Sharing the Love...My Summer Favorites

My Artemis Kilim Smoking Shoes

It is a hot one out there folks, and I am doing what any sensible women would do...staying cool and shopping in the comfort of my studio. Actually, I have purchased many of these items already and love them so much I thought I would share in case you are of a mind to shop as well. I enjoy them all year but best of all in summer when you need a little bit more "freshening" up.

Before I start, I just want to say, this is pure love of a product, there is no financial gain for me in featuring any of these items. I had a few grumbles from past product endorsements on my blog and the only one that involved a financial incentive for me, I turned around and put it into a Giveaway for Collage of Life readers. So...this is just me, enjoying these products and sharing them with you.  If anything changes, I will let you know!

Shall we begin?


My newest favorite purchase is this snazzy pair of Kilim Smoking Shoes from Artemis. I have been going back and forth on this purchase for months and finally bit the bullet and bought them. I love their mission statement: We make charming shoes for curious people, delivered with uncommon care and delight. We strive to make everyone we touch dream, and make every customer we serve feel unique.

I encourage you to have a wander around their is very cool with lots of choices and their products are wonderful. I feel there will be a lot of Artemis in my life.
This is an online store so you will need to follow the sizing directions carefully. Saying that, I didn't and they were very helpful in directing me to order a few sizes until I found the perfect fit. I did eventually find the perfect style and fit and they waived the return shipping fee. I recommend calling their service department before you order to explain your shoe needs. It is a small company and the service is great.


Channeling Meryl Streep 

If you love linen the way I love linen then you should check out THE RELAXED SHIRT by Rough Linen. I channeled Meryl and bought the shirt in black. They also have it in white, natural and marine. I recommend finding your trusty measuring tape before you order. I measured myself before ordering (I hate doing this) and the size fits perfectly. I am happy with the color, the feel of the linen, the details in the design and how it holds it's own with each wash and wear . It's great quality and worth the extra dollars...if you love linen the way I love linen. ;)


My St Barts Linen Summer Cover in Aqua

This is not the first time I have talked about Rough Linen. I remember when Tricia Rose was just starting out all those years ago. She has come a long way from sitting on her deck overlooking the Bay with a sewing machine and a big roll of linen (here). I have two of her linen summer covers, one in aqua at Tahilla Farm and one in white in Hong Kong. They wear and travel well. I can't forget the pinafore, I have it in natural and black. I love a great pinny!


My Jo Loves Pomelo perfume

I can't get enough of Jo Loves Pomelo fragrance. "Jo" is the British Perfumer, Jo Malone who sold her original fragrance brand Jo Malone London to Estee Lauder in 1999.  In 2011 she launched Jo Loves  in the UK and has since has opened an online  USA site which makes shopping a snap.

I discovered the fragrance on an Emirates flight from Sydney to London. I took a risk and bought it duty free without trying it. Opening and trying it for the first time made every mile of that flight float away. I needed it, for it was a tough flight.

If you love earthy citrus scents...grapefruit, lime, orange...then Pomelo is worth trying out. This sharp grapefruit-infused citrus is Jo's signature scent.  I am often stopped and asked what fragrance I am wearing, I always take that as a good sign.

Mr. H...sweetheart that he is gifted me the Fragrance Discovery Gift Experience  for my birthday last year allowing me to sample all the fragrance and then order a 100ml bottle. I did and guess what I picked...Pomelo. I loved them all but there is something about Pomelo...I am nearly done with one bottle and have another waiting. :)

My Fragonard Pebble Soap
When my daughter and I last travelled to Paris I wanted to take home a few gifts and found the most gorgeous soaps in the Fragonard shop. I bought this box and have since ordered it over and over again. Each is hand molded into a lovely shape and individually scented with...rose, honeysuckle, orange blossom, jasmine, lavender and mimosa. Lovely for hot summer days. If you are of a mind to try a few other things...I highly recommend the Belle de Nuit ~ Belle de Soleil ~ Belle Cherie both lotion and perfume. 



I am often asked about Aesops products when people visit Tahilla Farm. I have the hand wash and hand cream at every sink in the house. I used to stuff them in my luggage every-time I traveled to Australia...and was ecstatic when they became available in the USA. They make a great gift. Other Aesop products tried and trusted in the Henriques household.


Snippets from the garden in my trug

My wooden garden trug

I have been wanting a trug for a long time and was excited to come across a great offer for a wooden garden trug set from Garden Artisans. I just checked and the offer is still going on. This one, the large size is great for flower and herb cuttings. The small one is great for the little things we collect along the way. I highly recommend the set and if you had to choose, I would say go for the large one.


Gosh...I have many more and you will go crazy if I try and list them all in one post so I will save the rest for the next post. As you can probably tell...I love to shop and when it is from my studio, even more!

Before I go...has anyone read Olive Kitteridge?  My friend Maude recommended it to me and I can't put it down. Have you read Elizabeth Strout's books? Can you recommend which one I should read next? I am on a roll....

Happy Weekend my friends, hope it is just what you wish for!!!

If you have any "love, love, tried and true" products I should try, I am all fingers in my studio, ready to google away!

Jeanne xx

More trug love...


  1. Elizabeth Strout is bringing out another book in October entitled Olive Again. Should be another good one!

    1. Couldn't be better timing! Having finished the book and nearly through the TV series, I am ready for the Olive, Again! :))

  2. Gorgeous shoes, everyone of them is perfect. I see a jacket to match.
    Thank you for the book recommend. I lost my summer reading list, starting over now.

  3. Wasn't Frances McDormand perfect in that role?
    I've read these other books by Elizabeth Strout, The Burgess Boys and My Name Is Lucy Barton - both very good.
    Love your recent summertime purchases. Yes, Tricia's business has come a long way, and I admire her. I have all Rough Linen sheets, pillowcases and the summer cover on my bed - love them. I also have the pinafore in natural - my favorite 'apron' ever and certainly a style one can wear in the garden or to run to the mailbox! Some gals even wear them to the store! I bet your mailbox run is much further than mine haha!!!!!!

    Nice post as always Jeanne, love to hear about your life and wonderful finds from all over which make life special.
    Happy summer dear. Mary x

    1. Yes! Frances McDormand was wonderful in the role. I admire her talent and versatility in the roles she plays. Thank you for the book recommendations Mary...we can never have enough of those! ;) You are mailbox is in town...a very long way from my driveway and I can tell you, I have rocked up in some interesting outfits, especially if I have run to town during gardening season. What I love about our town...everything goes! :)) Looking forward to our meeting in a few weeks!! xx

  4. Jeanne,

    I personally love recommendations of books, recipes, and finds from bloggers that I trust. After all we follow blogs that we have something common with so for me it is only natural to find myself drawn to the same things they like too. I have spent a considerable amount of time on the Artemesis website after you posted about your shoes on Instagram. I am still trying to decide which shoes I want. As for Jo Loves, I had no idea that she started another company, I love her other perfumes and am off to check out Jo loves today! Thank you for sharing your beautiful finds.

    1. You are very welcome Elizabeth...I hope you find something you like. :))

  5. I so enjoy posts like this - whether you are or are not compensated. I find it very helpful to read recommendations on a variety of things and the reasons the products are recommended. It's very helpful. Thanks!

  6. Jeanne I am so far behind on your posts. Trying to catch up! I am so happy to hear about Jo Malone's fragrance! Must try it!


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