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My house is under siege at the moment. The kids don't know what hit them. I recently discovered zenhabits and like what they have to say. The words they use sound like mantra for mediation to me-- simplify, get rid of excess, declutter, straighten things up in your life, get your mind clear, feel like a new person and to this I say...bring it on. This is a dream come true for this Virgo!

I started with their concept of Life Laundry Day, a day to put your affairs in order. If you follow me over at B-Well Report you will know that this is music to my ears. I have been thinking about laundry a lot lately.

The idea of Life Laundry Day is to put one day aside, make a list the night before and when you awake it is basically a case of ready...set...go!

What is happening at my place today? The dining room table looks like paper warfare is at play. I swept up every paper pile, every loose piece of paper, book and magazine from here to the kitchen that does not have a proper location and dumped it on the table. From here, I run back to the computer and input all those little annoying pieces of paper with names, dates and things to do. I am stacking, I am filing and I am taking no prisoners. If it does not have a purpose it is out of here! My recycling box is full...happily full.

I also need to mention that I got the look last night and the talk from Mr. H about the state of our email inbox. I have two accounts and save each and every one of your comments. I know, I am crazy but I have this theory. I save it so I can go back and comment on your blogs. It seems easier than opening each post and scrolling thru comments. I usually delete emails when I have commented but somehow it all got to be too much and I started to forget which blogs I commented on and it was just easier to leave them all. I have four blogs and I guess it has added up a bit.

Ok, maybe doubling up between the two accounts is a bit excessive. I did it, I read zenhabits 'The Clean-Slate Guide to Simplicity' and started a mass email edit. Swoosh...they vanished...letting go is not an easy thing for a Virgo to do. I know you are not really gone and there is always tomorrow to start saving again...ok, maybe not. I know Mr. H will read this post so I solemnly swear not to let our inbox get into the thousands of emails ever again (wink, wink).

So far, I am feeling the Life Laundry Day and I am feeling The Clean-Slate Method and it feels good. I am thinking Zen like I have never thought Zen before. Yesterday the Laundry Room, today the Office, tomorrow the suitcases come out (more on that later). No rest for the insane!

Oops, how could I go slowly......sigh...(ya,!)

Note: The Clean-Slate Method was written by Jeffery Tan of The Art of Great Things
He was a guest editor on this occasion.  I recommend checking out both sites but I say that with a reader beware just never know how it will impact you :)


How did this all come about?

It started with a flower show and a weekend relaxing in our backyard :)

Virgo on the Verge is more like it :)



  1. You made me smile Jeanne!

    I love nothing better than decluttering, tidying and keeping things in order!!! If I am feeling out of sorts, organising a drawer or getting together a bag of items for the charity shop makes me feel so much better!!! So therapeutic!

    My husband is the total opposite...he has paperwork dating back to the 1980's (I kid you not!) sitting in bags waiting....for something!!! He would never give away or recycle anything whatsoever given the choice - he comes from the school of you-never-know-when-you-might-need-it....whereas I think if you have never used in two years, you're never gonna!!!

    I read on Lou's blog that you are off to NZ....have a wonderful trip - keep warm over there!


  2. This post will probably go down as my favorite of the week!!! I adore the concept of "simplify" - it was my mantra last year! I am in a constant state of de-cluttering and LOVE to get rid of things. This week I only have one of my four boys here and I am going to go through everything and get rid of anything broken, neglected, or completely forgotten. It will give me such a sense of freedom!
    Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing this~

  3. Hi Jeanne - you know this is just my cup of tea! Honestly these words SPEAK to me! I need to declutter - always. However as we are about to have a 9 week in-house no school experience maybe now is not the time. I will save these thoughts for September when I will next have the chance to be ZEN. I am off to the beach now... Lou x

  4. Just reading the words: simplify, get rid of excess, declutter, straighten things up in your life, get your mind clear, feel like a new person - made me feel a little better. Thank you a moment of Zen & inspiration.

  5. What joy and peace wraps you when you declutter and let the air envelop your soul.

    Jeanne, do it fast and be joyous.

    Passion always,

  6. Jeanne, when you've finished at your place, would you like to come and do the same here?! My husband despairs of me ... if only my clutter were limited to the Inbox!

  7. My mama always tells me "KISS" Keep It Simple Silly! Easier said than done! There are many things around the house that I will need to "KISS". Also, someone once asked me how to cook an elephant (not very appetizing, but it's a metaphore) the answer being- one piece at a time! I always try to keep that mind when I start to feel overwhelmed.

    PS- Mr. H, please go easy on her, she's always so sweet to comment on all of our blogs :)

  8. Thanks for the link to that website Jeanne. I've done a lot of decluttering in my life and have found that most times it's wonderful but sometimes it's not...the times when I get overzealous and then my huge library that was cut by at least half when I moved into the townhouse. I still miss a lot of those damn books!! But I really like that life laundry day idea...might give it a go - but which day, when?? :)

  9. I'm afraid I'm like Simone's husband. I can't bear to throw things away. And I do feel like you never know when you might need it. Two years is nothing to me. But I love the thought of decluttering- it's the Virgo in me- but I can't seem to do it. I loved the "Clean slate guide to simplicity". It almost seems doable except that even tho my house is pretty big it's not big enough for all the boxes it would take. I might try it, though.

  10. You are speaking my language...this is the desire of my every day! getting rid of the's so completely freeing!

  11. i love this idea jeanne, what a great post. i'm one of those people who reaches a tipping point and then go OTT slashing and burning, editing and decluttering. would be better to have it as a steady approach perhaps! jxx

    ps i got your link btw! when it came through to my inbox it was a perfect link - so, do know how :)

  12. I have long been a fan of zen habits and its sister site mnmlist. it really has changed the way i do things - i am a natural clutterer, now i am a more organised one...although i believe a book is about to be published extolling the joys of an abundant cluttered life, so maybe full circle for me!

  13. Four blogs?? That is crazy! I'm in awe of you, Jeanne. A gorgeous family, a beautiful home, adventures every day... Can you be anymore awesome than you are?

  14. Sorry Glenda...I accidentally pushed delete on my iphone...bad iphone!

    Go, Jeanne!

    I love keeping only the things that are useful or beautiful and getting rid of everything else. I get a little "high" from organizing things. I love helping other people organize their things too.

    I did make a promise (that I have kept), never to throw my husband's stuff out, without his permission :). We have been married 33 years - a long time to not throw away his stuff. He comes from a long line of pack rats. It is a good thing he is so sweet.


  15. Angie...your so sweet :)
    I think insane is more like it!

  16. Love this post today as I can soooo relate.
    Maybe will do some more decluttering today myself. xoxxo

  17. Oh WOW, this post is just what I needed right now!! This Virgo has felt swamped and overwhelmed for the past few weeks (hence my retreat from blog land). A little focus on one thing (and not EVERY thing) certainly helps and I will be checking out your links later.
    It does feel good to declutter but like you, I don't do this easily. Anyway I have a cupboard to clear out and a mind to calm....Lisa x


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