Write to think, think to write...

I had an ‘OOPS’ moment last night in my attempt to do some editing on my blog.  I inadvertently published a post I wrote last year. When it arrived into my inbox I new the deed was done. So...if Hip Hop Happening Mama and a Paleo Priest sounds familiar to some readers, you are not imagining it. 

Hanging around...
I had promised myself that I would give you all a break, post something light to give you a rest from the length of the recent posts. I am not sure what has gotten in to me lately, this editing process has put me on brain alert or maybe it is because I am spending more time thinking while hanging from a tree (above). 

Thinking cap...
You see, I write to think and I think to write and lately I have been doing a lot of thinking. It has been an interesting and healthy process for me (one I highly recommend)…whether I have any blog readers left at the end of my editing process is another matter.

Saying that, if you would like to read about the latest garden projects at Tahilla Farm, read here. If you would like to add a few Vietnamese flavours to your herb garden, read here, if you would like to travel to Antarctica, read here and if  you want to lift your health game, read here

If there is anything you would like to read more of from Collage of Life...while I am on a roll?

I love to write postcards…and I would love to send one to you!
If you prefer I keep it simple...with a postcard, from me to you, I would love to send you one! If I have sent one to you in the past, you are on the 'PC list'. You can leave a comment below and just say PC Please and I will take it from there.  If you are new to Collage of Life, you can email me your address,  jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com . 

Like mother, like daughter...
My daughter, Miss Christine, picked up the writing bug a few years ago. Her blog is called tine. It has been a while since her last post (sounds familiar) but she is writing again which makes her mother very happy.  Her latest post, Smart Memories?, offers words for thought. You can read it here

From my thinking spot in Vietnam and Miss Christines thinking spot in Australia...we wish you a wonderful day, evening, afternoon, wherever you may be in this great big beautiful world of ours!

Jeanne and Christine xx

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Chateau Mango, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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