Squeals of Delight

If you were standing in Heathrow airport this afternoon you would have heard squeals of delight when the lovely Kate and my daughter, Miss Claire first caught sight of each other. They were BFF (Best Friends Forever) in Auckland, where we moved from at the end of 2009.  Kate was one of the friends that was there at the end, the one who shared and passed the tissue with us as we spent the last day in the country we called home. Here we are seven months on and the lovely Kate has graced us with her warm smile and bubbly nature once again.

I was grinning from ear to ear on the ride home just listening to the two of them. You would never know that they talk on Facebook nearly every day and then some. No matter, you know what it is like when you catch up with someone you have not seen in a while....it feels like it was just yesterday.

A gaggle of girls jumping with joy last year...

rowing together...

Not sure if they are checking out the races 
or the boys in their zooties:)

The effervescent Miss Kate

Kate travelled from New Zealand to England on her own...that kiwi ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.
Do you remember when you were 17?  A trip driving solo from my home town to the mall 
in the next town was about as far as I got and I thought that was pretty cool! 

I wanted to make sure Kate feels comfortable after a long journey
so I put on my thinking cap and thought like a teenager....

A little night time reading provided by Miss Claire...

Lots of pillows to sink back into and sigh...

Flowers from the garden to remind her of home...

A few essentials to wash away the memories of the flight...

Two weeks and lots to see...
They are going to have a ball!

Thought I would share a little teenage lingo with you that I picked up over dinner.
Ever wondered what all these abbreviations stand for that they use in their conversations?
I do and here is what they told me.

TTYL- talk to you later
TTFN- ta ta for now
TTFG- ta ta for good
BRB- be right back
NVM- never mind
WU2- what you up to?
NM- nothing much
JW- just wondering
DW- don't worry
GTG- got to go
BFF- best friends forever
ILY- i love you
LOL- laugh out loud and or lots of love

and one I made up BBF- best blogging friend

With that I say

Jeanne :)

First two images provided by another BFF 
other images~me


  1. Oh Jeanne~ What fun for YOU too! You must tell us of the adventures!
    Surely your age will go down a few notches in these next couple of weeks! Perhaps they'll cook dinner together...two heads and pairs of hands are better than one!
    Pour yourself a glass of something white, sit back and relax!
    I sometimes say 'Ta-Ta for now'- nice to know it holds a place out there...somewhere. Sweet Dreams my friend.

  2. Oh Jeanne,
    How fabulous. I can just feel the delight from here. Can't wait till my girls are big enough to have that. Today it was tears all round for the last day of 'formal' school.
    Well, now I know WU2 (is there a past tense for that?) I can only say TTFN but never TTFG and I send you LOL!!

  3. Bonjour Jeanne,
    It must have been a treat to see those girls squealing with delight. You must be the coolest host ever to think like a teenager and have all those neccessities ready.
    Thanks for the text lingo - wow I am out of date. I'm not that old..really!
    Enjoy your houseguest,

  4. Oh, this made me smile! Ah, to be 17 again. But it seems I would have to learn an entire new language!

  5. Oh, how wonderful! My takeaway on this post is how to text a few more things to my daughter-in-law! She'll be so impressed.
    Meanwhile, thanks for the coming home trip and may you all have a MOST ENJOYABLE time together reuniting!!

  6. This post surely captured the essence and excitement of youth! They are going to have a wonderful time! Forget about stuff teens would love, I would love to lie back on those pillows and I'm more than twice their age! Oh, heres a new one for ya- LYB (love your blog) :)

  7. The girls must be over the moon to be together again. I love the pictures of them together. You have really made your home so welcoming for Kate~how sweet. She is going to have a wonderful time!

    I have always wondered what TTFN meant, as I have seen bloggers sign off that way!! Thanks so much! ;-D


  8. I have a grown daughter who texts...I don't, so thank you for the crash course in the lingo!
    How great to have a visitor and I think you'll be enjoying all that fun too!

  9. How lovely for the girls to be able to catch up and spend time together. That is a long trip to be making alone. Well done to Kate! I hope she has a lovely visit. xx

  10. This post made me so happy for your daughter and her friend. We have travelled a lot, too, and it is not easy to be seperated by continents from your friends. I've heard my daughters with the same joy.

    And your gift of gracious hospitality is delightful. Your young guest must have loved it.

    Loved the heart shaped London pillow.

    Thanks, Jeanne, for visiting my daughters blogs - you are a peach.

  11. Hi Jeanne
    Must be fabulous for you to see your girls together again... Enjoy all that wild abandon.. xxx Julie

  12. Jeanne! May I be your guest too? I promise I will be highly entertaining, and pick up after myself.

  13. Jeanne - hope they have a fun time and enjoy all the brilliant weather we've been having! We just got back from the red eye run to Heathrow....my GG's BF has arrived from Sydney so a few squeals happening here too!! xx

  14. Dear Jeanne,
    I was "LOL", when I just read your newest post. Now I know what "BFF" is and all the other abbreviates! So funny to read... but it`s all over the world the same... facebook is as important as the sun and the air and the speech is changing through generations.
    But the main thing for me is, I`m practising my English knowledge (have the dictionary always by my side now!)and I´m learning... :)
    Such a sweet story, the girls have the paradise on earth with you on their side....even if you keep yourself most of the time in the background.
    Warm Greetings to "a best mother in the world", Beate :)

  15. Dear Jeanne:

    What a nice mamma you are. I would like to add that you're a BBF as well.

    I'm sure your girls will have a lovely time.


  16. Oooh, there's nothing like a reunion of friends! Thank goodness for the internet and FB so they could stay in constant touch. A great friend is too precious to lose!

  17. Oh Jeanne, what a fun post and what a thoughtful hostess you are. It's so rare that someone puts flowers besides their guests bed.
    Thank you for educating us on the latest abbreviations, I must find someone to impress ...
    I agree with you about this young generation, we had nothing on their self-confidence.
    Have a lot of fun,

  18. What a lovely post Jeanne, I loved reading this - I could practically see them!!

    And yes, travelling across the world at 17 is quite something!!

    I LOL (laughed at loud) at all those abbreviations....brilliant! Love NVM!!


  19. Love this post Jeanne, so cool! The young lovely girls, they get bred tough down here in the antipodes. They make excellent travellers : )


  20. At just 17 I hopped on The Old Ghan train with a BF & went from Adelaide to Alice Springs for 6 weeks vacation. You would have thought it was London the way my darling Mum carried on! I think your house will be a delight to reside in with the lovely Kiwi around Jeanne.
    Millie ^_^


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