Summer Sundays

This is my first 'meme'. An expression I never heard before now. 
Sounds fun, so I am in!

It is all about Summer Sundays. It is a great idea and created by The Tablescaper
It's new and I am hoping you will join in too.  It is so easy...just start a file and drop in 
everything that you love about summer.

I will start this Sunday with what I like to do most in the summer.
Find a beautiful outdoor spot and read.

I need some inspiration at the moment.  I can't seem to sit still in one spot. 
I haven't created the perfect one just yet. 
So I am looking.....
Down the Thames River perhaps?
although navigation might be a problem....

I am certain no one would find me in here...

The porch of my dreams....

Seaside, poolside, I will take either one...

At the end of the day to escape the summer heat...

Finally, this is where I would like to be,
with a cool summer breeze..

There you have first Summer Sunday. 
I am hoping whether it be northern or southern hemisphere
you will join in the summer spirit.

What does summer mean to you?

Instructions on how to join:


  1. How lovely all these places look Jeanne.... especially enticing with the temperatures today in Melbourne - a little bit brrrr!! x

  2. Finding a beautiful spot to sit and read...a wonderful summer indulgence. Your photographs are intoxicating.

  3. Such beautiful inspirational pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I want that secret garden behind the bricks...Christine

  4. Thank you soooo much for coming and joining the party. I love your post. It's so full of summer!!!

    I wouldn't mind trying to curl up with a book in that boat on that comfy chair, but navigating could be a problem.

    And such views! Thank you again and looking forward to having you with us in the Sundays to come.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Looks like wonderful get-a-way places to read. I bought a couple easy summer reads. Now I just have to find the time.

  6. Now that's my kind of boat! Although, I'd imagine pretty difficult to water ski behind!

  7. I love the porch too
    and the boat is inspired!!

  8. Lovely inspiration pics! So glad you joined in the fun of Summer Sundays!
    We are having a lovely Summer Sunday today here in Southampton, NY, named after a city in your country!

  9. Oh I would definitely be in that first photograph. The fabric on that comfy looking chair is just divine, and there is room for both Edward and me in that boat. Do you think we could rig up an umbrella of sorts to shield me from the sun? We could just drift all day and see where we end up.

  10. One of the things I enjoy about the memes (a term new to me) is the doors it opens to beautiful places. Yours is one. By the way, you would like reading on my porch. I will have to share it.

  11. I'm so glad you joined in with Summer Sundays! So good to know about your wonderful blog. I'd spend my summer days on that beautiful porch gazing out at the view of the lake as I read and nap the day away.
    Happy Summer Sunday! ~ Sarah

  12. Reading in the warmth of the sun is a perfect summer senario, Jeanne. We aren't having much of that warmth here at the moment, are we? Lets hope it warms up a bit sometime soon !!
    Gorgeous images and I, too would love to be in that boat....with Pamela's Edward as well !! I love that dog ! XXXX

  13. Oh yes, I agree wholeheartedly! The thing I love about summer is just like yours - finding a quiet, secluded spot in the beauty of Nature and allowing myself to become lost in a good book. The best aspect of summer is relation, peace and tranquillity. This is a wonderful post and a great meme, I love the images you've shared with us here. Your post truly has brightened my day.

  14. Gorgeous, Jeanne - all of them! But I think your dream porch gives you away as a New England girl! Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  15. Looking forward to having you with us Sunday the 20th!

    - The Tablescaper


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