Life after Downton Abbey

I can hear it in your words, I share the sorrow, Downton Abbey is over...
we must patiently wait for the next season.  As we ponder the last episode 
and what is yet to be...we wonder, could there possibly be anything else to fill the void?

To this, I say, yes. If you enjoy English period drama, the likes of English country homes, 
quaint English villages and London high life.. you can find that and much more.. 
in My Shop Around The Corner, here.

I admit, I have watched them all and loved them 
so much that I have watched many of them again and again. 
I hope you find something you have never seen before and
come to know and love the stories and characters as much as I do.
You can read all about them here

 In case you are wondering about My Shop Around The Corner ( a name I could not resist)
It is a place where I regularly 'hang out', popping in things of inspiration. 
It has been a great way to organise my thoughts. It is all possible via Amazon USA. 
If you would like to do the same, you can start here. If you are interested in Amazon UK, 
you can start here. It is easy to establish. I reckon, if I can figure it out, anyone can. :) 
If you have any questions, drop me a line... 
I am happy to help.

Speaking of things I last post, the words of your life
has resulted in the most amazing word lists from readers. I am so very touched 
by those who have shared with me. If you have one you would like to share, 
you can write to me at the address above. 

Before I sign off, 
here are a few gems that caught my eye recently.
You may like them too. :)

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 Photojournalism and photography
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and because I love to laugh and 
this one still has me laughing..

Best wishes to one and all for an inspiring week!
Jeanne xx

If you have any movie suggestions, please pass them on!

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  1. Somehow during the move we missed all of Season 2, so we just finished a week long marathon of getting caught up. We topped it off with the Christmas Episode. I just love that show!! Are you watching Upstairs/Downstairs? I think the jury is still out on that one. It is certainly no Downton. Downton has some of the best lines! Being an English/American couple, my hubby & I get a real kick out of quoting them to each other. Thanks for the suggestions to get us through the long wait for the next season!

    1. I am with you Selena on Upstairs Downstairs...I am not quite sure on Season 2. I will give it a bit more time. I miss Eileen Atkins as Maud, Lady Holland. She stole the show for me in Season 1. It is not Downton Abbey but there are aspects that I enjoy. :) xx

  2. Jeanne, Is there really life after Downton Abbey? I am hoping Masterpiece Theater fills in with some great classics. I am anxiously awaiting Season 3. Hugs, Bonnie

  3. Have you just finished season 3?
    I am watching season 2 at the moment and the Christmas special has just arrived!
    Please tell me I can order the next soon!!!!!
    Sorry Upstairs Downstairs didn't do it for me at all but I loved all of your other suggestions to fill in the gap I do have most of them and I am so sorry Foyles War finished! Julienne xxx

  4. I have herd wonderful things about that series but have not seen it yet. Will have to wait for the DVD. Laura

  5. Jeanne,

    I love visiting your shop around the corner. I may have to try to make one myself. I could not agree more with the sentiments from all over the blogs about Downton Abbey. It is so refreshing to see some quality TV.

    I have seen many of the recommendations you have shown but there are a few I have missed, so I will have to check these others out.

    Thank you Jeanne for such a wonderful, thought provoking post. I am going now to check out the others who were inspired by your wonderful words!

    Have a fabulous day, Elizabeth

    p.s. I just received my post card! Thank you for thinking of me on your trip, you are so very sweet.

  6. Like you, I have watched them all, loved most and miss them, when they are over. The strange un-ending of Lark Rise To Candleford, I can't believe it! Finish it.... The Dickens movies, all Austen's, The House of Eliott, Any Human Heart!
    Gosh, the Brits are so fabulous in creating period dramas!
    Now we have to wait...

  7. Love, love Foyle's War. I want to watch the entire series again.


  8. I haven't had a chance to see even one episode of season 2 yet! I need time! Soon! Can't wait to catch up.

  9. Are you keeping up with the buzz about "Titanic?" Often referred to as Downton at Sea, it premieres on ITV later this month in a 4 part series, and was created by Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey. I'm intrigued, and will definitely be checking it out! Hope to catch some of the shows you've shown above.

  10. Hi Jeanne, Season 2 was certainly wild, very soap-operatic! I watched them over a few days from the PBS website on my computer. I'll check out your suggestions. I don't think I know of any Downton-esque movies, but I do tend to like the movies that take me on an adventure. I loved the Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie, so much fun.

  11. My mum and aunt were watching Downtown Abbey. Sadly I do not have time for TV. I am always stuck to my laptop it seems. My postcard is ready and will be on its way soon.

  12. PS I've started my word list. It is amazing how therapeutic it feels. Will post about it soon.

  13. I can understand you feel sad Downton is over, but imagine being me: season hasn't even begun in Denmark!! I can hardly wait any longer.:-)

  14. Wildly loving this post -- though, like you, I've seen most of these. The good thing over here is that on Sundays, now that "Downton" is done, "Masterpiece" is doing several Dickens classics, followed by "Birdsong," a WWI drama. Can't wait!


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