A Numbers Game and Hope

Last week I wrote a post centered around numbers. They were the sizes of the earthquake tremors in Christchurch, while I sat snugly and solidly in my safe little world in Surrey, England. This morning, it is 4:27am, six hours since I wrote my last post from Christchurch, New Zealand. We have had a series of earthquake aftershocks every two hours with the highest of 5.5. To say I am well and truly awake at this moment is an understatement!
I am not sure how to describe it. You lay in bed asleep and then the shaking begins, you first thought is that it must be a dream but then you become acutely aware that it is not. Your heart races, your thoughts go to where your body is situated in relation to the house and your outside surroundings. You listen to the sounds as the house shakes, the windows rattle and you pray that you are on solid footing. You then quickly think of emergency escapes. The B&B that I am staying in is locked from the inside. On my first trip to grab security items, they consisted of the house and car keys and my cashmere shawl. Why I grabbed this over a winter coat is another matter! With the second jolt other items centred within my grasp, passport, shoes, warm clothes ( I don't think silk pj's will do the trick on a winters evening) and water. My thoughts than ran to the mountain we are on with houses above us and the deep valley below. Tomorrow will be a lesson in understanding my surroundings. All the while, the owners of the B&B sleep...I take comfort in that. They know the drill by now.

It is quiet again, I do not hear a peep around me, the city is well lit, not a creature is stirring...just me and my lingering jet lag. At this moment, I am sure there are many more like me, rolling over, lights off and wondering 'when' will be the next time. I can not imagine enduring months on end of this...as I go to sleep, thinking of the people that do.

Through all this my darling daughter texts me to see if I am ok. She assures me she is fine, and says "this is what usually happens but let's hope that was the last of the big ones." xxxx

I am with her, let's hope that is the last of the big ones....

Reporting from my bed, with my iPad and intermittent internet reception:)

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  1. That post gave me chills. Thinking of you. Hope there are no more x

  2. How terrifying! I would never be able to sleep - and I'm known to be able to sleep everywhere. Take care.

  3. It makes being woken by the dawn chorus not seem so bad.
    Hope you have a safe visit with your daughter. Enjoy the beautiful views.

  4. Scary stuff Jeanne.....something that, thankfully, we don't need to worry about here in the UK. Thinking of you and keep safe. XXXX

  5. Many good wishes, Jeanne. Hearing from you there makes it seem so real.

  6. You are a brave woman! I was nervous just reading this. Stay safe.


  7. Jeanne,

    I have been thinking of you and your daughter since you left last week. I am happy to hear that you made it there and that your daughter is safe. I cannot imagine how frightening it is to be shaken out of bed in the middle of the night! I hope that you take care of yourself and have a wonderful trip. I am thinking of you and praying for the safety of all of the people there.

    Enjoy and be well, Elizabeth

  8. Giving you a hug from here in Northern California.

  9. Gracious!
    I get sick for a week or two and you depart for New Zealand!! I had no idea! Take care of yourself. I cannot imagine remaining calm through those things. I'm afraid I'd never sleep!! How long are you staying?

  10. Hello Jeanne - I thought of you last night at just after 10.30pm, up on the hill. It was a reasonable jolt down here at the base of Cashmere hill. Our children sleep through that level of disturbance now (thankfully), so I understand your hosts slumbering on.

    I sent an email to check on you. Feel free to text if you would like a change of scene.

    I am so pleased you are enjoying precious time with Christine - quakes and ash clouds aside!

    Wishing you well, Michelle x

  11. It is unnerving lying in bed with the trembles going on. I am glad you are safe and you get to visit with your daughter. Enjoy each precious second with her and have fun! xo

  12. And what is worse is that the poor people in Christchurch have been dealing with quakes since September last year.

    Living in the North Island we really have no idea just how difficult it is for the residents.

    Keep safe.

  13. I used to live in California and my first earthquake was terrifying! I woke up with my head literally rolling back and forth in my pillow.
    Once I realized what was happening I dashed to my children who were 1,2,and 3 at the time. I stood in the door way of their room watching them sleeping as the house shook.
    I am sure your daughter is comforted having you with her. Take care <3

  14. Many good wishes to you.
    Grethe in Denmark.

  15. wow! your words put us right there, but of course, who can imagine what it is really like unless you've been through it. Thinking of you and everyone who is going through this... xoxo

  16. Stay safe, Jeanne. I can't imagine all of this...I've always lived on solid ground.
    Hugs from Iowa, USA where they say we'll be affected someday when Yellowstone blows.

  17. That is so scary, Jeanne. They are predicting a big earthquake where I live, as well, and I have a backpack packed up with emergency clothing and important documents, just in case.
    Stay safe. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts.

  18. I went to college in California, so experiences a few small earthquakes, but I cannot imagine the stress of this continuing on and on. So glad you are near you girl. Praying for safety for both of you and for the country of New Zealand.



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