Postcards and a Walk in Paris

I had the best kind of Mother's Day yesterday. 
My kids earned five gold stars for their efforts!

They gave me time to sort out a project that has been on my mind.
I have offered many a postcard to readers recently and have fallen a bit behind. 
If you are still waiting... it is still coming, 
as I now have perfect order in my postcard world.

Best of all, I discovered these wonderful postcards from Penguin.
I bought the 100 postcard collection a few weeks ago 
and had forgotten all about them. Seek and you shall find. :)

If you love books, as I do...
these postcards will be hard to resist.

I love them so much that I bought two boxes, 
one for you and one for me. :)
Life could not get any easier.

I have sorted and cleared and now my postcard world is complete.
The sun is shining, the cards are by my side and pen is at the ready.

Before I go... 
I would love to send you over to the wonderful Vicki @ French Essence.
We met for lunch last week in London and I passed on a book that
I thought she and I would both enjoy. 
My one for me and one for you philosphy at work again. :)
We both started reading it over the weekend and we both adore it.

Have you read?

I popped it into My Shop Around The Corner here..
better yet, you can read what Vicki has to say here

and...if you would like to join in the Giveaway draw for 
this special cookbook from 'Books for Cooks' in Notting Hill'
visit here.

Best wishes for a lovely week!

Jeanne xx

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