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First postcard to Mariana in Glasgow...from Hanoi

My postcard list is growing and I am delighted! If you asked for a postcard from me on my last post, consider it duly noted. If you would still like to receive one, please leave a comment or email me  I would be happy to write to you!

When I dusted off my postcard mailing list I realized we have travelled wide and far since I started writing at Collage of Life in 2009. Myanmar, Morocco, England, Israel, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Taiwan, Philippines, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, France, Japan, India...this is where my postcard trail has taken us. 

I have travelled and many postcards?  I have no idea, but it's been plenty and I have enjoyed writing them all. Mr. H and I are always fascinated by where the requests come from...France, Canada, Australia, India, Malta, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Indonesia, Germany, Jordan and all across the USA. It truly is a collage of life! ;)

I started the most recent postcard trail last weekend from Hanoi.  Mr. H and I went along for a mix of business and pleasure. I never have difficulty keeping myself occupied when he is working, I am a fine tuned travelling spouse when it comes to following Mr. H. We have been to Hanoi several times and like to take each trip as it comes. I had two shops I wanted to check out and he had a restaurant he wanted me to try. When in Hanoi, you want to take it slowly because seriously, as you will see from the photos below, there is so much happening, you can miss it in the blink of an eye. Stopping to savor Hanoi in sight, sounds and taste is the best way to go...and oh yes, the shopping is good too!

I will skip right to the food
because I love Vietnamese food.
When in Hanoi, 
with a view to Hoan Kiem Lake
at 73 Cao Go Street, Hoan Kiem


All of these are worth every bite!

Fried Soft Shell Crab with Garlic Rock Salt
Cua bay rang muoi toi

Marinated Banana Blossom with Shredded Chicken Salad
Goi ga hoa choi

Deep Fried Crispy Tofu with Lemongrass and Chili
Dua trunk chien sa ot

Royal Lotus Fried Rice
Com chien hang bao

Traditional Grilled "Lang" Fish with Local Herbs
Cha ca lang co truyen

Those Vietnamese know how I love those herbs.
And a word on the 'fried' wouldn't even know it.
Each dish was as light and delicate as the next, the way we like it.

I had spied Hanoi Design Centre 
several times on past visits and always wanted to stop. 
So this time we pulled into 91 Au Co, Tay Ho 
and stayed a while.

The Centre is a one-stop showroom for buyers and tourists
 featuring the work of Vietnamese and International designers. 
You can find all sorts of Vietnamese treasures here and here.

We picked up the handwoven rattan vase
 on the right to tuck away in a corner of Tahilla Farm
and the hand woven fabric hanging from the ceiling below.

All and all it was a good shopping trip 
and well worth the visit. 
Our bags below are a testament to a job well done.

Tan My Design has been on my radar as well.
You can see the glass storefront along the sidewalk below.
It is located at 61 & 63 Hang Gai Street.

The view below is from the inside looking out to the street. 

I have not ventured into the hand-painted silk dress just yet
 although it did cross my mind that it would be a fun idea 
for a mother of the groom/bride dress. 
I am going to hold onto that thought for the next wedding. 
One down, three to go. ;)

We enjoy Vietnamese art as much as we do the food.
Hanging on the wall...a sea of conical hats.
If only we had the room...

I found a few little pieces at Tan My to tuck away for future gifts
and made a note to return another time without the Mr.
who is a good shopper but not a great shopper.  

Shopping mission accomplished, 
we did what we so enjoy doing in Vietnam.
Walking and taking it all in...slowly.

I love street scenes...
especially when I am on the go and no one has caught on.

Because eventually they do.

Couldn't resist the fist sign of spring on the balcony above. 

If you travel to Hanoi, a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake is a must. 
It was a dark and drizzly kind of day in Hanoi...even then, it has it's own charm. 
I should mention that they experience four seasons up north (Hanoi) as opposed
to our endless days of warm sunshine in the south (Saigon). 

To be honest, I find the grey a nice change at times, but not all the time.

Along the lake, gardens are under way with the first spring plantings. 
This was a reminder for me to stock up again on my conical hats for Tahilla Farm.
They make great gardening hats and are the perfect shape if you need to
cover yourself in mosquito netting. Which I do...

 Ladies everywhere (except me) were making efforts
 to protect their hair from the rain. 
I got a kick out of the pink plastic bag brigade below. 

and there you have it...our day in Hanoi. 
For it all happened in one day. 
We were on the run on Sunday..looking at Hanoi 
from above as we flew back to Ho Chi Minh City. 

We will be back in Hanoi in a few weeks time.
I wonder what I will get up to next?

Beep Beep from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City!

có một ngày tuyệt vời!
Have a great day!

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