!!!

  2. I love such days and wish you week to be endless days of joy


  3. Jeanne, this sounds like the perfect day! I love the photos and would love to know what that man is painting.

    Have a great day! Elizabeth

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  5. love weeks and months like that, love the flower and its photo

  6. I've fallen out of the habit, but I love these images and am inspired by you to perhaps pick up good old Lola (you may remember I named the camera Lola) and give her a little more exercise than I have of late. Beautiful post and images.

  7. Oh Jeanne,
    Who is that lovely man painting .... and where was it ? He looks like a character from a period film. XXXX

  8. Yes those are the best days of all :) I sooo need to get out and take some photos. I've been lazy all winter.

  9. Lovely photos - I too love days like these.


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