Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simple Morning Pleasures

A few moments is all it takes to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. You do not have to look far. For me, it is at the breakfast table which has been beautifully set for me each morning. Today, a delicate hand crafted covering on a bowl of sugar with a thoughtfully designed silver spoon by it's side. As my thoughts drift out the window and beyond to the day ahead, I keep coming back to this delicate creation before me and the one perching on the bench below me. A good way to start the day.

Best wishes to you for a lovely day or evening....wherever you may be. :)

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  1. Simple thoughts,kind gestures, the little things that just make us feel good. Seeing a sugar bowl with a little cover and a special teaspoon -- really looking at them and appreciating the time and the effort and the thought put into creating something pleasing. It takes only moments, but to me, that is what life is made up of -- all those "little moments". Hope you are enjoying yourself!!! xo

  2. Certainly a lovely way to start the day. I know you are having a fabulous time with your daughter. Enjoy! Bonnie

  3. Jeanne, you and Miss Christine are in my thoughts! The best moment of all must be to find her safe and well. I love the special little moments too xxx

  4. Agreed...I have special dishes and silverware, some mine or gifts, some passed down that make me feel elegant.. Whenever I use them, I'm in a place of thought about who these have come from and have memories of them. It's wonderful to start the day reminising about those we care about!

  5. What a special way to start the day, Jeanne! I hope your day is just as peaceful!


  6. Oh Jeanne,
    Those little crochet bowl covers with the beads take me way back to when I was a child (!!!!) and my Grandmother . She used to crochet them and, all her bowls had them covering their contents.
    Hope that you are enjoying your time with your daughter in New Zealand.

  7. Wishing you and your daughter a lovely time together, after the scare of those tremors.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. It only takes a few moments to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

  8. Hope all is well in NZ. I agree that it is the simple things which give us most pleasure.

  9. What a lovely testament of your daughter's love for you...that she sets a table for you every morning...too sweet!

  10. Such loveliness in the small details. I have a girlfriend who insists on setting tea and coffee this way each day for herself. She lives alone and feels that it's important to carry out these little details for herself, not just for guests, as she's worth it. Love her for that!

    Hope your time in NZ is going well:) Meredy xo

  11. I think it's a great idea, especially for women, to have some "pretty dishes" for use. Always nice to slow down and enjoy the little moments. Lana

  12. I have just closed the last page of French Essence and sighed with the joy and beauty of it all.... and checked out the blog site. As a New Zealander in Christchurch quake-ville the trauma of the wreckage is tempered by the opportunity to rebuild a French inspired home; Vicki Archer is such an inspiration for me right now!


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