Entertaining Style

Happy July!
It is that time of year again.
Whether you are in the midst of summer or dreaming about it
you will at some point be planning a special table.

Do you have an entertaining style?
How do you put together your table?
Do you dress it up for everyday meals or just special occasions?
Are you ever like me and sometimes just stare at an empty table 
as if it is the first time you have ever seen one?
I need a boost every now and again.
Fresh ideas...

Here are a few that I have added to my entertaining repertoire.
Thank you Martha!

What a great way to spend an afternoon and evening.
As the sunsets, I think I would fill the space around the table 
with large candles and probably hang a few lanterns from the branches too. 
Moonlight and candlelight on a summer night...heaven :)

The picture on the left has been around for a while but I still love it. 
The view, the stripe fabric, the chairs, the lanterns...it all works.
I love the lanterns hanging from the umbrella here as well.

This reminds me of all the lovely french blogs we read.
Very clever slip covers for the chairs here.
Looks easy...I like that :)

My daughters have these flower fairy lights in their bedrooms. 
I like the idea of using them outdoors too.

Red, white and blue themes are always fun.
I am dying to tackle this cherry bundle.

I especially like the smore bundle packs 
and marshmallow sticks with the star handles.

Fresh cut flower from the garden just look beautiful 
whenever and wherever you use them.
I am intrigued by the twine that has been twirled around the vases above.
I think I could do that :)

I would be quite happy to pull up to this setting 
with an espresso, croissant and jar of homemade jam.

For those of you planning 4th of July festivities...
I don't think it get any easier than this!

I hope that you have captured a little inspiration from these as well.
You can find more at www.marthastewart.com
Go to 'Crafts'.

Have you met Melissa over at The Inspired Room ?
I link up with her on Friday's.
Lot's of great ideas over at her place.
Today she is inspired by Funky Junk and Other Beautiful Things


  1. Woke up thinking your topic. Crazy yes?

    Decided, for the harvest table full of dinner guests, to use antique flower frogs down the center filled with tiny flags & sparklers.

    Ha, lazy.

    Still enjoying thoughts of which dishes, utensils, napkins, glasses....

    Happy 4th.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. You're making me crazy with all that outdoor goodness. No time to get into my courtyard to see how it's going in the morning and too dark when I get home...and too cold on the weekend! I enjoyed dreaming about it though! Have a lovely weekend Jeanne.

  3. Such wonderful ideas! We've been eating out on the deck all week. Nothing fancy, but definitely fabulous!

  4. Lovely images, each inspired me to go that extra mile when entertaining. We have a weekend at the lake now and I'd love to make those marshmallow handles for the kiddies. Yes, I think I will! ;-D


  5. Nothing better than a balmy day or evening in England! Lots of candles I would say (including some citronella ones a little way from the table to keep the insects away!) and flowers in tiny glass vases all the way down the table! Beautiful photographs for us to see Jeanne - really inspirational.x

  6. HI Jeanne
    Well I am just like Kerry.. a little too cold here for outdoor entertaining.. although.. when i move into the villa.. I will have a courtyard and will be able to indulge.. so thank for the great ideas.. I have some also that I use now.. indoors.. will share down the track...

    Thanks for popping over for the Genesis Project.. worthy project I think.. and have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  7. Are you having a little secret celebration of July 4th in England? :)

  8. Another scintillating journey of pictures. Jeanne, you always make my thoughts go hazy and dreamy by posting lovely spectacles as these. I so love you for that.

    Have a fab July and hope the girls are swell!

    Joy and peace,

  9. Those pictures are so pretty and do inspire. I seriously need some inspiration in this regard as I have been known to place piles of shis kabobs, grilled corn, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and quesadillas all on a very large wooden cutting board and simply yell-"Come and get it!"

    Happy 4th of July!

  10. This post is like a breath of fresh {warm} air, Jeanne. It's freeeeeezing in Sydney at the moment and I'm sitting here in my wooliest socks and my husband's rugby jumper wishing myself warm from your images. I love those flower lights on a string - my daughters would love them also. Happy Weekend Jeanne! Meredy xo.

  11. Beautiful inspiration.

    My perfect table for the summer would be :

    dining outside in early evening

    tea lights in glass jars

    bunches of wild flowers in old tins

    mismatched chairs

    mismatched china

    simple food

    great friends

  12. These pictures are truly inspiring. Fabulous ideas for a summer party! Enjoyed the visit as always. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics!

    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  13. So, you're suggesting I do more than just toss the dishes on the table? Company coming tonight, so I think I'll take a little turn around the garden and see what I can cut. Probably should have thought about it sooner. THanks for the ideas.

  14. I'm very much a winter person but these images are simply divine and I can't think of anything lovelier than sitting at one of these gorgeous tables for a long lunch or afternoon tea. It's freezing here with a bitterly cold wind blowing and I'm trying to convince myself to get out into the garden - I have so many things I want to do as my head is still spinning with ideas from Chelsea and all the incredible gardens I saw in Ireland. Have a lovely summery weekend. Leigh

  15. What a lot of inspiring ideas! Thanks for going to all the work of putting them in front of our little faces. Fascinating and I think I'll have to do something about it...the flag thing will work for the patio party/fireworks night we're having tomorrow night.

  16. Hi Jeanne - ohh what a set of gorgeous images! We are having a barbeque tomorrow and I wish I could create something half as pretty! Sadly time dictates that it might be slightly lower-key! Those cherries...too pretty. Hope you are well big sis...Lou x

  17. Such darling styling! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  18. Wonderful ideas! And that first image... I can just imagine sitting in those chairs under the tree, laughing and talking to friends far into the night.

  19. wow, gorgeous images Jeanne! (especially seeing as i'm freezing down here - i need all the vurtual warmth i can get : )

    i love the lanterns under the umbrella - going to save that idea!


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