Hae-woo-so and Midlife Madness

I am thinking of Hae-woo-so today, 
an exhibit at the recent Chelsea Flower Show. 
Before I explain the garden,
I have a little emptying of my own mind to do. 
I am hoping that some of you can relate to my plight. 

I have to laugh or else I would cry...
Midlife Madness
If you heard a woman screaming with frustration thru blogland recently... that was me. My computer recently went into silence mode and would not accept any more photos from me. The shock horror of it all!  In my eagerness to make room on my computer for more photos, I had a deleting party of my own making.

The next day, I went to my blog, Midlife Wisdom I and could not believe it. My photos were gone! It took many google searches, a few help forums and finally the kind directions of blogger, Late Night Guy, to realise what I had done. I had deleted one of my Picasa web albums...all 900 photos of it. I thought they were just back up when in fact they were the life of my blog.

I have tried every means but they are gone for good.  I hang my head in blogging shame. My blog, Midlife Wisdom should be appropriately titled, Midlife Madness. I have moved on from tears to laughter because it gets even crazier.

Right between the eyes...
I made mention on my Facebook page about my iPad mishap the other day. I blame those trendy iPad Apps. I woke up Sunday morning to peace and quiet and thought I would just quietly turn on the iPad and have a read...whilst laying flat in bed.  All good, until I tried to push the 'send' button and 'BAM'...I dropped it, right between the eyes.

Did I feel like a complete idiot? YES! I contemplated the need for stitches and was relieved when
I realised it was not necessary. Imagine trying to explain that one away.  I finally gave up on the band aid as it is a not a good look for a woman in the midst of midlife madness.  Half crazed woman was looking more like it. :)

So, I laugh, I cry, I learn...
I have learned never ever ever to touch my Picasa web albums again. I have learned not to hold my iPad directly over my head if I want to keep what is left of it in tact. Lastly, I send my apologies to those of you who follow me at Midlife Wisdom. It will be under reconstruction for some time....

Now that I have emptied my mind, I will turn to another...
The story of Hae-woo-so...
A favourite garden in the Chelsea Flower Show was Hae-woo-so ( Emptying One's Mind). It won Gold and Best Artisan Garden awards. It was a simple garden and an enjoyable one. In fact, Hae-woo-so is the Korean word for the traditional Korean toilet.  For centuries, Korean people considered going to the toilet to be a highly spiritual experience.

The pathway to the toilet was a significant feature of the garden. One is meant to empty their mind as they stroll up the garden path to it. The garden plantings were peaceful shades of green with touches of soft colours along the way. Even though I was one of many trying to take a photograph, I did enjoy, standing, studying and listening. The addition of running water at the beginning of the path was a nice touch. I think someone had fun with that one.  More photos and information on the garden, here.

Feeling the peace, feeling the calm...
feeling the zen....
my mind is emptied.
Thank you :)



  1. I had a similar experience with photos...I bought more space for about $5...
    Technology is a new territory for many of us midlife women!
    Keep Calm and Blog On!

  2. Oh...what a week you have had. I wish I could send you off to a nice deserted island where you could recover peacefully. What a marvelous thing technology can be and then how maddening it can be as well. I hope all is well now and that you have healed from your Ipad injuries.


  3. Thanks for the heads up on how you hold the i-pad. My husband just got one.


  4. Jeanne it has been such a challenge for everyone blogging it seems!! Blogger has been such a pain and I feel yours!


    Art by Karena

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  5. Thanks for your comments ladies...feeling better already :)

  6. Poor Jeanne, what bad luck! There are times like that when everything goes wrong and the only thing for it is to hit PAUSE, retreat from the world and find a quiet sunny spot in which to read till the tide has passed. You'll probably be deluged with dainty handmade padded iPad cases from your admirers worldwide now.

  7. Disaster Jeanne....I often feel that I drive this blog on a wing and a prayer! xv

  8. Mise, I think you are onto something there. I have been in search for the perfect ipad cover. I never thought to look for a handmade one. Now I have to know where???
    Off to Etsy for me...thank you !

  9. I wouldn't even know I had pictures on the album you wrote of???? And, I wouldn't know how to go about finding help. So, I am quite impressed with you ability to problem solve. You do give me pause, because I am preparing to delete my classroom pictures. We'll see what happens!

  10. Poor Jeanne! It's been a rough week, my friend. At least you had all that beauty to console you... As for the ipad cover, it isn't padded, but the best solution I found so far is the clear Icase for the back I found on amazon, and the smart cover for the front. I use the stand part of the cover when reading in bed, and then I never drop it on my head, though if it were possible, I'm sure I'd find a way to do it!

  11. Jeanne, I am so enjoying all of your posts about the Chelsea flower show. All of your images of it have been so lovely and these are so interesting and serenely green and calm.
    The technology thing is so maddening sometimes. Recently I tried to upload some photos onto my blog and I was unable to because I had too many photos in the "Picassa album." I had no idea what this was. But the wonderful woman who sometimes helps me with trouble shooting on my computer walked me through it. We had to go to the album and delete a lot of pictures. It was full!
    I hope you continue to enjoy all of these soothing garden scenes at the Chelsea flower show. Although it may be ending soon? xx Sunday

  12. What a week...poor you...I love your blog, just found it and have really enjoyed reading it...thank you.
    I'm a new follower...

  13. Jeanne,

    Oh my goodness..I feel so bad about all of your beautiful photos! And the iPad in the face...that is a painful wake-up. Take heart, although we are all intelligent women, modern technology often gets the best of us. I cried last week myself, when I thought my blog disappeared.

    Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful photos of the Chelsea Flower show with us! The photos are so wonderful that I feel as if I am walking along with you and seeing it in person.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth

  14. So sorry to hear about your recent problems. But like Bonnie above, I'm impressed by your ability to sort it out. I still can't comment on my own blog and am slowly learning to live with it.:-)

    It must have been horrible to lose your photos. It shows how powerful photos are in our lives. You are so afraid to lose them - it's like losing a part of your life.


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